Transceiver kit for wireless video transmission - DVWTS-1100

The DVWTS-1100 professional transceiver system is an innovative solution for wireless transmission of digital video over a long distance. It uses a multi-stream COFDM modulation technique, which is also the method used to encode ADSL internet and DVB-T2 digital television transmissions.

The DVWTS-1100 transceiver set excels not only in open areas but also in highly urbanised environments, and even in moving vehicles. Thanks to powerful processors and advanced radio module technology, it was possible to get a working range of up to 500 metres, which is a record result for devices in this power class.

A major advantage of the DVWTS-1100 set is its portability, while in the case of permanent monitoring installations, there are significant savings as a result of the reduced wiring needs.

The video transmitter is contained in a compact metal housing. It has an SMA output for an external antenna and outputs for a stereo microphone and a camera, and a lithium-polymer battery. The receiver has 2 built-in SMA inputs for external antennas, composite outputs (CVBS), and a USB port for connecting an external monitoring system. It is powered by 12V.

Thanks to its compact design, the long-range DVWTS-1100 transceiver set can be easily used in various operational situations that require professional equipment.

Types of antennas that may be used with the receiver

  • Directional Antenna (SA 1100 ‘Grid’)
  • Car antenna with magnetic mount (MA 1100)
  • Compact flat antenna (SHDA 1100 ‘Replica’) and similar

In the case of directional antennas, the effective range of the system can be doubled.

Installation options for the long-range DVWTS 1100 transceiver set portable

  • portable installation
  • in an automobile
  • fixed installation
Specification of Transceiver kit for wireless video transmission - DVWTS-1100
Mode of operation
Video system of the transciever kit PAL / NTSC
Compression MPEG2
  • QPSK
  • coding rate: 2/3
  • interval: 1/16
OFDM operating frequency 1395 MHz
Bandwidth 2.5 MHz
Input voltage 6-16 V
Power consumption of DVWTS-1100 up to 6W
Operating temperature -20°C to +70°C
Video analog input, composite (CVBS)
Audio stereo microphone input
Power output of the transceiver kit 100 mW
Input voltage 9-16 V
Power consumption up to 12 W
Operating temperature of the Transceiver kit for wireless video transmission - DVWTS-1100 -10°C to +50°C
Video analog input, composite (CVBS)
Audio stereo output
In box
In box
      Transceiver kit for wireless video transmission - DVWTS-1100 includes:
  • video transmitter + antenna
  • video receiver + antenna
  • Lithium polymer battery
  • Battery Charger

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