Wireless earpiece with HD camera - GScom GSM HD SET
Wireless earpiece with HD camera - GScom GSM HD SET

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Wireless earpiece with HD camera - GScom GSM HD SET

  • Connection: 3G
  • Wireless earpiece with GSM HD camera supports MP3 files
  • Remote control of the GScom HD SET through pilots
  • Continuous operation time up to 5 h
  • Built-it sound guide


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Wireless earpiece with HD camera - GScom GSM HD SET

Wireless earpiece with HD camera - GScom GSM HD SET is an advanced set for high quality video transmission, through GSM network! Wireless microheadphones, and a camera which transmit Full HD, is the most technologically advanced solution available on the market. The device ensures discreet use in the most stressful situations.

  • Built in 3G network

    Built in 3G network

  • MP3 player

    MP3 file support of the Wireless earpiece with GSM HD camera

  • Wireless headphones

    Wireless headphones

  • SIM cards support

    SIM cards support

  • Sound guide

    Sound guide of the GSM Wireless earpiece with HD camera

  • Undetectable and unvisible

    Undetectable and invisible Wireless earpiece with GSM HD camera

  • USB socket

    USB socket

  • Produced in Europe

    Produced in Europe

Wireless earpiece with GSM HD camera - GScom HD SET is the next step in the wireless GSM transmission. You may sent the image to large distance. Built-in 3G/UMTS module enables to connect with selected persons and send the image at high speed. The connection between the loop and the headphones is based ona phenomenon of magnetic induction.

How does the headphone work?

Magnetic microheadphone is completely invisible thanks to its size of barely 6x6 mm. The use of magnetic induction between microheadphone and neck loop, allowet to avoid external power supply. Therefore it is completely waterproof what enables quick cleaning eg. under running water.

Magnetic microheadphone

Built-in GSM 3G/UMTS module is responsible for sending the pictures and voice transmission between the users. Speed and quality of the transmission depends on the range of GSM network. GSM module of the wireless earpiece with HD camera is powered with built-in accumulator what enables long operation time up to 5 hours whereas in sleep mode up to 15 hours.

The steering of the camera microphone is extremely simple. In the set there are two pilots for montage on the toe either of right or left foot. During the performance a sound guide is emitted in the wireless headphone which informs you about a chosen function every time you use it. If you forget what function you actually chose sound guide will inform you about it.

Magnetyczna mikrosłuchawka

Before you start to use it!

  • Insert SIM card in a camera module. Plug the camera microphone with a USB wire to the computer and then follow the instruction which will show up on the computer screen.
  • Upload your MP3 files to the device,
  • Insert microheadphone in your ear, adjust the volume of "sound guide" in the program panel and save,
  • Hide the 3G camera module eg. in the outer jacket pocket,
  • Mount Full HD camera on your wrist with velcro, and the steering buttons on your toes,
  • Test the button performance by pushing the buttons on your toes,
  • Use all functions of the set. Send high quality pictures to your friends and answer phone calls as well as listen to uploaded MP3 files.

Application of magnetic headphone is completely safe!

Wkładanie bezprzewodowej mikrosłuchawki

Step 1

Clean your ear before inserting the headphone for hygienic cooperation. Take a microheadphone and place it in your fingers in such a way as pictured using metal elements inside and outside the ear canal. This will facilitate pulling the headphone over.

Wkładanie bezprzewodowej mikrosłuchawk

Krok 2

Insert the microheadphone gently pushing the finger into the ear canal. No worries! You will not damage your ear and pulling over will be fast and smooth. The handset cannot be on the top, because it may fall.

Wkładanie bezprzewodowej mikrosłuchawki

Krok 3

This is how your ear should look like after inserting the headphone. Camouflage is provided by the dark colour, thanks to which the hedphone is completely invisible. The device is safe and does not cause any discomfort.

Removing the magnetic earphone in just 2 seconds!

Wyciąganie bezprzewodowej mikrosłuchawki


Move the metal handle closer to the ear. Gently put inside the ear canal.

Wyciąganie bezprzewodowej mikrosłuchawki

Krok 2

When you hear a soft "click" you can be sure that the handset is attached to the handle.

Wyciąganie bezprzewodowej mikrosłuchawki

Step 3

Now you can pull the handle hooked at the end of the handset. Please, do not worry about the fact that the handset will fall back to the ears, because the magnet in the handset is very strong.

Optional accessories for GScom GSM HD SET

  • Durable case for sets

    Handy and durable case

    Case was made of a plastic which is durable and easy to clean. The pocket will easily house will easily house all of the wires as well as Bluetooth/MP3 module.

Example of the view of the camera image

Przykładowy widok z kamery GScom HD


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Specification of Wireless earpiece with HD camera - GScom GSM HD SET
  • photos
  • voice communication
Volume adjustment functionsyes
Memorybuilt-in 8GB
Frequency range of the Wireless earpiece with GSM HD cameraheadphone 200Hz ~ 8000Hz
Remote control
  • tyes
  • answer, hang up
  • scrolling of the MP3 recording
Interface of the wireless earpiece with GSM HD camera1,1/2,0 USB
Range of the GScom HD SETDependent on GSM network
Operation time of the device for wireless discreet communication
  • continuous operation - up to 5 hours
  • sleep mode - up to 15 hours
Power supply of the Wireless earpiece with GSM HD camerabuilt-in accumulator
  • microheadphone 6×6 mm
  • camera module 72×72 mm
  • antena ɸ 210 mm
  • camera 40×22 mm
  • camera lens 4 mm
  • buttons (L,R) 38×10×4 mm


  • 2 × microheadphone (L,R)
  • 1× Full-HD video recorder
  • 1× camera module of the wireless earpiece
  • 1× antena/neck loop
  • 2× buttons with velcro (L,R)
  • 1× micro USB
  • SIM adaptor
  • User manual of the Wireless earpiece with HD camera - GScom GSM HD SET

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By Jay P.

Comment : you can operate it with your FOOT mate FOOT!
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By Abigail A.

Comment : HD cam provides very clear image
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