Evidence Analiser - Cellebrite Pathfinder
Evidence Analiser - Cellebrite Pathfinder
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Evidence Analiser - Cellebrite Pathfinder

  • Organize complex data
  • Easily review gathered evidence
  • Uncover patterns with AI
  • Create comprehensive reports

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Cellebrite Pathfinder

Cellebrite Pathfinder is an industry-leading solution to help law enforcement agencies accelerate investigations. Cellebrite Pathfinder uses AI to efficiently comb through all types of digital data, automatically decoding it to extract critical evidence and actionable information from digital devices so your team can focus on solving the case.

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Benefits of Cellebrite Pathfinder

  • Organize complex data to give an intuitive overview across texts, images, emails, videos, documents and apps
  • Unify digital fingerprints to identify persons of interest by correlating identifiers across apps and data sources
  • Enrich technical information into digestible insights, including from browsers, apps, cell towers and wifi hotspots
  • Better understand conversations prior to and during the event with holistic overview of communication across all apps
  • Easily review relevant data with automatic grouping of media into built-in and tailorable categories
  • Reveal important insights automatically surfaced from text analysis including names, places, websites, currencies, and languages
  • Uncover patterns in location data through maps of visited places, shared intersections, and irregular points of interest
  • Streamline processes to allow smoother collaboration with internal teams and external stakeholders
  • Create comprehensive reports to present to teams, chain of command and partner agencies



Cellebrite is a company which exists since 1999 and is a part of a Japanese Sun Corporation. It was founded by experienced specialists dealing with solutions in fixed and mobile telephony. It soon became a world leader of advanced technologies used for analysis and recovering the...

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