Infrared camera for tactical operations - FLIR H
Infrared camera for tactical operations - FLIR H

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Infrared camera for tactical operations - FLIR H

  • Infrared camera FLIR H
  • VOx microbolometer sensor
  • Resolution of the camera for tactical operations: 320 x 240
  • Quick identification of threats
  • Functional in any conditions

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Infrared camera for tactical operations - FLIR H

FLIR H series of manual thermal imaging cameras was designed for tactical operations – it is small, lightweight and very efficient. Durable casing protects the device efficiently from mechanical damage. The device can be used in conditions of extreme temperatures and high humidity. It enables efficient observation in field operations, granting the user a tactical advantage and increasing their safety.

Thermal imaging devices operate in infrared band, which is invisible to human eye. The main source of infrared radiation is heat – every object of temperature above the absolute zero (-273.15°C ) emits infrared radiation, the profile of which depends on the temperature of the object. This physical phenomenon can be used for imaging at poor lighting conditions, lack of any lighting, or in hard weather conditions, which make normal imaging impossible (dense fog, smoke or dusting of the environment).

Unlike the more popular category of devices – night vision devices – no natural or artificial source of light is needed for operation. The only thing needed is heat radiation, emitted by every object. This solution is intended for professionals and is suitable for security systems and military purposes, it is also used by special forces and espionage agencies. It enables quick detection of threats at very long distances, in any conditions and regardless of camouflage (e.g. hiding over a pile of leaves, using dark materials with camouflage patterns, etc.). The infrared camera for tactical operations converts even small differences of temperature into observable image, which can be displayed on a viewfinder or recorded in the device's memory.

The main element of the FLIR H is the microbolometer sensor made from vanadium oxide (VOx) which generates high quality image in 320x240 resolution. It is detailed to an extent that enables quick detection and efficient identification of objects within the field of vision of the camera. Very high sensitivity for small differences of temperature results in very large observation range.

Additionally, depending on current needs, the user may choose between different lenses. The professional version allows also to record the thermal image as video or photos – saved on replaceable memory cards.

Most important features of FLIR H cameras

  • Wired wiretap

    Three versions of optics available

    • HS-324– 19 mm lens, 24° angle of view (H) 18°(V),
    • HS-324 with additional 2x teleconverter: 12° (H) 9°(V) – enables easy optics profile alteration, depending on needs
    • HS-307 - 65mm lens, 7° (H) 5°(V) angle of view.
  • Zoom


    2x digital.

  • Brightness regulation

    Brightness regulation

    8 levels of thermal image brightness regulation.

  • Variable polarization of representation

    Variable polarization of representation

    white – warm / black – warm.

  • Brightness regulation

    Adapter and video output

    Power supply adapter and video output (RCA) for an external display unit.

  • Tripod mounting

    Stabilization of thermal imaging camera

    Tripod mounting.

  • Brightness regulation

    Eyepiece cover

    Suppresses the light – allows to remain invisible.

  • Adjusted for using by left

    Universal, handy construction

    Adjusted for use by both left- and right-handed persons.

  • Adjusted for using by left

    Solid and resistant casing

    The infrared camera for tactical operations can be used in extreme conditions.

  • Adjusted for using by left

    Convenient data storage

    SD/SDHC memory cards support (up to 4GB - in Pro version.

  • USB port

    USB port

    USB 2.0 interface enabling communication with a computer - in Pro version.

  • Marking of record

    Record stamping

    Stamps recorded videos and taken pictures with current date and time.


FLIR Systems, Inc.

FLIR Systems, Inc. Is a brand which has been present on the market since 1978. It is considered a world leader in designing, producing and selling thermovision devices of wide scope of use. The constant development of the company and widening the scope of its projects resulted in...


Specification of Infrared camera for tactical operations - FLIR H
1 NiMH accumulators 2 Pro version
Thermal sensitivity of FLIR H< 50 mK @ f/1.0, 7.5 – 13.5 μm
Detector type320x240 non-cooled VOx microbolometer (Vanadium oxide)
Image optimizationDDE (Digital Details Enhancement)
Sharpness regulationmanual
Video output
  • composite
  • RCA plug
Power supply of the FLIR H
  • 4x NiMH AA accumulator
  • 4x Li-Ion AA accumulator
  • 4x alkaline AA battery
Operation time of the infrared camera 1
  • continuous observation: 6 h
  • standby mode: 120 h
Initiation from standby mode< 1.5 second
ReaderSD/SDHC memory cards up to 4 GB
Memory use (1GB)2
  • 11000 photos (90kB / 1 photo)
  • 115min video (~1MB / 7 seconds of video
  • IP-67
  • resistant to immersion in water and throwing down from 1 meter height
Operational temperature of the FLIR H-20°C to +60°C
Weight of the camera for tactical operations
  • 653 g with battery
  • teleconverter – additional 315 g
Dimension256 x 84.5 x 66.5 mm


  • Infrared camera for tactical operations - FLIR H 
  • HotShoe adapter
  • 4 NiMH AA accumulators
  • 230V AC power pack
  • Car charger
  • Lanyard
  • USB cable
  • Video cable (RCA)
  • Camera cover 2
  • User's manual in English

1 with chosen optics
2 Pro version

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