Long-range thermal imaging bi-ocular - Armasight Helios HD
Long-range thermal imaging bi-ocular - Armasight Helios HD

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Long-range thermal imaging bi-ocular - Armasight Helios HD

  • Very efficient both during the day and at night
  • FLIR thermal imaging sensor
  • Resolution of Long-range thermal imaging bi-ocular: 324×256
  • Lens: 100 mm or 75 mm
  • 10 years warranty on FLIR detector

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Long-range thermal imaging bi-ocular Armasight Helios HD

Armasight Helios HD is a thermal imaging bi-ocular based on advanced construction and newest technological solutions. It was designed with long-range observation and thermographic reconnaissance in mind (10× or 12× lenses).

  • Work time

    Battery life

    ~3h (20°C)

  • Video resolution

    Video output


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Helios HD bi-ocular is recommended for professionals (soldiers, border guards, security guards), who need the most advanced technology. Ergonomic design of Helios HD binocular enables long-term observations and its two lenses enhance depth perception while distance assessment.

The Armasight Helios HD bi-ocular design is based on a non-cooled microbolometer core Tau2 from FLIR (a leader in thermal imaging technology). The core is covered by the producer's warranty for a period of 10 years. The thermal imaging technology is based on the phenomenon of thermal radiation, i.e. the fact that every object emits thermal radiation in infrared wavelengths, which can be subsequently analysed in order to precisely measure the temperature of the object even from a very long distance. Spatial distribution of temperatures is subsequently used to generate the proper thermal image. The microbolometer core of the Helios bi-ocular is so sensitive that it is able to detect even minimal temperature differences and transform them into image visible for humans.

The most important advantage of thermal imaging bi-ocular is its independence from light and weather conditions. Contrary to night vision devices, which require some small amount of residual light to generate an image, the thermal imaging devices need no additional equipment for enhancing visibility, such as active IR illuminators, which can reveal your location to other devices. Thermal imaging is effective in any weather conditions, such as heavy fog, dust or smog, as well as in poor light conditions.

The Helios HD long-range thermal imaging bi-ocular greatly facilitates observation and monitoring of vast areas, both during the day and during the night, as well as enables detection and recognition of people, vehicles and animals from very long distances. Armasight Helios HD is equipped with a sensor operating in two resolutions: 324×256, the latter guaranteeing far more precise reproduction of every detail. Germanium lenses with 10× or 12× magnification guarantee the highest quality, due to the fact that they are the optimum technological solution for observing infrared radiation.

The Armasight Helios HD thermal imaging bi-ocular is the best device in its category. It is based on the top class microbolometer core and equipped with very powerful optical components, which makes it a great tactical bi-ocular for long-range observation and early identification of a variety of different objects. It is sturdy, ergonomic and lightweight thanks to housing made of durable damage-resistant aircraft-aluminium alloy. The bi-ocular is also waterproof and able to work in a wide temperature range. The set includes a wireless remote control for easy turning the device on and off. It is also possible to attach the Recorder DT digital camera to the bi-ocular, thus enabling direct video recording in PAL or NTSC format. The Helios HD bi-ocular can be also mounted on a tripod stand.

Main advantages of Armasight Helios HD long-range bi-ocular:

  • FLIR focal plane array (resolution: 324×256)
  • lens with 10× or 12× magnification
  • easy and intuitive operation thanks to buttons and drop-down interface
  • two lenses provide comfort of use even during long-term observation
  • colour modes (white - hot, black – hot, various colour modes)
  • no need to set optical system's parameters every time
  • detailed display based on AMOLED technology
  • energy-saving technology extends battery life (it is also possible to connect the device to an external power supply)
  • lightweight waterproof construction made of aircraft-aluminium alloy in CNC technology
  • rapid start-up
  • 10 years warranty on FLIR detector
  • designed and made in USA



Armasight is a flourishing small American company which is known for modern optical-electronic systems . Night-vision devices of great quality are designed by fiends who intend to construct basic devices for amateurs, but also night-vision devices, goggles and binoculars...


Specification of long-range thermal imaging bi-ocular Armasight Helios HD
Sensoramorphous silicon-based microbolometric sensor FLIR Tau 2
Resolutionsee table below
Refresh rate9/30/60 Hz
Angular resolutionsee table below
Thermal sensitivity of Long-range thermal imaging bi-ocularless than 50 mK
Spectral answer7.5–13.5 μm
Pixel size17 μm
Magnificationsee table below
Lens42 mm, F/1:1
Lens typegermanium
Eye relief14 mm
Range of focussee table below
Field of viewsee table below
Zoomdigital 1×, 2×, 4×
Colour modes
  • white - hot
  • black – hot
  • various colour modes
  • drop-down menu
  • in FOV
  • buttons-based operation
Video outputNTSC/PAL 9Hz
Start-up time~3 s
Power supply of Long-range thermal imaging bi-ocular
  • 2 × CR123A 3V battery
  • 6V / 1A DC
Battery life~3h (20°C)
Operating temperature of Armasight Helios HD-40°C to +50°C
Storage temperature-50°C to +70°C
Dimensionssee table below
Weight of thermal imaging bi-ocularsee table below

Additional specifications of each model

Model / parametrHelios 336 HD 5-20×75, 9HZHelios 336 HD 5-20×75, 30HzHelios 336 HD 5-20×75, 60Hz
0,4 mrad0,4 mrad0,4 mrad
75mm, F:1/175mm, F:1/175mm, F:1/1
5m - ∞5m - ∞5m - ∞
4,3° × 3,2°4,3° × 3,2°4,3° × 3,2°
277 × 102 × 89 mm272 × 102 × 89 mm272 × 102 × 89 mm
1,28 kg1,08 kg1,08 kg
Model / parametrHelios 336 HD 8-32×100, 9HzHelios 336 HD 8-32×100, 30HzHelios 336 HD 8-32×100, 60Hz
0,4 mrad0,4 mrad0,4 mrad
100mm, F:1/1100mm, F:1/1100mm, F:1/1
10m - ∞10m - ∞10m - ∞
3,3° × 2,5°3,3° × 2,5°3,3° × 2,5°°
290 × 116 × 116 mm290 × 116 × 116 mm290 × 116 × 116 mm
1,3 kg1,3 kg1,3 kg


  • Armasight Helios HD long-range thermal imaging bi-ocular
  • Remote control with Picatinny AWReC # 94 adapter
  • Video cable
  • Lens cap
  • 1 X CR123A battery
  • Cover
  • User manual
  • Warranty
    • device - 3 years
    • sensor - 10 years

Optional accessories of the Long-range thermal imaging bi-ocular - Armasight Helios HD

  • Hard Shipping/Storage Case (F100) #101 – transport case for monoculars, binoculars and night-vision and thermal imaging goggles
  • Recorder DT – video recorder for night-vision and thermal imaging devices
  • Extended Battery Pack – external power supply for night-vision and thermal imaging devices (up to 8h of continuous work)
  • AMRF2200 - Advanced Modular Range Finder for High Performance Digital and Thermal Devices – precise range finder for digital night-vision and thermal imaging devices (range: up to 2000 m)
  • Tripod with a mount


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