Flir Scout TSTM

Discreet observation in any conditions

Miniature thermal camera FLIR Scout TS-X for everyday use

FLIR Scout TS is a series of versatile thermal imaging cameras, which can be characterised by robust and modern design, excellent optics, ergonomics, long range and, what’s the most important, fully discreet observation.

The FLIR Scout TS series of thermal imaging cameras is the answer to the ever-increasing use of thermovision in everyday life. The TS series is directed to every user, both the nature passionate, the globetrotter or an average person who wants to have control over his property. Unlike night vision, thermal vision provides an excellent image regardless of the conditions in the environment, therefore it is addressed to firefighters, police, military services, as well as to hunters, travellers and other civils.

hunters, travellers and other civils. Advantages of FLIR Scout TS miniature thermal camera

  • Innovative FLIR sensor

    Modern FLIR sensor

    The main component of the hand-held pocket-size thermal imaging device FILR Scout TK is uncooled microbolometer sensor 160120 Lepton supported by FLIR Proprietary Digital Detail Enhancement™ technology.

  • 3 modes of operation FLIR

    3 operating modes

    The miniature thermal camera allows to carry out observation in one of 3 available modes:

    • white hot - all warm elements are displayed in white
    • black hot - warm elements are displayed in black
    • instAlertTM - warm elements are displayed in red
  • Flir optics


    Flir Scout TS series offer a choice between a farther-reaching thermal imaging camera with 65mm lens or a 19-mm-lens camera with 2x optical zoom.

  • Operation in difficult conditions

    Operation in all conditions

    A priceless advantage of thermovision is the ability to observe the environment irrespective of the time of day (day or night), cloudiness or dustiness.

  • Built-in memory

    Memory of the miniature thermal camera

    In Pro versions it is possible to use memory cards to save images. Moreover, the device can be connected to external recorders.

  • Light

    Compact and handy

    The device has been designed in accordance with the laws of ergonomics, resulting in a compact and very handy thermal imager, which guarantees long-term and comfortable observation. On the sides are sturdy handles stabilizing the camera in your hand.

  • Construction

    Durable design

    The miniature thermal camera complies with the IP-67 protection standard which ensures that that device is resistant to humidity and dust and can be shortly immerged in water to the depth of up to 0.15 m.

  • Intuitive in use

    Intuitive operation

    The miniature thermal camera is operated with 4 buttons located at the operator’s hand reach, which allows him to change recording mode (photos/video), operation modes, viewfinder brightness and zoom without taking his eyes off the viewfinder. The shutoff button has been located further away from the operating buttons.

  • Quick response

    Instant activation

    What distinguishes the Scout series is that the devices are ready for operation in an instant. The thermal imaging camera does not require time to start up.

Materials to download

  • ­

    Materials to download

    Information brochure - Flir Scout series TS-X

Example of views in FLIR Scout TS thermal imaging camera

Flir Scout TS

Flir TS-X

Specification of the miniature thermal camera Flir Scout TS-X
  TS24/ TS24 Pro TS32/ TS32 Pro TS32r/ TS32r Pro
Lens 19 mm/ 2 x zoom 65 mm
Resolution 240 × 180 320 × 240
View angle 24° × 18°/ 12° × 9° 32° × 18°/ 12° × 9° 7° × 5°
External memory SD memory card 16 GB only for Pro version
Safety class IP-67
Human detection 19 mm - 320 m, with zoom 457 m 19 mm 548 m, with zoom 822 m 60 mm - 1280 m
Operation temperature 0°C - 50°C -20°C - +60°C
Dimensions 237 × 85 × 66 278 × 85 × 68
Weight 715 g 976 g
FLIR Systems, Inc.
FLIR Systems, Inc. is a brand that has been on the market since 1978 with the status of a world leader in the design, manufacture and sale of thermal imaging equipment with an extremely wide range of applications. The company's continuous growth and expansion of its designs to meet new challenges has resulted in a wide range of thermal imaging equipment for both hobbyist users and uniformed services, safety and security services, emergency groups and government agencies in the United States and more than a hundred countries around the world.
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In box
In box
  • Miniature thermal camera Scout TSX (chosen model)
  • Installation strap
  • 4 × AA batteries
  • Durable, tactical case *
  • Memory card *
  • USB wire *
  • User manual

* only Pro version


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