Edic mini Tiny + B76-150HQ sensitive free audio recorder
Edic mini Tiny + B76-150HQ sensitive free audio recorder

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Edic mini Tiny + B76-150HQ sensitive free audio recorder

  • Sensitive free audio recorder
  • Very high sound quality and clearness
  • 4 GB built-in memory for up to 150 hours of records
  • Convenient CR2016 batteries powering
  • Voice activation and digital signature

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Sensitive free audio recorder with digital signature - Edic mini Tiny+ B76-150HQ

The construction of the free audio recorder was based on advanced components which guarantee a clear sound of the recorded audio material and enable a wide spectrum of configurations. Miniature size and digital signature marking ensure high security of using.

The sensitive recorder is able to operate autonomously thanks to just one CR2016 battery power supply, which ensures long working time and possibility of recording virtually anywhere and in any conditions. Miniature size allows to hide the appliance, while the sensitive microphone provides clear and noise-free recording, even even at distances as long as 12 meters!

Edic mini Tiny+ B75-150HQ miniature sensitive recorder is recommended both for professional (public order agencies, detective agencies) and amateur purposes.

Chief assets of the B76-150HQ digital free audio recorder

  • Full discretion


    Miniature size and thickness of only 6 mm allow to hide the device anywhere and in any conditions.

  • Sound detection


    Clear sound of recordings is ensured by a built-in 10-bit A/C converter and a sound processor.

  • Sensitive microphonoe


    The built-in microphone is very sensitive, effective within 12 meters range.

  • Various operation modes


    A possibility of adjusting the parameters to the operation environment of the digital voice recorder.

    • continuous recording
    • voice activated recording with advanced parameters configuration
    • scheduled recording
    • quality settings (sampling within 8 to 22 kHz range)
  • Convenient data recording


    Wiretap Edic mini Tiny+ B76 sensitive free audio recorder has a built-in memory of 4 GB capacity which, in optimal configuration (no compression, 8 kHz sampling), allows to save up to 150 hours of recordings.

  • Convenient powering


    The B76 model is powered by a handy CR2016 battery. The free audio recorder requires no battery charging, which saves time and provides independence of using in any environment. One battery is enough for 36 hours of continuous audio recording.

  • Date time stamp


    Digital markers stamp the recordings with time and date of the recording, as well as the serial number of the voice recorder, and record attempts of interference with the file. This function increases the authenticity of saved recordings.

  • Simple operation


    Operation of the B76 is performed by just one control switch. The functioning is signalized by a LED indicator.

  • USB 2.0 interface


    The device can be connected to a computer with an USB port, allowing for fast uploading of recordings to other data storage devices.

Advanced functions of the Edic mini Tiny+ B76-150HQ model

Perfect audibility
Recording with or without the u-Law compression (adjustable sampling frequency) allows to obtain very clear sound.

EMPlus Software
An advanced program for configuration of the device, as far as recording quality, voice activation and scheduled recording are concerned. It also allows to manage the archived files. It guarantees easy recordings' playback from the appliance's memory with use of such options as omitting the silence and omitting the moments without recorded sounds.

SoundProcessor Application

  • advanced recordings edition
  • noise cancellation
  • increasing recordings' audibility
  • conversion to text format (Google algorithm used)
  • Work time


    up to 36 h

  • File format

    File format


  • Microphone range

    Microphone range

    up to 12 m

  • Voice activation recording

    Voice activated recording



Russian TS-Market Ltd is a company founded in 2001 as a export agent of Telesystems Ltd. The main tasks of the company are distributing and promoting its products in over 20 countries all over the world. TS-Market's appliances can be selected on few main groups: Edic-mini voice...


Specification of Edic mini Tiny+ B76-150HQ sensitive free audio recorder
1 depending on format and quality settings 2 without batteries
Built-in memory4 GB
External memorynone
Recording time of the sensitive recorder21 h to 150 h 1
Sound activated recording
  • yes
  • advanced silence compression algorithm
Scheduled recordingyes
  • built-in
  • mono
  • up to 12 m range
External microphoneno
Dynamics range65 dB
S/N ratio-65 dB
Frequency range100Hz ~ 10kHz
File formatWAV
Sampling8, 11, 16, 22 kHz
  • without compression
  • u-Law
A/C converter10 bit
Power supplyCR2016 battery
Operation time
  • Continuous recording: up to 336 h
  • voice activation mode: up to 70 h
  • standby mode: 9 months
Playback modeno
Supported operating systems of the free audio recorderWindows ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8
Interface of the sensitive recorderPC USB 2.0 (up to 7 MB/s)
Supported systemsWindows ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8
Working temperature scope0°C - 40°C
Size37 × 25 × 6 mm
Weight16 g 2


  • Edic mini Tiny+ B76-150HQ sensitive free audio recorder
  • Software (installed in the appliance's internal memory)
  • USB adapter
  • User manual in English

Reviews (5)

By Leah H.

Comment : Worth recommending I suppose.
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By Samuel G.

Comment : I like the scheduled recording mode, find it handy sometimes. But having the time and the date on the recordings means everything to me
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By Amy L.

Comment : I finally found something that I can rely on- no more everlasting low battery problem or too little storage space.
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By Chloe W.

Comment : It is surprising that the recorded sound can be so clear from such distances!
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By anna P.

Comment : Very good quality sound. Comparing to Edic recorder which I bought 5 years ago it's huge change
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