Covert Extreme Black 60 camera trap with free configuration Movie
Covert Extreme Black 60 camera trap with free configuration

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Covert Extreme Black 60 camera trap with free configuration

  • 12 Mpix image sensor – high quality of image
  • Recording of the ambient sounds
  • PIR sensor with sensitivity regulation
  • Waterproof case
  • Weather resistant camera trap

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Camera trap Extreme Black 60

Covert Extreme Black 60 is an advanced, wireless camera trap, designed for conducting prolonged external monitoring in bad weather conditions, during day and night time. This camera trap is a perfect solution for property supervision (house, shop or a construction site).

  • Work time

    Work time

    up to 6 months


  • Power supply

    Data storage

    SD cards

  • ASF


    photo - JPG

    video - AVI

  • Motion

    Password protection

Covert Extreme Black 60 wireless camera trap has a solid casing which protects the appliance from water and bad weather conditions. It can operate in wide scope of temperatures. The external monitoring is powered by AA batteries (you can use 4, 8 or 12 batteries – recommended) or by an optional solar battery.

Extreme Black 60 camera trap's casing is waterproof and solid. The camouflage ensures that it will be discreetly hidden after installation using straps or optional clamps.

Covert Extreme Black 60 is a perfect wireless external monitoring for operation in the field. It can be used for wildlife observation. Long battery life, ability to use solar power supply resistance to bad weather conditions, recording in day and night time and various modes of operation – these are the chief assets of this model.

  • For our clients we offer a free configuration service and full service and technical support during the life of the device. To get a fully configured phototrap enter in order comment password „CONFIGURATION” or contact with our Service:

    Detective Store - Service
    Phone: (44) 020 3290 1199

Usage of the Covert® Extreme Black 60 camera trap for external monitoring

  • In forest engineering – monitoring of animals, protection against poachers
  • observation of flora and fauna
  • building security – properties, garages, construction sites, warehouses, fish ponds, churches, parks
  • supervision over military areas, training grounds
  • protection against devastation of buildings

Advantages of Covert Extreme Black 60 camera trap

  • Recording schedule


    Covert Extreme Black 60, with 12 Mpx resolution and very high sensitivity, allows to make photos and video recordings in high quality.

  • Effective ir illuminator


    This wireless monitoring camera trap is equipped with an illuminator built of 60 IR diodes, working in the band not visible to human eye. The scouting camera trap works in total darkness with an effective range of 12 meters.

  • Built-in microphone


    A sensitive microphone captures sounds in the device's vicinity. They are recorded simultaneously with video material.

  • Recordings' overwriting


    The function of overwriting the recordings, after the memory is full, replaces older files with current recordings.

  • Energy saving


    Covert Extreme Black 60 camera trap is regulated by a motion sensor in PIR technology (3-level sensitivity regulation) which reacts to heat. When a human or an animal is within the field of vision of the device, the camera trap is switched on. This type of sensors are used in alarm systems and lighting regulation due to their energy saving property, efficiency and range of detection.

  • Variable work modes


    Each time the camera trap is activated, depending on mode, a series of 1-3 photos is taken or a video (5 to 60s length) is recorded. It is possible to set a delay of 5s – 60mins between subsequent activations to avoid taking same photos. It can also work continuously – the photos are taken with a given frequency (5s to 60 minutes), depending on the fact if a live object is within the field of vision of the camera (useful for shop or house supervision).

    • photo – activation causes taking a series of 1-3 photo
    • video – recording a video of 5 – 60s length after activation by a motion sensor
    • schedule – specific hours of scouting camera's activation
    • time mode – photos made cyclically (5s to 60mins)
  • Recording schedule


    You can define specific hours in which recording of the surroundings is performed, e.g. for house monitoring, fish pond supervision.

  • Recording schedule


    6 months of work in standby mode (12 AA batteries).

  • Very quick release


    Immediate time of triggering the external monitoring of the camera trap – up to 1,2 seconds.

