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Shtora - Protection against emission of classified information

The Shtora mobile system by Selcom Security is designed to effectively protect sensitive data from uncontrolled emission. By emitting electromagnetic noise in the range from 0.1 to 2500 MHz, the device blocks transmission from elements that may cause information leakage.

Of the many forms of surveillance, one of the most dangerous is the interception of the so-called electromagnetic radiation emitted by every electronic device. With the use of specialised tools this radiation produced by e.g. computers can be intercepted from a distance of few hundred meters. After processing and filtering it is possible to read data like the text displayed on a monitor. Particularly vulnerable to this form of attack are government institutions and large companies, whose stored data is of great value to economic criminals.

With these entities in mind, the Shtora system developed by Russian company Selcom Security was created. The device hidden in an inconspicuous mobile bag protects against uncontrolled leakage of important information. The device is a broadband generator that emits electromagnetic noise in the range from 0.1 to 2500 MHz (depending on the version) with a maximum power of 35W.

Key features of the Sthora system

  • Protection against data leakage

    Protection against data leakage

    Electromagnetic noise blocks the transmission of signals emitted by remote radio controllers and also prevents the interception of electromagnetic radiation.

  • 4 wersje do wyboru

    4 versions to choose from

    The system is available in three variants that differ in the operating frequency range:

    • Shtora-1: 0,1 - 1500 MHz
    • Shtora-3: 0,1 - 2000 MHz
    • Shtora-4: 0,1 - 2500 MHz
  • Mobility and discretion

    Mobility and discretion

    Robust metal housing provides durability and good heat dissipation. The system is hidden in a handy bag, which facilitates transport and camouflages the purpose of the device.

­Shtora anti-surveillance system specification
 Shotra 1Shotra 3Shotra 4
0,1 - 1500 MHz 0,1 - 2000 MHz 0,1 - 2500 MHz
up to 25 W up to 30 W up to 35 W
max. 100 W
220×135×135 mm
up to 6 kg up to 4 kg
In box
In box
  • Shotra system (as selected)
  • Power supply
  • User manual

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