GPS anti jammer GPSdome/OtoSphere – effective protection against jamming Movie
GPS anti jammer GPSdome/OtoSphere – effective protection against jamming

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GPS anti jammer GPSdome/OtoSphere – effective protection against jamming

  • Compact anti jamming device
  • LED jamming indicator
  • Protects from other transmitters interferencestiny dimensions
  • Tiny dimensions
  • Intuitive and simple installation

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GPS anti jammer GPSdome/OtoSphere - effective jamming protection


  • Please Note! There are 4 versions of Anti Jammer available:
  • OtoSphere – dedicated to almost all types customers
  • OtoSphere PPS (PhantomPower Supply, which gets power from the GPS receiver)
  • OtoSphere EPS (External Power Supply, which gets powerfrom an external battery 3-32VDC)
  • GPS DOME – dedicated to military, secret services, authorized institutions, drones compatible
  • GPS DOME 1.02 PPS (PhantomPower Supply, which gets power from the GPS receiver)
  • GPS DOME 1.02 EPS (External Power Supply, which gets powerfrom an external battery 3-32VDC)

GPSdome is an advanced device designed for protection against the jamming of GPS receivers. The device provides a great comfort of the GPS avigation systems without a risk of being jammed or interfered. The device offers a unique level of performance in terms of its simplicity and accuracy when it comes to ensuring the GPS signal of autonomous cars, drones and unmanned vehicles, homeland security, smart cities, emergency services, logistics, security, as well as commercial operations.

The device is able to prevent the jammer's disruption by so called null stearing. Null stearing is an advanced method, which allows for transmition/reception antenna array to direct zero (NULL) and prevent from wireless communication jamming. By using the GPSdome the environmental noises, other transmitters interferences are reduced.


  • Easy installation - The process of installation is not time consuming and does involve any changes in the current GPS installations.
  • A variety of installation options – GPSdome can be installed almost everywhere due to its small size and low electricity consumption
  • High compatibility – GPSdome can be added to almost all GPS receivers with the GPS antenna.

Setting the device up

GPSdome can be easily connected in-line between the existing GPS antenna and receiver. Additional antenna must be plugged in order to take the power, which is provided by the receiver to the antenna. There is a LED indicator in the device, which produces a green light when the jamming is detetected. The ready to be installed KIT consists of gps dome + two Taoglas antennas and all the necessary cables required to immediately retrofit the system into an existing solution.
  • STEP 1 - Connecting GPS DOME with a cable and 4 included screws.
  • STEP 2 – Installation of antennas (antennas need to be placed in the sky direction) and ensure 10 cm distance between the antennas
  • STEP 3 – Drilling the appropriately sized holes for antennas and fitting the correct size rubber grommet into the holes
  • STEP 4 - Connecting and secure the following cables to the GPS DOMEmodule using an SMA torque spanner set to 1Nm
  • STEP 5 – Preparing for powering up. For GPS Dome 1.0, verify that the DC provided on the receiver cable is 3-12VDC and can provide at least 600mWofpowe
  • STEP 6 – Coiling and securing any excess cable into a hidden location, such as under the carpet, using wire ties.

Product video


­Specification of the GPSdome anti jammer
Enclosure:70mm x 48mm x 24mm (excluding mounting lugs)
Mounting:4 x M3 bolts (not supplied)
Operating temperature range:– 40°C to 85°C
Primary antenna input (P):50Ω SMA (for active GPS antenna)
Auxiliary antenna input (A):50Ω SMA (for active GPS antenna)
RF Output to GPS Receiver (R):50Ω SMA 3-12VDC 0.75W
Protected signal:1575.42 MHz (GPS L1 C/A Code)
Latency:< 1μs
Compression point:25dBm
R&TTE 1999/5/EC : EN60950-1:1575.42 MHz (GPS L1 C/A Code)
Safety and compliance:
  • EN301 489-1
  • EN301 489-3
  • EN300 440-2
  • RoHS compliant


  • 1 x GPSdome module
  • 2 x GPS Antennas (Taoglas AA.105.301111)

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