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Avidius - portable mini recorder with password protection

Avidius is a portable professional mini audio/video recorder based on the advanced technological solutions, which ensure great parameters, very high quality of recordings, rich functionality and effective recording protection against the third parties access and unauthorised modification.

Portable recorder is designed for the needs of professionals - for special services, police, emergency and security services as well as for detectives and journalists to enable discreet recording of audio / video material. Mini camera ideally proves itself during operational actions in difficult conditions, guarantees reliability and quality. The image is recorded by means of the external camera connected to the recorder (included in the set) and sound through built-in microphones or additional external microphones. The portable recorder provides power supply to the external camera with the voltage of 5, 6, 9 or 12 V thanks to which it is compatible with the majority of micro-cameras and there is no need to connect them to the additional power supply. The device records films in the PAL or NTSC system with the resolution of 720 x 576 with the speed of up to 30 frames per second (adjusted by a user). The image of the portable recorder is coded by means of the efficient JPEG 2000 algorithm and video bitrate is variable in the range of 1 to 20 Mbit/s. Sound can be recorded in a monophonic or stereo way, sampling frequency is 8 or 16 kHz and is saved in the PCM 16 bit format (with the use of A-LAw codec or without compression).

The mini recorder has also the voice recorder function and it can record only sound. Automatic or manual gain control of microphones enables to adjust parameters to the acoustic environment, thanks to which the obtained recording will be clearly audible regardless of the sound volume level in the recorder surroundings. Files are saved on the built-in flash memory (safe chips are used which guarantees preservation of information even for 10 years in the case of the complete lack of power supply), which has 12 GB volume. AVI and WAV formats are used.

  • work time

    Operation time of the portable mini recorder

    1.5 - 5h


  • Energy source

    Power supply



  • MicroSD


    up to 12 GB

  • Recording overwriting

    Recording overwriting

  • Configuring


  • Sound detection

    Sound detection

  • Video camera

    Portable video camera

  • Time recording

    Time recording

  • Recording marking

    Video format of the mini recorder


  • MP4

    Audio format


  • usb

    USB port

  • Protection pin code

    Protection PIN code of the portable recorder

  • Video playern

    Video player

  • Microphone



  • Digital signature recordings

    Digital signature recordings

  • audio player



Avidius portable mini recorder offers a variety of operation modes and advanced functions

  • manual mode – recording is started and stopped by means of a switch
  • sound activated recording – automatic start of operation for the time specified in settings after exceeding the set sound intensity level
  • programmable time schedules – 5 independent time programmes
  • cyclic recording – the oldest fragment of the recording is removed and replaced with a new one, the possibility of defining the duration time of a single fragment

Avidius has a very high level of recording protection  against the third parties access. Every file can be protected with a PIN code, without which there is no possibility to open the file, in addition the digital signature makes manipulating with the recording impossible and enables unambiguously establish its authenticity. Recordings can be saved in the unique format, which is supported-handled only by the specialised software provided along with the recorder. Additionally, the construction of the device and very low level of interference with electromagnetic field makes its detection and jamming even by advanced systems against surveillance difficult. The Li-Ion rechargeable battery power supply of the portable mini recorder enables continuous recording for minimum 70 min. Operation time in the sound activated recording mode is 3-5 h. Continuous operation is possible after the connection to the permanent power supply (110 / 240V charger or the USB port of a computer). The USB connector enables hassle-free connection to a computer, data transfer and recordings and settings management through AV Manager software. The colour LCD display contained within the recorder makes handling and settings adjustment easier, it is also possible to playback recordings (variable playback speed). The solid metal housing effectively protects the mini audio-video recorder against mechanical damage.

Specification of Avidius - portable mini recorder  with password protection
Mini Recorder
1 depending on the quality settings 2 sensitivity adjustment in the range of 0 – 60 dB 3 5 time programmes 4 the possibility to change the time of loop duration 5 playback speed adjustment 6with 5, 6, 9 or 12 V power supply 7 depending on the quality settings
Built-in flash memory of the portable recorder 12 GB
The maximum recording time from 1h 20 min to 97h 20 min
External memory of the mini recorder none
Video format
  • PAL
  • NTSC
Video resolution of the mini recorder 752 × 582
Frame rate
  • programmable PAL: 1-25
  • NTSC: 1-30
Video coding JPEG 2000
Video stream 1 - 20 Mbit/sec
Video file format AVI
Sound format PCM 16 bit
Compression method of the portable recorder
  • without compression
  • double compression
  • μ-Law
Sound/noise ratio 72 dB
Amplitude distortions < 2 dB
Total harmonic distortion < 0.05 %
Gain control from -30 to 30 dB
Sound file format WAV
Motion detection no
Sound activated recording yes 2
Recording schedule yes 3
Recording overwriting yes 4
Securing access to data by means of the PIN code yes
Recording digital signature yes
Display of the recorder with password protection colour LCD
Video playing yes 5
Built-in video camera no
External video recorder connection yes 6
QN-C619 mini camera
Matrix CCD 1/4"
Matrix resolution 752 × 582
Video format of the portable recorder PAL
Video output 1V, 75 ohm
Video resolution 450 TV lines
Sensitivity 1.5 lx (F1.2)
Lens system 3.7 mm
SNR 47 dB
Electronic shutter 1/50~1/10000 sec
Automatic Gain Control (AGC) yes
Gamma correction 0.45
Automatic white balance yes
Power supply voltage 5 V
Power supply of the mini camera
  • Li-Ion rechargeable battery
  • 110V / 240V charger, USB
Operation time on rechargeable battery from 1h 30min to 3h 7
The possibility to operate after connecting the charger yes
Interface of the partable audio-video recorder USB 2.0
Range of operation temperature from -10°С to +60°С
Dimensions 112 × 59 × 15.8 mm
Weight 180 g
Speech Technology Center (STC)
Speech Technology Center (STC) is a world leader in speech technology and biometric multimodal methods. This Russian company has more than 20 years of experience in conducting development research and implementing cutting-edge technologies in Russia and abroad. STC is a leading provider of innovative audio and video recording, analysis, synthesis and speech recognition systems, as well as biometric systems. STC's innovations are used in the public and commercial sectors, from small laboratories to nationwide security systems.
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In box
In box
  • Avidius portable mini recorder with password protection
  • QN-C619 camera
  • External microphone with the remote command module
  • 110V/ 240V charger
  • USB cable
  • Video cable
  • Audio cable
  • Headphones
  • AV Manager Software
  • Transporting suitcase of mini recorder
  • User manual
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I was looking for something secured d by the most advnaced security measures. This mini recorder is not only protected by a PIN code but also a digital signature. I honestly deem this product to be the best recorder I've had.

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