Child in the Web – technology in the service of safety

­Child in the Web – technology in the service of safety

Every wise and responsible parent knows that health and safety of their children in the real and virtual world is the highest priority. Nowadays, when there are more and more threats, our children are exposed to many potential dangers. Something bad can happen to them at home, on the way to school, while being at school, playing outside, browsing the Internet and so on. Child in the Web is not only exposed to dangers lurking in the cyberspace as technology is all around us at all times. However technology itself may also do good. Detective Store wants to address parental issues so we have prepared a guide on child safety. You can learn how technology can help you protect your children from dangers in the Web and outside of it.

The youngest ones

Every parent deserves moments of peace and quiet, it is almost impossible to look after children and do something else at the same time. There is a risk that if you go away just for a second your child may get hurt. Here our GosCam 8209JA digital wireless baby monitor may be of considerable help.

Wireless monitor

Cam for remote baby monitoring GosCam 8209JA

Why GosCam?

It is a perfect device for baby monitoring consisting of a camera and receiver that work via wireless Wi-Fi connection. Maximum signal transmission range is 300 m so you can do some gardening and observe your baby at the same time! Brand-new parents would give everything for a peaceful sleep and with GosCam you can observe your child even at night! No need to stare at the screen the whole time. It detects your baby’s cry and alarms you. You can also attach additional cameras to have full view of the nursery room. The battery life is up to 5 hours.

Babysitter control

If there are no grandparents around and you have nobody to leave your child with you are compelled to hire a babysitter. You need to have in mind threats resulting from leaving your beloved baby with a stranger in your house. Lately the Internet is full of sad news and drastic videos of nannies taking not good care of the children. Hitting, using force, imposing corporal punishment or even kidnapping – these may happen to your child, so you shouldn’t be ignorant!

This is utterly horrifying thus Detective Store decided to help parents in providing safety to their children and protecting them from dishonest babysitters. Our ideal solution are Internet-accessible IP cameras that monitor your child’s surroundings in real time!

  • Zalety kamery w budziku

    ALC-T11 HD IP Camera

    One of this type of devices is ALC-T11 HD IP camera for wireless environment surveillance hidden in an alarm clock. Its design makes the camera practically invisible for other people. The most important features of this device are:

ALC-T11 HD IP camera

  • Global reach – you can connect with the DVR camera from anywhere on Earth over the Internet.
  • Unlimited working time – permanent power supply guarantees unlimited working time, so surveillance can be carried out 24 hours a day.
  • Discreet recording – the motion activated recording function enables recording only the significant moments.
  • Dedicated software – no need to have computer with you, now you can monitor the babysitter using your smartphone or tablet!

Such devices help you react instantly in case of any threat. If you see that something alarming is taking place and you are away on a business trip or vacation, call the police, security or a family member. Your children will be safe and gathered data stored on SD cards or FTP server may later be used as proof of evidence in court. That is how technology can help you protect your children!

Way to school, being at school and playing outside

Sole information on your children whereabouts does not protect them from all dangers. Except for kidnapping, contact with paedophiles or forcing your children to racism and hate speech, they may also be threatened with assaults, using alcohol and drugs, car accidents and other injuries. Some of these potential problems may be eliminated in initial stage provided you are prepared for such possibilities. Depending on your child’s age, we have in offer two great devices for child monitoring.

GPS V-88 tracker for the suffering from Alzheimer is an ideal tool for localizing children as well as the elderly people, suffering from severe illnesses such as Alzheimer. Thanks to an option called GPSTrace you can easily trace the track of your loved ones.

Wristwatch tracker

GPS V-88 tracker for children and eldery monitoring

Why this device?

It is made of high quality and well tested materials. Moreover it looks like a normal watch with a GPS module built in. The high quality components, which the GPS V-88 tracker is made of, allow you to work in hard environmental conditions such as humidity up to 95%. The shape and form of the watch provide a comfortable use and there is a slight chance of loosing it. Due to its easily accessible functionality even an older person is able to use it without problems.

Professional phone monitoring app Spyphone Android Pro

Spyphone android proThe solution to your problems is Spy Phone Android Pro mobile phone eavesdropping program. This program is designed for older children who already use a mobile phone themselves and especially if they use it to visit websites. You can read about other phones used to monitor your child outside the home on our blog - new phone models for child safety. The Spy Phone app is designed to provide maximum functionality while remaining undetectable.

  • Eavesdropping on chats - conversations conducted via internet communicators
  • GPS localization - precise location tracking allows you to find your child or (stolen/lost) phone with up to 5m accuracy.
  • Backup all media stored on your phone, call and SMS history.
  • SpyPhone Android Pro is able to record calls using the phone from which the call is made. Can record the call using the integrated microphone.

This program will be the perfect solution for teens who desire a higher-end phone. The product is worth considering because the Android Pro app is absolutely discreet, it has many features that will ensure safety. The application does not slow down the work of the phone, on the contrary, it imperceptibly monitors the child's activity on the network.

Digital word – child in the Web

Threats lurk not only in the real world but also in the virtual one – the popular World Wide Web. Children are the most exposed group as they can unconsciously make some mistakes. They might be victims of fraudsters, money or information swindlers and others. They may become the target of hate speech what can have negative influence on their psyche. To protect children from dangerous websites and other online threats Detective Store presents devices for extensive child computer monitoring.

Spylogger Pro Cloud is a specialized software with many useful functions that gathers data from a computer. It provides full control and functionality. Features of popular apps for parental control are very limited, they cannot track which website your children visit or what programs they use. With this program your child is safe on the net.

Spylogger Pro Cloud is the most advanced version, what can it do?

It gathers all information from a computer. Each key stroke is stored and accompanying screenshot generated. All data can be sent to an earlier defined e-mail box. Keylogger logs all data, each www address, every piece of information from chats and communicator conversations and guarantees access to information from social media portals.

This is a powerful tool. Except for gathering and storing all information it can also record sounds of the surroundings through the built-in microphone. It has been highly recommended by our users, mainly due to the fact that it is untraceable both for the computer user and antivirus programs.

You have to remember that in the law spying on somebody without their consent is a crime. You need to inform them about possibility of being listened to prior to commencing this kind of activity. It does not pertain to parental control of children in the Web.

Unfortunately these are only some dangers that your child may encounter online. You should be aware of all possible threats and how to defend yourself and your family from them.

Detective Store has long-standing experience in providing extensive help to parents. Child safety is of highest priority for us and we always support our clients with tailored solutions and valuable pieces of advice.