­Encrypted mobile phone - XCell Dynamic IMEI V3 for anti interception

Encrypted mobile phone- Xcell Dynamic IMEI V3 is a professional tool for encrypted conversations thanks to a dnamic IMEI function. The device provides safety and maximum discretion of your conversations.


The Encrypted mobile phone- Xcell Dynamic IMEI is completely free from localization or phone calls interception thanks to the dynamic IMEI function. XCell Dynamic IMEI is able to detect any changes made by a GSM interceptor on a GSM network, in order to register or attract the phone on the fake network (GSM Interceptor Proximity Alert). Phone registration on a new BTS (the fake BTS generated by a GSM interceptor). The cell phone automatically chooses the most powerful GSM signal, which is generated by the interceptor during interception. GSM interceptors (active and semi active ones) make the cell phone handover by suppressing the real network signal with a powerful signal. The other parametersare also mimicked such as: MCC, MNC and LAC. Moreover, ARFCN (communication pair channels) and Cell Phone ID are also changed . XCell Basic v2 detects these changes and a discrete open lock icon will be displayed on the home screen. Same open discrete lock icon will be displayed on active call, in case of call interception (Call Interception Alert).

Encrypted mobile phone - XCell Dynamic IMEI V3 for anti interception has two operation modes:

Hunting mode

This model is able to detect and hunt GSM interceptors. The device is looking for GSM interceptors in real time. The user is constantly informed about the passive, active or semi active interceptions in a form of alerts. In order to switch into Hunting mode operation please go to Extra menu > enter password > A5 tracer > A5 change alert > uncheck HandOff option by checking any other alerting option.

Anti Interception mode

In this mode any sms messages will be be blocked in case of detecting a possible interception threat. To activate Anti Interception mode operation please go to Extra menu > enter password > A5 tracer > A5 change alert > check HandOff option. After that any conversation will be stopped.

The features of the Encrypted mobile phone – Xcell Dynamic IMEI v3 for anti interception

Dynamic IMEI

    Dynamic IMEI feature has four options:
  • The IMEI is always random: The IMEI of the phone is always different, whenever it is demanded by the GSM network or GSM Interceptor. IMEI will very in case call as well as SMS.
  • Random on first request: The IMEI of the phone will be different if the SIM card is inserted for the first time, and when the phone details are required by the GSM network. In this mode the phone IMEI is different only once. Then, for all inquiries IMEI sent by the network, phone will give out in a network this IMEI.
  • The IMEI is determined by the user: Phone IMEI can be manually determined by the user.
  • Stay original: Phone IMEI will always remain original.

A5 tracer (GSM Interceptor Proximity Alert and Call Interception Alert)

GSM Interceptor Proximity Alert– An open lock icon will be displayed by the phone an it will warn you by sound alarm and vibration. The same warning icon will be displayed while inteception will be carried out by the GSM provider (network operator).

Call Interception Alert - The phone open lock icon will be displayed during the call. The icon indicates that your calls and messages are no longer protected by GSM A5/1 encryption as usual and your phone vulnerable for active interception.


This feature aims at informing you about an abnormal number of GSM network re-registration requests. GSM intercetors can make such requests in order to determine your current location and get more details. The user is always alerted if the ping from the GSM network is detected.

Channel lock

This option enables protection from particular GSM channel number.


This option prevents your cell phone to be allocated.

Clear call log

This option allows to block the incomming or outcomming call details, which can be useful for the GSM interceptors. All of the call logs are automatically deleted.


The outgoing and incomming calls are automatically recorded and protected from the access of the third party. These recordings may serve as evidence in the future.

The main improvements Xcell Dynamic IMEI v3 in comparison to v2 version:

  • Added Anti Interception function,
  • Improved GSM interceptor/IMSI catcher detection algorithm (cryptoTracerⒸ) based on the latest developments and achievements,
  • Better management of location tracking pings,
  • Location spoofing has been improved with neighboring cell towers monitoring,
  • GSM Interceptor Proximity Alert has been updated,
  • Errors generated by TMSI allocation have been suppressed,
Specification of the Encrypted mobile phone - XCell Dynamic IMEI V3
  XCell Dynamic IMEI v3
X-cell Technologies
X-Cell Technologies specializes in anti-eavesdropping stealth phones for discreet conversations
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