SpyPhone Server Blackberry 9790 – control and GSM surveillance
SpyPhone Server Blackberry 9790 – control and GSM surveillance

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SpyPhone Server Blackberry 9790 – control and GSM surveillance

  • Blackberry 9790 spy smarphone
  • Allows to listen in to "live" or recorded conversations
  • Copies text messagese-mails and Blackberry Messenger conversations
  • GPS tracking of the telephone
  • SIM card replacement alert

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SpyPhone Server Blackberry 9790 – control and GSM surveillance

SpyPhone Blackberry Server Pro software is a product designed to meet the needs of discreet mobile phones monitoring.

Blackberry 9790 offers a stable, smooth running operating system and intuitive interface. For an even greater comfort of use, a touchscreen is utilised in combination with a QWERTY keyboard. It features all of the most important functionalities, such as WiFiBluetoothe-mail or audio and video players. A 5 Mpix camera is yet another asset of this comfortable and elegant business phone.

What are the purposes of buying the SpyPhone software?

  • Child protection – safety and mail control,
  • Employees' monitoring – protects from leaks of important and confidential information,
  • Phone tracking – localizing lost or stolen phone,
  • Phone tracking – localizing the lost or stolen phone
  • Localizing the kidnapped person – allows to give aid immediately.

What types of actions does the SpyPhone Blackberry Server Pro enable?



    It allows a 'live' listening-in of the conversation of the SpyPhone device with any user. Establishing connection from the supervising phone with the phone with SpyPhone device causes joining the conversation and listening to the conversation in 'live'.



    Notices about incoming and outgoing connections, generating phone numbers as well.



    Allows to listen to the sounds from the phone’s surrounding from the 5 meters range. The operation is performed by establishing connection from the supervising phone, which generates the work of the sensitive microphone capturing sounds. The operation is completely invisible on the target phone, there is no incoming connection visible which guarantees 100% discretion and safety.

  • SMS


    Sending exact copies of messages with the phone number of sender/receiver to the server, and also date and time of sending.

  • E-MAIL


    Sending the exact copies of e-mail messages and Blackberry communicator to the server.



    Allows to track the phone’s localization with 5 meters precision and reporting the localization via e-mail.



    Information about turning the phone on or changing the SIM card.

Operating the SpyPhone telephone, commands and surrounding and conversation listening-in is conducted on the level of the pre-defined supervising number. After running the software, it is not necessary to manipulate at the target device, because all the reports are sent to the server and all the operations are conducted remotely via SMS commands. It guarantees full discretion and safety of using, even if we don’t have an access to the wiretapped phone!

SpyPhone Blackberry Server Pro software

Software for each model is is fully compatible with the device. Cooperation with the phone system do not incriminate a cell functionality. The license is active for 12 months from the date of activation.

Installation of the SpyPhone software is performed in a standard way. The packet contains detailed user’s manual in English which will guide you through the installation process. The whole procedure takes about 5-10 minutes. In case of any problems concerning functioning and installation, our employees are there for you on the telephone support service.

On client’s demand the installation may be performed by our employees. Detailed information about the SpyPhone Blackberry Server Pro software are available at SpyPhone Blackberry Server Pro.

The software is improved all the time to provide to our customers the highest comfort of using, safety and failure-free operation.

  • Important!
  • SIM card installed in the phone with SpyPhone software must support conference calls and be enabled for waiting calls function. Conference call is a standard for every subscription and pre-paid SIM cards in Play network.
  • Regardless of the software, after beginning of the conversation’s listening-in, the phone of the third party may display a notice about conference call or the call may be interrupted for a while. These problems occur on some models of phones and depend on the mobile network provider.
  • To generate the reports sent to the server, it is necessary to have a Wi-Fi network connection or an active BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) service supported by the mobile network’s provider. Data transfer is charged as in the price list of mobile network provider.

Blackberry 9790 phone

  • Original box
  • Warranty card
  • Accessories included by the manufacturer
  • User manual

SpyPhone Blackberry Server Pro

  • User manual
  • License - 12 months


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Blackberry 9790 phone

  • Original box
  • Warranty card
  • Accessories included by the manufacturer
  • User manual

SpyPhone Blackberry Server Pro

  • User manual
  • License - 12 months

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SpyPhone Server Blackberry 9790 – control and GSM surveillance

Comment : so many useful surveillane functions: tracking, listening to recordings, copies of emails and text messages
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