Wifi spy camera - WiFi AC-T45 hidden in an EU-type AC adapter for discreet recording
Wifi spy camera - WiFi AC-T45 hidden in an EU-type AC adapter for discreet recording

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Wifi spy camera - WiFi AC-T45 hidden in an EU-type AC adapter for discreet recording

  • Live view on the surrounding
  • Unlimited operation time
  • Efficient codec H.264
  • Visual angle of the WiFi spy camera 80°
  • Storing on microSD cards of up to 64 GB

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WiFi AC-T45 - Wifi spy camera hidden in an AC adapter for discreet recording

WiFi spy camera AC-T45 hidden in the EU-type AC adapter is a professional device for monitoring the office, study room or a house. The secondary purpose of this device is to charge mobile devices via USB port.

  • Matrix

    Matrix of the WiFi spy camera


  • Video resolution



  • Live preview

    Live view


  • Unlimited work time

    Operation time of the WiFi spy camera


The WiFi spy camera AC-T45 is a perfect tool to be used for inconspicuous monitoring of the surrounding as the miniature lens of the camera has been hidden in the casing. The device can also charge smartphones via USB cable which provides additional camouflage to the real purpose of this spying device. The recorded footage can then be transmitted.

Advantages of the WiFi AC-T45 WiFi spy camera hidden in AC adapter

  • Nagrywanie po wykryciu ruchu

    Motion detection

    The device has a function that enables recording upon motion detection, very useful in particular when you want to monitor a room while being away. The detection function allows to safe time and memory on the microSD card for it starts recording when there is a motion detected in the camera angle view.

  • Storage on microSD/SDHC cards

    Storing on microSD cards

    Video footage recorded by the WiFi spy camera is stored on removable microSD cards with the capacity of up to 64 GB. Before the first use, the card should be formatted.

  • Live environment preview

    Live view

    The device features a WiFi module that enables real-time view on the surrounding thanks to a highly efficient codec H.264. If the image is blurry, change the resolution in the options of the program that came with the camera.

  • Compatible software

    Compatible software

    The WiFi spy camera comes with the software that enables to set-up functionality of the device and allows for the view display on the computer. In order to obtain the view via a mobile device, download a free application that is available for the devices supported by Android and iOS systems.

  • USB charger and power adapter

    Discreet video camera and USB adapter

    In addition to the WiFi spy camera function, the device can also be used as a network charger for mobile devices. Charging is done via the USB cable which needs to be plugged into the adapter, so that the video camera function remains hidden.


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Specification of the WiFi spy camera AC-T45 hidden in AC adapter
Viewing angle80°
Resolution of the WiFi spy camera720P/640P/320P
Sensitivity1 Lux
Material recordingmicroSD (TF) 64 GB card
Motion detection
  • yes
  • range in a straight line 6 m
Recording range of the WiFi spy camera5 m²
Power consumption240mA / 3,7V
PC operation system
  • Windows
  • Mac OS
GSM operation system
  • Android
  • iOS
Permissible humidity15-85%RH
Storage temperature of the WiFi spy camera-20°C ~ +80°C
Operating temperature-10°C ~ +60°C
  • adapter: 80×30 mm
  • plug 45×35mm


  • Wifi spy camera - WiFi AC-T45 hidden in an AC adapter for discreet recording
  • Software
  • User manual


Reviews (4)

By Colin G.

Comment : 4 from me with a clear conscience
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By Brayden B.

Comment : my man sometimes travel around Europe and was in need of AC adapter for his phone. As a good girlfriend that I am I bought him this special adapter. Now I can sleep like a baby as I have full control of what he's doing in his hotel room/
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By Adam R.

Comment : good idea but not compatible with British standards…
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By Landon B.

Comment : this brilliantly hidden spying camera is splendid. Has unlimited working time, provides you with live view, has wide viewing angle and micro sd card slot.It was a good choice.
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