Wifi Router Hidden Camera - discreet home monitoring

Wifi Router Hidden Camera ensures discreet monitoring of your home. With the option of remote viewing of live recordings you can control the safety of your home from anywhere in the world.

The Wifi Router Hidden Camera provides excellent image quality and a wide lens range for clear and detailed video. Two recording modes allow you to tailor the device to your needs. In motion-activated mode, the camera sends an alert to your email address so you don't miss anything important. Footage is date and time stamped for added credibility. A Wi-Fi module ensures remote viewing of files and control of settings. Recordings are saved in the internal memory or on a computer assigned to the camera.

Key features of the Wifi Router Hidden Camera

  • Perfect camouflage

    Perfect camouflage

    The camera is camouflaged in a functional Wi-Fi router, so it does not arouse any suspicion.

  • HD quality

    Superb HD quality

    The device captures HD video at 30 frames per second.

  • Motion detection

    Motion detection

    The Wifi router hidden camera can record continuously or activate when motion is detected within the lens range. This option will save you storage space and time spent reviewing recordings.

  • Global range

    E-mail notification when motion is detected

    When motion activation mode is selected, users can receive an email notification that the device has been triggered. A still image from the recorded video is attached so you know immediately what triggered the recording.

  • Date and time stamp

    Date and time stamp

    Recordings are date and time stamped, which adds credibility and helps keep them organised.

  • Wide angle of view

    Wide Lens Viewing Angle

    The Wifi router hidden camera has a 3.8mm lens with a 90° angle of view to cover the entire room.

  • Stored files

    Files storage

    The device can save movies on the included 128MB SD card or in the memory of a connected computer. The latter option allows for almost unlimited recording time.

  • Smartphone and pc compatible

    Smartphone and PC compatibility

    The device can work with your computer and smartphones running Android or iOS.

  • Global range

    Global monitoring of recordings

    Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to view recordings from anywhere in the world - both stored and live.

  • AVI

    AVI recording

    Films are recorded in AVI format for convenient playback on your PC

Specification of the Wifi Router Hidden Camera
  • F3.8
  • 90° angle of view
  • resolution: 1,4 Mpx
Lighting requirements 0,1 Lux
Algorithm H.264
Format AVI, JPEG
Frames per second 30 fps
Motion detection yes
Range 90 m
Recording schedule no
Protection with a password yes
Recordings stamping yes - date and time
Screen no
Live view yes
WiFi yes - IEEE 802.11b/g, WEP, WPA and WPA2
Operation time unlimited
Power supply 12 V DC
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  • Wifi Router Hidden Camera

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