Discreet, wireless wiretap GSM - M90 / GF-07
Discreet, wireless wiretap GSM - M90 / GF-07

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Discreet, wireless wiretap GSM - M90 / GF-07

  • Long operation time
  • GSM wiretap - phone call
  • Small and discreet
  • Simple use
  • SIM card - no SimLock

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Discreet, miniature, wireless GSM wiretap - M90

GSM wiretaps are devices which use GSM technology. GSM network allows for envoronment wiretapping from any place in the world. Miniature wiretapping can be ideally suited to the oversight office, a car, an apartment or even a room in a nursing home.

M90 is a miniature GSM wiretap enabling wiretapping through the telephone connection. The great sound quality is provided by a sensitive, internal microphone, which picks up sounds at a distance from 5 - 6 meters.

Thanks to miniaturization and GSM technologies, a wiretap M90 is an ideal tool to check the loyalty of your partner and the safety of your child or an elderly person.

The advantages of GSM M90 wiretap

  • Global range

    Wiretap with a global range

    Listening to the sounds which surround M90 wiretap is possible thanks to the GSM network. The sim card of any operator should be placed in the device. Listening takes place after the connection to the SIM card placed inside the M90.

  • Real time wiretap

    Real time wiretapping!

    GSM network provides wiretapping "in real time" from any place in the world. Built-in microphone allows for sounds wiretapping. For examples you can wiretap from a car or in a small room.

  • Long operation time

    Long operation time

    GSM wiretap is equipped with accumulator either Li-Ion 1200mA or 6000mAh, which allows for 8-12 hours or 24-40 hours of continous wiretapping. In contrast the sleeping mode of the device varies between 12 and 14 day or 36-42 days. Providing power supply guarantees unlimited time of wiretapping.


Internal SIM card needs to have a power supply, and should not have a PIN code.


Spy Shop

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Specyfication of GSM M-90 wiretap
Supported GSM bands850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Power supply
  • accumulator Li-Ion 1200mAh, or 6000mAh, 3,7V
  • optional powerpack USB DC 5V, 1000mA
Operation time
  • continuous operation (wiretap): 8-12 h - 1200mAh
  • continuous operation (wiretap): 24-36 h - 40000mAh
  • in sleeping mode: up to 14 days - 1200mAh
  • in sleeping mode: up to 42 days - 40000mAh
  • with power supply: unlimited
Size56 × 34,4 × 12,5 mm
Weight30 g


  • Miniature wiretap GSM M90
  • USB wire
  • User manual


  • Uniwersalny zasilacz sieciowy USB
    Universal USB AC adapter
    • Universal USB AC adapter
    • Standard connector
    • Allows you to connect a USB cable
    • Direct connection of the USB interface
    • AC power: 110 - 240 V
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Reviews (5)

By Hamza G.

Comment : A word of advice from me: Choose the bigger battery , price is not much higher and you gain extra operation time
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By Emmanuel B.

Comment : not much bigger than a coin & can be hidden almost everywhere
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By Aidan D.

Comment : I have leanred that GSM wiretaps are the best as they can work everywhere and you can listen in on somebody in real time - a very useful option
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By Kyle M.

Comment : Got one in my living room and can monitor what's going on when Iam at work, thanks store ! V!
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By Ella K.

Comment : very small what makes it very discreet
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