Compact binoculars Steiner Observer 8×42 – high image quality with 8x zoom
Compact binoculars Steiner Observer 8×42 – high image quality with 8x zoom
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Compact binoculars Steiner Observer 8×42 – high image quality with 8x zoom

  • High Contrast Optics
  • Roof prisms
  • 8 x Zoom
  • NBR coating
  • Fast-Close-Focus System

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Compact binoculars Steiner Observer 8×42 – high image quality with 8x zoom

Steiner Observer 8×42 compact binoculars is an invaluable accessory for all travel enthusiasts. As all good compact binoculars, Steiner Observer enables you to see the tiniest details even in adverse surrounding conditions. This is possible thanks to the use of numerous innovative solutions, such as the Fast-Close-Focus system or the high contrast optics.

The purpose of the compact binoculars, with the Observer series among them, is observation of objects located several hundred meters away. Equipped with high-contrast optics and Fast-Close-Focus system, the Observer 8 × 42 binoculars will provide unprecedented clarity even in bad weather conditions and with very little light. The role of the F-C-S system is to guarantee quick and comfortable image focusing.

Good binoculars should be reliable even in the most difficult situations. During wildlife observations compact binoculars are exposed to varies adverse weather conditions. Low temperature, water or dirt are just few examples of factors that can seriously damage one’s binoculars. But you don't have to worry about that with the Steiner Observer 8×42, as it has been made of a robust material Makrolon and covered with NBR coating which enhances binoculars resistance to water and oils.

Key features of the compact binoculars Steiner Observer 8×42

  • Fast-Close-focus System

    System Fast-Close-focus

    Optics with increased contrast is a key feature for anyone who is interested in using binoculars with scant lighting. High contrast provides a clear picture even in insufficient lighting conditions, in which other binoculars would become useless.

  • Ergonomic


    The use of materials such as NBR and Makrolon resulted in development of binoculars of unprecedented strength and comfort of use. Appropriately shaped eyecups ensure comfortable use regardless of the circumstances.

  • ClicLoc system

    Roof prisms

    Setting the prisms in one axis has enabled Steiner engineers to reduce the weight and dimensions of the binoculars. So, you can enjoy the perfect image with the comfort of using the Steiner Observer 8x42 binoculars!

  • 8-zoom

    8 x zoom

    Steiner Observer 8x42 compact binoculars features 8x zoom which provides great possibilities of observations in the field.



Steiner - highly advanced optics for professionals


Specification of the Compact Binoculars Steiner Observer 8x42 for wildlife observations
Angle of view116 in case of 1000 m
Lens diameter42 mm
Exit pupil5,25 mm
axis collimationperfect
distance of the exit pupil0 mm
Glasses distancefrom 59 mm to 74 mm
Trivet outputyes
Operation at dusk18,33
  • glass
  • multilayer anti-reflective coatings
Casing of the compact binoculars
  • gum
  • waterproof up to 2 m
  • shock-resistant
Operation temperature-20 up to +70 °C
Dimensions148 × 128 × 65 mm
Weight of the compact binoculars696 g


  • Compact Binoculars Steiner Observer 8x42

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