UV Pen - a pen for marking objects and secret notes
UV Pen - a pen for marking objects and secret notes
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UV Pen - a pen for marking objects and secret notes

  • Invisible in daylight
  • Clearly visible under UV light
  • Ideal for marking objects
  • Making secret notes
  • Protection of confidential information

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UV Pen - a pen for marking objects and secret notes

The UV Pen is a perfect tool for protection of documents, discreet conveying of confidential information, or identification of marked objects.

The UV Pen is contains special ink invisible to the naked eye in normal light. It enables to place comments intended for a particular person in publicly available documents, marking objects and their later identification, and can serve as a great tool to have fun. All marks made with the pen are visible only in UV light emitted by a special UV lamp.

  • UV Pen
  • User manual


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  • UV Pen
  • User manual

Reviews (7)

By Dillon F.

Comment : the pen is efficient and available in reasonable price
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By Devon W.

Comment : WOW - this is what I expect a renowned detective store to have in its offer!
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By Shane P.

Comment : Cool and cheap product. I marked my cosmetics and I was right that my cousin was using them without asking!!!!
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By Edgar P.

Comment : I use it at work to make additional secret notes on some of the documents . Thanks to it I know that whoever looks at them will not see their extra content.
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By Courtney G.

Comment : Bought together with a UV lamp for my nephew and he was very pleased ( now he wants to become a detective one day…)
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By Wright P.

Comment : cheap & works
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By MAndy J.

Comment : Cheap gadget for spy gear lovers
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