Recover the missing data from any kind of carrier

­Recover the missing data from any kind of carrier

Irrespective of the fact what we have lost like the holiday photos, movie clips shot during a private ceremony, multimedia presentations, academic publications or relevant business information, the results of the loss of data could be extremely painful, and it may effect in huge financial losses as far as the companies and institutions are concerned. However, most files can be recovered thanks to the modern technology and support from qualified specialists.

Detective Store introduced into its offer a data recovery service to meet the expectations of its customers. Our experienced team of specialists guarantee professional attitude towards this issue, comprehensive diagnosis and full confidentiality.


Remember! In the event of data loss you should immediately turn off the device. Lack of special knowledge and inappropriate actions can only aggravate the situation and irreversibly prevent the restoration information.

We recover data stored on all types of memory carriers (e.g. hard drives, portable memory storage devices or mobiles), on different operating systems and irrespective of the sort of defects.

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Permanent data deletion

Traditional ways of files deletion or hard drives formatting are not a necessarily effective method of removing information stored on carriers. There are quite easy ways to restore such data thanks to some special tools.

Detective Store offers a data deletion service, so as the sensitive data can be restored in no way. Thus retrieving he data will become impossible even in the most advanced laboratories. This service proves its usability amongst the businesses and institutions that are obliged to keep in confidence the personal data due to their field of activity. This service is also often used by large corpos where the companies' laptops and mobiles tend to change their owners many times, as well as a preventive measure against business espionage, threat of the classified material leakage or in case of the archival carriers deletion.

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