Evidential breath tester with printer - Dräger Alcotest 9510 IR

After many years of experience Dräger company created optimized, durable and reliable alcotester for evidential tests. Model 9510 was designed to serve in mnay countries considering their alcohol content norms and regualtions. The breath tester with printer meets all of the norms defined in OIML R 126-1998.

  • Endurance class

    USB Port


  • Remote control through IR port

    IR port

    for remote control

  • Touch-sensitive display

    Display of the evidential breath tester


  • Waiting for the result


    up to 3.00 [mg/L]

Breath tester Drager 9510 IR offers a few interfaces of information exchange with external devices and computer network. It contains 3 USB ports, 2 RS-232 ports, modem, ethernet and IR port.

The samples are collected with long, heated, flexible hose. Heating of the host eliminates water condensation providing conveniance for the user. Removable mouthpiece guarantees hygienic operation of the device. The measuring range of the sensor is from 0.00 [mg /] to 3.00 [mg / L]. The results of measurements, including date, Time , and other data are entered by the operator. We can print the results thanks to a quiet and high-speed thermal printer built-in breathalyzer.

Solid housing and rubber bumpers are another advantages of the evidential breath tester. The upper and lower part is very tight providing water protection. Additionally the device might be equipped with a transport handle what enebles moving it.

Additional advantages of evidential breathalyzer with printer Dräger Alcotest 9510 IR

  • Intuitive and reliable use

    Reliable and intuitive use

    The device is operated through touch-sensitive display with high resolution. Intuitive interface guides the user through the particular stages of the test. The displayed texts are supplemented with acoustic and visual cues. To facilitate data entry, you can use an external keyboard.

  • Sensor

    Precise and quick measurements

    The original sensor operating in IR band from Dräger company does not detect any additional substances which may have an influence on the test results. In some cases breathalyzer itself indicates the need to repeat the test.

  • Electrochemical sensor

    Electrochemical sensor

    Electrochemical snesor is characterized by a very small margin of error in the measurement. In this type of devices, sensor reacts to alcohol molecules, which determine the amount of alcohol in the breath. In this type of sensors, side-substances do not affect the result, thus electrochemical breathalysers are considered as evidential breathalyzers .

  • Power supply

    Power supply

    Evidential breath tester 9510 IR is powered with network - 110 up to 240 V however in case of mobile application 12 V DC.

  • Small and ergonomic housing

    Built-in printer

    The breath tester is equipped with quiet, economical and reliable printer that performs legible prints. Toner with cartridges is not required for the printer's operation. Operating costs are therefore negligible.

  • Additional display

    LCD display of the breathalyzer with printer

    Evidential breath tester 9510 IR is equipped with touch-sensitive display with high resolution. The display may be either black-white or colourful depending on the version (the choice must be reported during the order).

Service and warranty of the evidential breath tester with printer Dräger Alcotest 9510 IR

The warranty covers a period of 2 years on the electronics and 1 year on sensor of the evidential breath tester. To take advantage of the warranty must be strictly the manufacturer's recommendations about the breathalyzer calibration must be followed. The calibration should be performed after 2500 measurements or at least once a year.

We offer you a variety of services which may be performed after the warranty perioid by our serviceman. Our laboratory is equipped with devices of the highest quality from global brand Guth LAB. Kalibracja Guth Laboratories Certyfikaty

Specyfication of evidential breath tester with printer Alcotest 9510 IR
1 optional electrochemical sensor while ordering 2-sensored breathalyzer
Measurement range 0.00[mg/] up to 3.00[mg/L]
Sensor type
  • infrared
  • electrochemical 1
Power supply of the evidential breathalyzer
  • stationary - 110 up to 240 V
  • mobile - 12 V DC
Required calibration
  • at least every 12 months
  • at least after 2500 measurements
Display of the breath tester with printer
  • black-white or colorful
  • illuminated LCD
Device setting standard - with menu use
Testing units: mg/l
Signes CE
  • directive 89/336/EWG
  • directive 72/23/EWG
Alcohol concentration
  • 0 - 6 ‰
  • 0 - 6 g/l
  • 0 - 6 %
Operation temperature -20°C up to +70°C
Size 325 × 250 × 55/185 mm
Weight 6,9 kg
Dräger has been in business since 1889 under the slogan 'Technology for Life'. From a small family company, it has evolved into an international leader in medical and safety technology. The company is in constant development thanks to which it is technologically a step ahead of the competition.
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In box
In box
  • Evidential breath tester with printer Alcotest 9510 IR
  • Power cord

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