Radio frequency detector - PRO-W10GX
 Radio frequency detector - PRO-W10GX

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Radio frequency detector - PRO-W10GX

  • Radio frequency detector - PRO-W10GX detects both analogue and digital signals in range 0-10 GHz
  • Frequency counter 0-6 GHz
  • Signal strength is plotted on the 20 point scale
  • 1000 event memory log
  • Two antennas – omni-directional and directional

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Radio frequency detector - PRO-W10GX

PRO-W10GX is a professional handheld radio frequency detector designed for detection and localization of both analogue and digital signal sources, such as covert video and listening devices, GPS trackers, hidden wireless cameras or other devices using modern data transfer protocols. The device was designed from scratch, using the latest hardware and software technologies, in order to achieve maximum working efficiency and effectiveness.

The Radio frequency detector - PRO-W10GX supports 0 to 10GHz wideband frequency range with unprecedented sensitivity, particularly at higher frequencies, which becomes more and more common in modern surveillance devices. Additionally, the detector is equipped with an intelligent frequency counter 0-6 GHz, able to precisely analyse both analogue and digital signals.

What kind of devices can be detected by the PRO-W10GX?

  • audio bugs
  • surveillance devices in the power network
  • transmitters connected to telephone lines
  • wireless cameras
  • mobile phones
  • GSM listening devices
  • 3G cameras
  • GPS trackers using GSM network to send tracking information

Detected signal strength is plotted on the 20 point scale and displayed on the colour screen of the radio frequency detector, thus making it possible to precisely pinpoint the source of transmission. LiveScan software enables visualization of the received signal in real time, which greatly facilitates its subsequent analysis and the determination of the transmission type. With this feature you can easily detect pulse transmissions commonly used by GPS trackers.

The PRO-W10GX radio frequency detector is equipped with built-in memory bank able to store up to 100 entries for subsequent analysis. It saves information about frequencies, duration and signal strength in the event log, which serves as an information source for subsequent analysis. Additionally, the device offers graphical mode where all information can be plotted on a chart. Due to this feature the user can be ascertained that no signal was missed or left without analysis during the detection process.

The detector can signal successful transmission detection using either sound alarm or discreet vibration alarm. Moreover, the audio demodulator enables audio monitoring of the received analogue signals and playing them using the built-in speaker, thus facilitating the detection of surveillance devices.

The PRO-W10GX radio frequency detector is equipped with both a standard omni-directional antenna and a high gain directional antenna for precise detection of high frequency signals.

The device is powered by an integrated efficient Li-Poly battery which lasts for up to 8 h of continuous work. The casing of PRO-W10GX was made of durable aircraft aluminium, which is highly resistant to both mechanical and wear and tear damage. The professional PRO-W10GX detector is delivered in a military-grade transport case The device was designed and manufactured in the UK, which guarantees high quality, precision and uncompromising craftsmanship based on the latest technological solutions.

The main advantages of the Radio frequency detector - PRO-W10GX

  • wide frequency range - supports 0-10 GHz range
  • frequency counter – analogue and digital signals in 0-6 GHz range
  • very high sensitivity – also for high frequencies
  • 2 antennas – the set includes both an omni-directional and a regular directional antenna
  • signal strength plot – 20 point scale, sound and vibration alarm
  • LiveScan software – plots the detected signal strength on a chart in real time
  • memory bank with 1000 entries – all data can be represented graphically
  • audio monitoring – audio demodulator, built-in speaker
  • clear 2.5” LCD
  • long battery life – an device is powered by the integrated Li-Poly battery lasting for up to 8 h
  • durable casing – durable aircraft aluminium
  • reinforced transport case – safe storing and transport
  • The Radio frequency detector - PRO-W10GX was designed and manufactured in the UK


Spytechnology JJN Digital

Spytechnology JJN Digital is a brand which belongs to JJN Electronics Limited. It was founded in 1996 in Great Britain . It is a leading producer of supervising equipment and anti-spy appliances . It is an innovative and dynamic company which designs and produces its appliances...


Specification of Radio frequency detector - PRO-W10GX
1 measured at the 20ºC 2 measured at 500MHz 50% AM 1kHz 3 main module
Input frequency range1 MHz – 10.0 GHz
Frequency counterbuild-in, 1 MHz - 6 GHz range
Signal strength indicator20 point scale
Audio demodulation of analogue signalsyes
Detection of impulse transmissionGPS tracker, SMS
Detection rangeup to 10 m
Sensitivity 1
  • 100 MHz - 49 dBm
  • 200 MHz - 48 dBm
  • 500 MHz - 47 dBm
  • 1 GHz - 44 dBm
  • 2 GHz - 50 dBm
  • 5 GHz - 42 dBm
  • 10 GHz - 30 dBm
Demodulation Sens. for 50mW Audio-30 dBm 2
Audio frequency response400 Hz - 5 kHz +/- 2 dB
Antenna connectorMCX socket (50 Ohm)
Signal processingRISC based microcontroller
Built-in memory
  • 1000 entries
  • 1 hour live graph of signal data and frequency
DisplayTFT Colour 2.5’ high contrast graphic display
Signal detection alarmsound and vibrational
  • build-in
  • Li-Poly 3.7 V 1500 mAh
Charging time4 h
Operation time of the radio frequency detectorup to 8 h
Dimensions128 × 74 × 26 mm
Weight of Radio frequency detector - PRO-W10GX240 g 3


  • Radio frequency detector - PRO-W10GX
  • Omni-directional antenna
  • Directional antenna
  • Charger 5V DC (110-240V) with adapters for various socket types
  • Reinforced transport case
  • English user manual
  • Warranty 12 months

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