Thermal security camera - FLIR SR
Thermal security camera - FLIR SR
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Thermal security camera - FLIR SR

  • Thermal security camera FLIR SR
  • Wide selection of lenses
  • Easy installation and integration with other systems
  • High resistance to external factors
  • Advanced digital noise reduction algorithms

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Thermal security camera - FLIR SR for professional monitoring

Thermal imaging systems use infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum that is invisible to the human eye. The main source of infrared radiation is heat – every object with a temperature above the absolute zero (-273.15°C) is a source of infrared radiation. This phenomenon can be used for imaging in dim light or in complete darkness, and in adverse weather conditions with poor visibility. The FLIR SR professional thermal security converts even the smallest temperature differences into a visible image that can be displayed on a monitor in real time or recorded.

Unlike night vision systems, the FLIR SR thermal security camera does not need any source of light, making it an ideal solution for professionals. It performs in security and military applications, and is also used by special forces and intelligence agencies. It enables early threat detection by allowing continuous observation of large areas in situations where conventional monitoring systems could fail, such as insufficient – or a complete lack of – lighting, or when atmospheric conditions (smoke, dust, haze, etc.) hinder visibility.

The SR analogue series of thermal imaging cameras are aimed at users who are looking for an advanced thermal imaging solution with medium range, whether they’re putting together a new surveillance system or supplementing their existing security. The FLIR SR industrial simply needs to be connected to power and a monitor or DVR. When connected to CCTV (with a standard composite video input), the camera allows quick detection of potential threats 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition, the FLIR SR has a serial control interface that allows the operating parameters to be changed remotely.

The main element inside the thermal security camera is an uncooled microbolometer detector, which is based on vanadium oxide VOx and features resolutions of 160×120, 320×240 or 640×480 pixels, depending on the system requirements. The higher the resolution, the smaller the objects that can be detected and identified from a distance, when using the same optics.

The FLIR SR industrial thermal imaging camera is available with a range of lenses with a focal length from 9 mm to 100 mm, so that the user can choose equipment that is best suited for their application and for the mounting location of the camera. When using a lens with a long focal length, it’s possible to detect a person from a distance of up to 2 km (at a 320×240 camera resolution).

The camera range depends on various camera settings, environmental conditions, the operator’s experience, and the type of display for viewing the image.

A 50% probability of detecting a target from a set distance, given a temperature difference of 2°C and atmospheric attenuation factor of 0.85/km.

The FLIR SR’s advanced software maintains a high quality thermal image regardless of the time of day or atmospheric conditions, without any need for adjustment by the user. Manual focus adjustment to compensate for ambient temperature is not required. Thanks to digital detail enhancement (DDE) algorithms, the image has a high contrast. It is optimised to work with video detection systems.

The FLIR SR series of industrial cameras is designed for use in all conditions. The sensor and lens are well protected from water and dust ingress (sealed to IP66 standard). It is also possible to completely eliminate moving parts inside the camera by removing the focus adjustment mechanism, which will significantly reduce periodic maintenance costs, and will minimise the likelihood of a malfunction.

ModelResolutionFocal lengthAngle of viewFrequency
SR-124160×1209 mm24°25 Hz
SR-124160×1209 mm24°8.3 Hz
SR-117160×12013 mm17°25 Hz
SR-117160×12013 mm17°8.3 Hz
SR-112160×12019 mm12°25 Hz
SR-112160×12019 mm12°8.3 Hz
SR-348320×2409 mm48°25 Hz
SR-348320×2409 mm48°8.3 Hz
SR-334320×24013 mm34°25 Hz
SR-334320×24013 mm34°8.3 Hz
SR-324320×24019 mm24°25 Hz
SR-324320×24019 mm24°8.3 Hz
SR-313320×24035 mm13°25 Hz
SR-313320×24035 mm13°8.3 Hz
SR-309320×24050 mm25 Hz
SR-309320×24050 mm8,3 Hz
SR-304320×240100 mm25 Hz
SR-304320×240100 mm8.3 Hz
SR-645640×48013 mm45°8.3 Hz
SR-625640×48025 mm25°8.3 Hz
SR-618640×48035 mm18°8.3 Hz
SR-612640×48050 mm12°8.3 Hz
SR-606640×480100 mm8.3 Hz


FLIR Systems, Inc.

FLIR Systems, Inc. Is a brand which has been present on the market since 1978. It is considered a world leader in designing, producing and selling thermovision devices of wide scope of use. The constant development of the company and widening the scope of its projects resulted in...


Specification of Thermal security camera - FLIR SR
Detector type
  • Focal Plane Array (FPA)
  • Uncooled VOx Microbolometer
Spectral range of the Thermal security camera7.5µm – 13µm
Thermal sensitivity> 50 mK, f/1.0
Image frequency25Hz or 8.3Hz
  • fixed
  • thermally transparent lens
Image processing
  • automatic gain control (AGC)
  • digital detail enhancement (DDE)
Heater to defrost the lensautomatic
Video outputcomposite PAL
Connector typeBNC
Power supply of FLIR SR
  • 14-32V
  • 18-27V AC
Nominal power consumption
  • 3W / 24V DC
  • 5VA / 24V AC
Enclosure protection classIP66
Shock protectionIEC 60068-2-27
Vibration resistanceMil-Std-810F
Interface of the Thermal security cameraRS-232 / RS-422
Weight of FLIR SR
  • models SR-304, SR-309,SR-606, SR-612: 2.9 kg
  • other: 2.1 kg


  • Thermal security camera - FLIR SR
  • Software
  • User manual

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