DVR-308A professional audio recorder with a microphone
DVR-308A professional audio recorder with a microphone

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DVR-308A professional audio recorder with a microphone

  • Wireless digital microphone
  • 8 GB of memory – up to 555 hours of recording
  • Voice activated recording
  • Clear LCD display
  • Three recording modes

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DVR-308A professional audio recorder with a wireless microphone

DVR-308A audio recorder is equipped with a built-in radio receiver, making it a new standard for discreet voice recording. This professional voice recorder with a wireless microphone can be easily operated thanks to its convenient LCD display and many additional features, such as an MP3 player or a FM radio receiver.

  • Work time

    Frequency range

    30Hz ~ 24kHz

  • WAV

    Sound format


  • Earphones

    Power supply of the audio recorder


  • Microphone range

    Microphone range

    up to 10 m

DVR-308A professional audio recorder is a high-tech device able to facilitate discreet recording due to direct communication with a miniature microphone. This top quality recording device can also double as a a radio receiver and a multimedia player.

To use the wireless microphone, simply switch it on, and connect the included headphone set to the audio recorder's main module – it will act as an antenna. Choosing wireless recording mode causes the professional recorder to automatically connect with the microphone using radio waves. DVR-308A audio recorder can be also used as a standard flash drive after connecting it to a PC. It greatly facilitates file managing.

Advantages of DVR-308A digital audio recorder

  • Microphone

    Sensitive wireless microphone

    Small (only 45 × 25 × 11mm + telescopic antenna 130 mm) wireless microphone enables sound transmission in a 100 m range (depending on weather conditions, housing type and density), which makes it possible to discreetly leave the voice recorder in a monitored room and remotely record all the sounds intercepted by the wireless microphone (simultaneous listening in on recorded sounds is also possible).

  • Built-in microphone

    Built-in microphone

    Professional audio recorder DVR-308A is also equipped with its own built-in microphone to be used in a standard way.

  • Voice activated recording

    Voice activated recording

    Voice activated recording mode with a sensitivity adjustment not only facilitates playing recorded files but also saves the audio recorder's memory. In this mode, the professional recorder starts to record only if the sound intensity reaches a certain threshold (both silence and noise are omitted).

  • Long standby time

    Three recording modes

    Professional Audio Recorder DVR-308A offers 3 recording modes, varying in quality of sound. Depending on their requirements, the user can choose from high quality, standard quality and low quality recording (best for prolonged recording).

  • Built-in memory

    Built-in 8 GB memory

    8 GB memory enables sound recording for long periods of time (from 92 to 555 hours depending on the user's settings).

  • LCD

    Convenient LCD dispaly

    Moreover, DVR-308A is easy and intuitive to use. All information are displayed on the LCD screen, while function buttons make it easier to change recording parameters, play recorded files or listen to the radio.

  • LCD

    Long battery life

    The professional audio recorder is powered by a Li-Poly rechargeable battery, which allows it to work for as long as 350 hours when fully charged. Wireless microphone is also powered by a built-in rechargeable battery (lasting for about 3 hours of continuous work). Additionally, the device can be powered via USB port (connected to a computer or a DC adapter), thus allowing it to record or play sound files for an unlimited period of time.

  • Power supply

    Convenient power supply

    The DVR-308A Professional audio recorder can be powered by:

    • built-in Li-Poly 1500 mAh rechargeable battery
    • USB port
    • DC adapter
  • MP3

    Additional functions

    The DVR-308A Professional Audio Recorder a variety of additional functions and accessories, which makes it even more convenient to use. These are:

    • built-in FM radio – 87 - 108 MHz range
    • MP3 player – to play music and mp3 files
    • earphones - integrated with wireless microphone antenna
    • speaker – to listen to the wireless microphone feed


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Specification of DVR-308A professional audio recorder
1 adjustable sensitivity (0-10) 2 bit rate, sampling, quality 3 recording starts right after connecting the device 4 voice recorder / wireless microphone
Built-in memory8 GB
External memory of the audio recorder
  • LP - 555 h
  • SP (wireless) - 138 h
  • HP - 92 h
Voice activated recordingyes 1
Recording scheduleno
Built-in microphone
  • mono
  • range up to 10 m
Bandwidth30 Hz ~ 24 kHz
Saving formatWAV
Recording modes of the professional recorder 2
  • LP: 32 kbit/s, 8 kHz, 4 bit
  • SP (wireless): 128 kbit/s, 16 kHz, 4 bit
  • HP: 192 kbit/s, 48 kHz, 4 bit
Analogue-to-digital converter4 bit
Power supply of the audio recorder
  • built-in Li-Poly 1500 mAh rechargeable battery
  • DC 5V/1A USB power unit 3
Battery operation time
  • continuous recording 4: 350h / 3h
  • standby in voice activated recording mode: 25 days
Charging timeup to 5.5 h
Build-in speaker
  • yes
  • user can simultaneously listen to the recorded files
  • yes
  • integrated with the antenna of the wireless microphone
Additional functions
  • calendar
  • time display
  • built-in FM radio (87-108 MHz range)
Interface of the audio recorderPC USB 2.0 High Speed
Supported operating systems
  • Windows ME
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • MAC OS
  • Linux
  • voice recorder - 110 × 35 × 13.5 mm
  • wireless microphone: 45 × 25 × 11 mm + telescopic antenna 130 mm
Weight57 g


  • DVR-308A professional audio recorder
  • Wireless microphone
  • USB cable
  • User manual

Reviews (5)

By Alfred P.

Comment : This is not just a simple voice recorder but also an fm radio and mp3 player aslo no need to bother with batteries as here it's rechargeable
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By Aidan D.

Comment : Device for more demanding users, not amateurs. Only minus is the WAV format as recordings take more space than mp3, however 8 GB is still a lot
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By Zoe G.

Comment : Multifunctional!!!
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By Imogen C.

Comment : Brilliant stuff for £ 100 only! Very happy with it
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By Brandon W.

Comment : I saw many more expensive recorders with much poorer package so I went with this one (DVR-308A). I think this wireless microphone can record even from a greater distance than 100m, I tested it in some crazy situations and always very pleased with the sound quality.
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