UBC125XLT Uniden professional broadband scanner (CB Radio, AIR, UHF, VHF)
UBC125XLT Uniden professional broadband scanner (CB Radio, AIR, UHF, VHF)

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UBC125XLT Uniden professional broadband scanner (CB Radio, AIR, UHF, VHF)

  • UBC125XLT has 10 memory banks
  • Close Call RF function
  • CB Radio, FM radio stations, airline frequency bands
  • Clear, backlit LCD screen
  • Scanning speed 300 steps/sec

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Uniden UBC125XLT professional broadband scanner (CB Radio, AIR, UHF, VHF) for jaournalists and detectives

Uniden UBC125XLT is a broadband frequency scanner which enables listening to frequencies in the range of 25-960 MHz such as airline, police and rescue teams’ frequency bands and CB radio frequencies in AM modulation.

  • Supported channels

    Supported channels

    25-88 MHz

    108-174 MHz

    400-512 MHz

  • Power Supply

    Power Supply of the Uniden UBC125XLT

    3 × battery AA

    3 x battery Ni-MH

    USB port

  • Scan Rate

    Scan Rate

    300 steps/sec

  • Audio slot

    Audio slot


The scanner Uniden UBC125XLT is equipped with a headphone slot which enables precise and inconspicuous listening via headphones. You can also connect a voice recorder and take voice memos.

Uniden UBC125XLT broadband scanner has been made of the best components. It operates in AM frequency range which enables listening to CB radio frequencies. The device also enables listening to radio communication between the police, fire brigade and other services, as well as PMR channels and private communication (wireless phones), which makes work of a private detective or a journalist much more effective.

Key features of the broadband scanner Uniden UBC125XLT

  • Close Call

    Close Call

    This function enables you to search for the nearest transmissions during the main scanning and simultaneous listening to radio transmissions on two frequencies.

  • Close call Temporary store

    Close Call Temporary store

    You can scan simultaneously main pre-programmed frequencies and 10 temporary frequencies.

  • Filter


    Triple filter eliminates any potential distortions of the listened signal.

  • Tax Tagging

    Tax Tagging

    Memory of the receiver can save 10 main channels and 50 secondary channels for each of the main one. It can also tag each channel with a unique name containing maximum 16 characters.

  • Power Supply

    Power Supply of the Uniden UBC125XLT

    The frequency scanner can be powered by removable rechargeable batteries or disposable AA batteries, as well as directly via the adapter or a USB cable connected to the computer. The user is informed about a low battery status by an appropriate notice displayed on the screen.

  • Tax Tagging

    Decoding CTCSS and DCS

    The broadband scanner Uniden is able to automatically recognise encoded transmissions and read the CTCSS and DSC codes which are presented in the screen.

Frequency scanners in the light of law regulations



Uniden is a Japanese brand founded in 1966 in Tokio . Development-orientation, constant widening of the business activity range and high class of its products resulted in growing group of followers all over the world, especially in the USA, Europe and Australia. Uniden is one of...


Specification of broadband frequency scanner Uniden UBC125XLT
Frequency ranges (bandplan)
  • 25-88 MHz
  • 108-174 MHz
  • 225-512 MHz
  • 806-960 MHz
Scanning speed of the Uniden UBC125XLT100 / 300 steps per second
Memory10 folders/ 50 channels each
Variable search step5, 6.25, 8.33, 10, 12.5, 20 kHz
Antenna impedance24 ohm
Resistance to IF signals (at 453,25 MHz)80 dB
Internal speaker of the Uniden UBC125XLT
  • internal speaker - 360mW nominally (24ohm)
  • headphones (L-ch) - 4mW nominally (32ohm)
Audio output24 ohm, 0.8W Max
Power supply
  • 2 × AA battery
  • 2 × Ni-MH AA battery
  • computer USB port
Audio output
  • internal speaker: 0,8 W / 24Ω
  • headphones: 4mW /32Ω
Built-in socket
  • antenna: BNC
  • headphone: jack 3,5 mm
  • USB 5-pin Mini USB B Type
Operation temperature-10°C do +50°C
Dimensions of the Uniden UBC125XLT67 × 33 × 115 mm
Weight205 g


  • Broadband frequency scanner Uniden UBC125XLT
  • Antenna
  • AA batteries 2×2300mAh
  • USB cable
  • AC adapter 230V
  • Belt clip
  • User manual


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