  • Recording schedule


    A video file may have a date and time of recording stamp, temperature of surrounding and current moon phase.

  • Color LCD screen


    All the operation mode settings can be set in an easy way from the menu displayed on the LCD screen. The screen allows also to view video and photos.

  • microSD


    All the information collected by the camera trap is recorded on an SD card (up to 32 GB capacity)

  • Convenient powering options


    The device can be conveniently powered from three available sources, such as:

    • batteries – 4, 8 or 12 AA batteries (regular or rechargeable)
    • power adapter
    • solar charger
  • Different resolutions


    Available video resolutions: 1080P 1920 × 1080, 720P 1280 × 720, WVGA 800×480 and photo resolutions: 2048 × 1536, 2560 × 1920, 264 × 2448, 4032 × 3024.

  • Different resolutions


    Included software makes the configuration of the device easier. All you need to do is connect the scouting camera through a USB interface to a computer and perform the changes.

  • Installation settings


    Assembly straps make the installation easier, on every surface and in every conditions.

  • Waterproof casing


    A protection of the module against mechanical damage and bad weather conditions (rain, fog, humidity).

Product video


Covert Scouting Cameras (CSC)

CSC Covert Scouting Cameras was established in 2008 , quickly gaining a number of satisfied customers and a very good international reputation.CSC is a technological leader in the field of outdoor cameras. They manufacture professional camera traps along with a range of...


Specification of Covert Extreme Red 60 camera trap
1 file size 2 adjustable power 3 12 × AA battery
Image sensorCMOS 12 MPX
Focal length3 m to infinity
Exposure time of the camera trapauto
White balanceauto
Automatic IR filteryes
Photo resolution 1
  • 3 MP - 2048 × 1536
  • 5 MP - 2560 × 1920
  • 8 MP - 3264 × 2448
  • 12 MP - 4032 × 3024
Photo formatJPG
Video resolution and recording speed
  • 1080P 1920 × 1080 (about 70 MB / 1 min)
  • 720P 1280 × 720 (about 70 MB / 1 min)
  • WVGA 800 × 480 (about 30 MB / 1 min)
Video formatAVI (MJPG)
Displaycolor LCD 2"
IR illuminator
  • yes
  • 60 diodes
  • invisible for human
Illuminator range9m / 18m 2
PIR sensor
  • adjustable sensitivity
  • 3 levels
Sensors rangeup to 25 m
Sensor FOV52°
Programmable time of sensors' hibernation1 s - 60 min
Activation timeup to 1,2 s
Data savingreplaceable SD cards, up to 32 GB
Power supply of the camera trap
  • 4, 8 or 12 AA batteries
  • solar charger
  • power pack
Work timestandby: up to 6 months 3
Interfacemini USB
Markers in the recording
  • date and time
  • temperature
  • moon phase
Number of photosup to 10000
Work temperature-25°C ~ +50°C
Allowed humidity5% - 95%


  • Covert Extreme Black 60 trail camera for animals monitoring
  • USB cable
  • Mounting strap with buckle
  • Software
  • User's manual
  • Warranty - 12 months


Reviews (7)

By Alexis C.

Comment : great equipment but could be cheaper though!
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By Conner S.

Comment : comprehensive prtoduct which features can be extended by additional accessories. I bnought the solar panel to prolong its operating time .
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By Ivan W.

Comment : Has all features that a reliable cam of this type shuld have got: long working time, sd cards slot, password protection, waterproofness, IR illuminator, PIR motion sensor, and last but definitely not least excellent image quality. You may find chepaer products but if you go for quality choose this Cover Extreme Black and you won't be dissapointed
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By Mitchell P.

Comment : Clear images thanks to 12mpx. It is realy water resistant and protected by password so can only be operated by authorized users, big plus!
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By Lucas L.

Comment : works perfectly, good camouflage and solid construction
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By Mr. Jordan W.

Comment : long time of operation
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By James W.

Comment : long time of operation
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