Ledlenser H7R.2 - professional LED head lamp for mountain clumbers Movie
Ledlenser H7R.2 - professional LED head lamp for mountain clumbers

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Ledlenser H7R.2 - professional LED head lamp for mountain clumbers

  • Light intensity: 300 lm
  • Light range: up to 160 m
  • Position red light
  • Power supply of the Ledlenser H7R.2: removable accumulative battery
  • Light focus and intensity adjustment

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Professional LED head lamp - Ledlenser H7R.2 dedicated for hikers and mountain clumbers

The Ledlenser H7R.2 headlamp, offered by the world-renowned producer features modern design, great functionality and resistance, and, most importantly, excellent light parameters. Its small size and possibility of one-hand operation make this model a perfect choice for rock climbing, as well as for everyday walks and outdoor activities.

  • Power supply

    Power supply

    accumulative battery

  • Operation time up to 30 hours

    Operation time of Ledlenser H7R.2

    up to 30 h

  • Power of light

    Light intensity

    up to 300 lm

  • Adjustment of light

    Light intensity adjustment

    15% - 100%

The Ledlenser H7R.2 headlamp is an upgraded version of the H7.2 headlamp. Main differences between the sister models of LED flashlights are:

  • accumulative battery applied,
  • system indicating the battery status,
  • positional rear red light,
  • intensity up to 300 lm.

Headlamps offered by the German producer feature modern design, great workmanship and excellent technical parameters. The most important part of the Ledlenser LED headlights is the proprietary patented lens, responsible for the range and focus of the light beam and at the same time for adjustment of these parameters to the ambient conditions.

There is the Energy Management System applied in the Ledlenser H7R.2 model, which allows to easily monitor the power status through an innovative energy management system. The role of this function is to inform about low battery status, control the charge level, and also to display the current battery level.

Another innovation in Ledlenser H7R.2 model is the Rear Light, positional red diode located at the back of the headlamp, which is highly useful, in particular during hiking at night.

The Ledlenser H7R.2 headlamp has 4 light modes that allow to adjust the intensity of the light to one’s individual needs.

  • Power - high light output mode,
  • Low Power - economical light mode for long operation time,
  • Boost - short-duration, maximum power for more brightness,
  • Blink - emission of light impulses.

A great advantage of all Ledlenser lights is their simple operation. A button located in the head of the device enables switching from the operating mode to a one-hand mode. A multifunctional switch at the back of the headlamp enables e.g. to secure the flashlight against accidental turn off, enables to change the light intensity between 15% and 100%, as well as it is used to turn on the positioning red light.

The Ledlenser H7R.2 headlamp is powered by a removable battery, which allows for about 30 hours of work, in a Low Power mode, and in case of low battery level, the Energy Management System notifies the user about the required battery charge.

The Ledlenser H7R.2 light has been made of a durable aluminium, so the headlamp features light weight. Owing to the adjustable elastic band the device will fit every user. The headlamp is intended for use both during hiking, as well as for everyday walking to a dog or outdoor sport activities.

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Ledlenser is a world class brand, which specializes in LED torches for different applications.


Specification of Ledlenser H7R.2 headlamp to take to the mountain and for daily walks
1 5 years for products purchased after 10.01.2015 r., 7 years in accordance with the terms, product must be registered by the user
Advanced Focus System (AFS)yes
  • Dimmable - adjustable light intensity
  • 4 modes of light
  • Front Switch - switch operation
  • "Transportation Lock" - protection against accidental activation
  • Rear Light - rear red locator light
Light function
  • Power - high-performance light
  • Low Power - save mode
  • Boost - short-term maximum power
  • Blink - pulsed light
Light range of the Ledlenser H7R.2up to 160 m
Brightness300 lm
Operation time of the Ledlenser H7R.2up to 30 hours
Information system
  • warning at low power
  • information about the state of charge
  • battery level indicator
Power supplyaccumulator
Water resistanceIPX6
Warranty7 years 1
Diameter of the headlamp35 mm
Weight of the Ledlenser H7R.2165 g


  • Ledlenser H7R.2 - professional LED head lamp for mountain clumbers
  • Battery
  • USB cable
  • Charger
  • User manual

Reviews (4)

By Patrick B.

Comment : Has as many as four different modes of operation , what makes it highly useful in various situations , I use the Low Power (to save energy) and Boost (when the light is super birght) the most
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By Nicholas W.

Comment : no need to buy new batteries as it has accumulative battery and you can check its level
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By Nathaniel W.

Comment : When preparing for a serious mountain hike I came across this Ledlenser H7R.2 headlamp and, after reading product description and doing some research, I decided to buy it. It was delivered in two days and I took it with me on the trip. Let me say that I do not regret buiyng it, it worked swell and was very handy, especially the funtion of the back red light to locate my position during the hike.
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By Morgan R.

Comment : a word from me - light and durable, stays on my head even when I move a lot
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