Which mini recorder to choose?

­Which mini recorder to choose?

Digital mini-recorders are dedicated to discreetly record the audio-video material. These are advanced devices which offer splendid possibilities despite small size. They are also characterized by wide scope of configuration options and high quality of recordings.


The most important parameters of the recorders are

  • type and size of the available memory space – replaceable memory cards, hard drive;
  • manner of powering – capacity of the accumulators which influences work time, possibility of plugging additional sources of powering and plugging into the AC adapter;
  • offered operation modes – manual recording, motion or sound activation, work schedule, pre-taping, option of taking pictures, sound recording and other;
  • image quality and format setting range - the signal from the PAL/NTSC camera, resolution, frames per second, compression;
  • compatibility with external cameras - type of connection and signal – 2.5 mm analog mini jack and/or digital miniHDMI, supply voltage 5V/12V;
  • additional functions - marking the recordings with watermark, date and time stamp, frames counting function and other;
  • LCD screen – traditional or touch screen, enabling easy configuration via the menu, playback and preview of the camera image.

If the user is guided by these parameters, he should choose a suitable solution for himself. The key is the working hours and the amount of data that can be stored. The Lawmate PV-1000EVO3 mini-recorder is very popular due to its high quality.

An advanced solution is the spy kit hidden in the form of knobs and screws LawMate PV-500Neo Pro Bundle. The camera in the knob is equipped with an advanced CMOS sensor that allows you to record images in Full HD resolution. The camera is equipped with an external microphone that records distinctive sound up to 7 meters away. The built-in WiFi module allows real-time video transmission up to approximately 50m.

For professionals, we offer a micro-camera hidden in the front edge of the Samsung Galaxy S7/S9 phone, which allows discreet recording of the event in front of the phone without having to lift it vertically. For special tasks during which the credibility and security of the information obtained is crucial, the WA7D action camera is the solution, which, in addition to very high quality recordings and working modes (photo-video-audio), offers personalization of the camera and its adaptation to the conditions prevailing in the environment. The recording also shows the user ID, memory status and remaining recording time.

In addition, when direct use of a DVR recorder is not possible, a mini-camera for live video streaming is recommended, such as the CAM-L4050. The hidden camera in the knob is connected to and powered by a mobile phone. The camera provides the ability to stream live video through the many available phone apps. The recording can be stored in the internal memory of the phone, and also broadcast live on YouTube, for example.