Perimeter alarm system Forteza FMC – effective protection of the area with remote control

The Perimeter alarm system that have been designed for perimeter protection enable quick and effective detection of people crossing the borders of the protected area. This solution is intended for protection of critical objects such as power plants, water supply plants, airports or other large public facilities as well as for securing industrial areas and private properties.

  • Work time

    Faultless operation time

    up to 8 years

  • Configuration

    Remote configuration


  • Protection system

    Protection system


  • Video player

    Range (depending on the model)

    up to 300 m

Principle of operation of the Perimeter alarm system Forteza FMC involves generating invisible detection zone and oval cross-section between the transmitter and the receiver. When an intruder crosses the detection zone, the receiver records a change in the detection zone and activates the alarm. The perimeter alarm system was designed in a way that simplifies starting and configuration of the system as much as possible without additional costs related to installation or periodic maintenance.

The use of new technological solutions, high quality of components and care for the quality with which all elements are made, ensure trouble-free operation time of the perimeter protection system projected for 8 years. The Forteza FMC Perimeter alarm system applies efficient algorithms for digital signal processing which help to obtain maximum resistance to interferences as well as high credibility an reliability of detection. The system is resistant to weather conditions and presence of plants or small animals.

The perimeter alarm offers wide possibilities of easy integration with a lot of modern protection systems. Standard transmitters, RS-485 protocol and USB interface are used to control the system and transmit alarm signals.

Distinguishing features of the Perimeter alarm system Forteza FMC:

  • easily accessible, efficient and universal microwave sensor system, simple to run in a variety of facilities
  • can be used in most countries without the need to obtain permits
  • minimizing influence of various types of interference including environmental ones - minimizing false alarms, the system is not sensitive to:
    • rain
    • snow
    • fog
    • icing
    • lightning
    • sunlight
    • electromagnetic fields up to 500kV/m
    • flora
    • presence of small animals (flying birds, rodents, cats, small dogs, etc.)
  • simplified configuration by means of controls on the transmitter and receiver without special preparation - a screwdriver is enough to make installation
  • very accurate configuration of sensors using software (Windows or Android) via USB or wirelessly via Bluetooth, or remotely via the RS-485 protocol - the ability to control the entire system from one place
  • the hardware and software using DSP guarantee high reliability and efficiency of detection while minimizing disruptions and unwanted alarms
  • high quality components and careful workmanship guarantee long-term trouble-free operation in difficult conditions
  • narrow, two-way detection zone for precise marking out the borders of the protected area
  • operating on independent channels enables creation of a multi-zone system - individual zones do not interfere with each other's work.

Basic configuration is very simple and can be made intuitively without the use of additional tools. Audible notifications inform the operator about the proper placement of the transmitter and receiver and their pairing. For advanced configuration, system tuning and testing its operation, you can use special software available for Windows and Android platform or with converters enabling connection of a PC, a phone and a tablet via USB (RS and RS-BL converter) or wirelessly via Bluetooth (RS-BL converter only).

Installation of the Perimeter alarm system

Converters are easy to use and connect, they give great control possibilities for individual sensor pairs in the perimeter protection system. Converters with wireless communication feature an increased operating range - up to 170 m, which significantly simplifies work of the operator while setting up and testing the sensors in separate zones. The FMC 24 system operates in the 24 GHz band and the FMC 10 system - in the 10 GHz band. Each of them is available in three versions operating at different distances. A great supplement to the FMC microwave barrier is the sensory cable system for fencing Fortez Tribo-S or Fortez Relief. The use of various peripheral protection technologies significantly increases the level of security.

­Specification of the Perimeter alarm system Forteza FMC
 FMC 24 - 100 mFMC 24 - 200 mFMC 24 - 300 m
24,050 - 24,250 GHz
10 - 100 m 10 - 200 m 10 - 300 m
< 1,5 m < 1,9 m < 2,1 m
< 1,6 m < 1,8 m < 1,8 m
-40 ... +65°C
NO/NC transmitter 100 ohm
RS485 / USB, RS485 / Bluetooth
100mA (Tx-45mA, Rx-55mA)
9...30 V DC
207×133×50 mm
 FMC 10 - 50 mFMC 10 - 100 mFMC 10 - 200 m
10,425 - 10,625 GHz
10 - 50 m 10 - 100 m 10 - 200 m
< 2 m < 3 m < 1 m
< 1,4 m < 1,6 m < 1,8 m
-40 ... +65°C
transmitter NO/NC 100 ohm
RS485 / USB, RS485 / Bluetooth
45mA (Tx-10mA, Rx-35mA)
9...30 V DC
207×133×50 mm
Forteza is a Lithuanian manufacturer of microwave and wired systems used to protect areas from intruders. They can supervise government or military buildings, an airport, power plants or a parking lot, but it can also be a company, a production or warehouse hall, as well as a private property. Their applications are wide, and the company takes care in designing security devices. Forteza's wired security system is a cable run along a mesh or fence around the area to be inspected. Even the slightest attempt to damage such a net or pass through it will be momentarily detected by the system, of which the user will be immediately notified, such as through information displayed on a computer, tablet or smartphone screen. The system's response is fully customizable and also allows for the automatic activation of an alarm signal, which should drive the intruder away. Installation, operation and setup of the company's devices is very simple and does not require advanced technical skills. The system is insensitive to weather conditions and has an estimated lifespan of up to 8 years.
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  • Perimeter alarm system Forteza FMC – effective protection of the area with remote control

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