AOR AR-8200 Mk3 professional wideband receiver
AOR AR-8200 Mk3 professional wideband receiver

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AOR AR-8200 Mk3 professional wideband receiver

  • Wideband handheld scanner
  • Operates in 0.53-3000 MHz band
  • High sensitivity and selectivity
  • Energy-saving – up to 16 h of continuous work
  • Supports dictaphones

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AOR AR-8200 Mk3 Professional wideband receiver

AOR AR-8200 Mk3 wideband receiver is one of the most advanced and functional devices among its kind available on the market. It has a variety of adjustable settings and can be additionally equipped with auxiliary modules in order to adjust it to different conditions.

The receiver works in a very wide band (0.53 – 3000 MHz), which guarantees stability and uninterrupted reception. Its exceptional sensitivity allows to to receive high-quality transmissions even when the signal is very weak, or its source very distant. AR-8200 Mk3 can store up to 1000 channels grouped in the memory bank. This function greatly facilitates the operation of the device, allowing to comfortable manage important frequencies and switch between transmitters rapidly.

The feature which makes the scanner stand out among other receivers is its support for frequency meters able to pinpoint any surveillance device in the scanner's vicinity. It can detect any radio transmission and send information about them directly to the receiver. We strongly recommend Aceco FC-3002 meter as a supplementary equipment for AR-8200 Mk3. In order to make the device even more comfortable it was equipped with a headphone jack, which can be also used to connect a voice recorder. It is possible to listen to a transmission in real time using headphones, and simultaneously record it on a removable memory card using a voice recorder. Every file will be archived for further use, such as being a demonstrative evidence.

The device is recommended for professionals, such as uniformed services (police, military, and border guards), detective agencies, or users who need advanced and reliable technology.

  • range

    Work time

    up to 60 h

  • power supply

    Power supply

    4 × AA batteries

    power unit 12 ÷ 16 VDC

  • range

    LCD display

  • range

    Frequency range

    0.53 – 3000 MHz



AOR, LTD is a company with many years' tradition, founded in 1978 with a registered seat in Tokio. AOR is a leading producer of communication receivers for photo-amateurs and professionals.. AOR is a rare type of producer of electronics who did not move his production to countries...


Specification of AOR AR-8200 Mk3 wideband receiver
Frequency range0.53 ÷ 3000 MHz
ModulationAM, WAM, NFM, FM, WFM, USB, LSB, CW
FiltersSSB, CW
Minimum frequency-tuning step50 Hz
Scan rate37 channels/sec
Memory channels1000
Memory banks20
  • keys
  • LCD display
Power supply
  • 4 × AA batteries
  • power unit 12 ÷ 16 VDC
Power consumption190 mA
Battery lifeup to 16 h
Operating temperature-5°C - 50°C
Antenna connectorBNC (50 ohm)
Dimensions143 × 61 × 39 mm
Weight200 g


0.5 - 1.93.5 µV--
1.9 - 302.5 µV--
30 - 4701.5 µV0.85 µV1.5 µV
470 - 1040-0.9 µV-
1040 - 2040-9 µV-
2040 - 3000-25 µV-


3KHZ / -6DB9kHz / -6dB12kHz / -6dB150kHz / -3dB
9KHZ / -40DB20kHz / -40dB25kHz / -40dB360kHz / -20dB


AR-8200 Mk3 scanner

  • Charger
  • Cigarette lighter plug
  • UKF telescopic antenna
  • Strap clip
  • Hand strap
  • Four AA rechargeable battery
  • English user manual

Optional equipment

  • Voice inverter card (analogue)
  • CTCSS card squelch & search
  • Tone eliminator
  • Chip card for audio playing and recording
  • Optional memory card 4000
  • Scanner cable
  • Cloning cable
  • Car antenna for wideband receivers
  • DA3000 base antenna
  • SA7000 base antenna
  • LA380 desktop antenna
  • Airband filter for greater selectivity
  • Carry case


  • Bateria AA Duracell
    Duracell AA battery
    • AA battery
    • Alkaline battery
    • Manufacturer: Duracell
    • Ideal for everyday use
    • 8 times longer lasting than Zn-C batteries
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Reviews (3)

By Ioan S.

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By Rowan W.

Comment : My opinion?: wide band, highly sensitive, capacious memory. The price however may be off-putting.
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By Rhys H.

Comment : I have to admit that I am impressed that you have not only widely available spying equipment that can be used by everybody but also specialized gear dedicated to advanced users like this wideband receiver.
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