Which mini recorder to choose?

­Which mini recorder to choose?

Digital mini-recorders are dedicated to discreetly record the audio-video material. These are advanced devices which offer splendid possibilities despite small size. They are also characterized by wide scope of configuration options and high quality of recordings.


The most important parameters of the recorders are

  • type and size of the available memory space – replaceable memory cards, hard drive;
  • manner of powering – capacity of the accumulators which influences work time, possibility of plugging additional sources of powering and plugging into the AC adapter;
  • offered operation modes – manual recording, motion or sound activation, work schedule, pre-taping, option of taking pictures, sound recording and other;
  • image quality and format setting range - the signal from the PAL/NTSC camera, resolution, frames per second, compression;
  • compatibility with external cameras - type of connection and signal – 2.5 mm analog mini jack and/or digital miniHDMI, supply voltage 5V/12V;
  • additional functions - marking the recordings with watermark, date and time stamp, frames counting function and other;
  • LCD screen – traditional or touch screen, enabling easy configuration via the menu, playback and preview of the camera image.

By considering these factors, the user should choose the most favorable solution. The key item is work time and amount of data which can be saved. One of the most popular models is PV-500 Lite 3 mini recorder – because of its affordable price and high quality. It may be supported by the analog BU18 camera, offering data saving in constant quality on microSD memory card of up to 32 GB capacity.

The more advanced solution is PV-500 Evo 2 – this recorder may cooperate with both analog and digital cameras such as BU13LX, with miniHDMI connection. Wide scope of parameters regulation and image quality results in possibility of recording of 8 to 451 hours of video material on the 32 GB memory card! The most advanced model is PV-1000 Touch which has a built-in hard drive of 500 GB capacity (62.5 to 8453 hours of recordings!). We offer also additional accessories (powering sets, memory cards) to all of PV series recorders by LawMate.

For professionals, we offer a module audio/video D1 plate-type recorder (without case) which enables preparing for operation in given conditions, camouflaging it – depending on needs (placing in construction parts of the building, installation in other electronic device or in a case dedicated to a specific task). For special purposes, where reliability and safety of collected information is a key issue – the best choice would be Avidius recorder, which offers, apart from very high quality of recordings, programmable operation modes and very high level of security – the files are marked digitally and protected from unauthorized access; you need to know the password-code to play and gain access to the recorded information.

Additionally, when there is no possibility of using the recorder-camera combo, we suggest to use a wireless transceiver set, such as TXRX-2455. The camera is plugged into and powered by the transmitter. The receiver cooperates with the recorder and provides the possibility of real time image preview and its saving in the memory.


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