Security gate - Multi-zone metal detector Fischer M-Scope
Security gate - Multi-zone metal detector Fischer M-Scope

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Security gate - Multi-zone metal detector Fischer M-Scope

  • Mass events control
  • Simple and quick installation of the Security gate - Multi-zone metal detector Fischer M-Scope
  • Automatic calibration and diagnostics
  • 3 detection zones
  • Segmental and portable construction

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Security gate - Multi-zone metal detector Fischer M-Scope

Security gate - Multi-zone metal detector Fischer M-Scope, would be a perfect solution for protecting the mass events as well as any other cultural events. It might be achieved thanks to its segmental construction.

The main advantage of walk-through metal detector Fischer M-Scope is relatively low weight 42 kg. Segmental construction enables simple installation and disassembly. The disassembly takes about 5 minutes. The size of walk-through metal detector is barely 90×60×58 cm. Wlk-through metal detector might be easily transported, wherever the portable installation is recquired. It would be an ideal solution for different type of mass events.

The application of Security gate - Multi-zone metal detector Fischer M-Scope

  • mass events: concerts, matches, events, ect.
  • airports, railway station
  • courts, penal institutions
  • industrial factories
  • workplaces
  • military facilities
  • schools and universities
  • sport facilities and stadiums
  • other public and private areas

The main advantages of Multi-zone detection gate - metal detector

  • Walk-through metal detector power supply

    Up to 40 h of continous operation

    Security gate - Multi-zone is powered from network after being connected to the power source or a portable set of accumulators, which provide up to 40 hours of continuous operation.

  • global safety standards

    Safety standards - NILECJ 0601.00

    The Security gate Fischer M-Scope with global safety standards - NILECJ 0601.00, providing security during the work time. It is safe for health and environment. It meets with stringent requirements of electromagnetic compatibility, what allows for launching of large numbers of gates without a risk of interference or false alarms.

  • 3 detection zones

    Three detection zones of the security gate

    Fischer M-Scope has 3 detection zones with one hundred levels of sensitivity, what enables a convenient application according to different needs and conditions.

  • Simple and intuitive use

    Simple and intuitive use

    The great advantage of walk-through metal detector is simple use thanks to the digital control panel with LCD screen. The access is limited by a password which protect from the use of unwanted person.

  • Automatic diagnostics and calibration

    Automatic diagnostics and calibration

    The function of automatic diagnostics and calibration guarantees quick and proper functioning, considering the time of each event as an extremely important to the security.

  • Sound alarm

    Sound alarm

    Sound alarm with Adjustable volume allows the user for other actons during the control time, without a need of a total focus on the gate. Each detection zone has independent diode signalling. Moreoverthe upper part has a bar graph showing the strength of the measured signal.


Montage and Service
Detective Store company offers the montage as well as service of walk-through metal detectors. The prices are determined individually during each order.

Optional accesories which may be ordered

  • Manual metal detector Fisher CW-10
  • Aditional set for removable accumulators 12V
  • Stand with with supressor for setting of uneven ground (factory mounting)
  • Mat for using the walk-through metal detector in different locations protecting from water and dirt
  • Protective tent for external use during the rain
  • Protective transport case
  • Tester meets with FAA standards


Specification of Security gate - Multi-zone metal detector Fischer M-Scope
1not liquefied
Power supply of the multi zone metal detector
  • accumulaors (operation time up to 40h)
  • network 100-240V, 50 / 60Hz
Safety standards of the security gateNILECJ 0601.00
Protection from unauthorized accesspassword protection
Protecion form water and dusttak
Case of the Security gate - Multi-zone metal detector Fischer M-Scopehigh quality plastic
Alarm signal
  • sound
  • adjustable frequency
  • adjustable volume
Additional functions of the Multi-zone metal detector
  • walk-through counter
  • control of fast movement
  • Resistance to external interference
  • 3 detection zones
Working temperature range of the security gate-20°C up to 60°C
Admissible humidityup to 95% 1
  • spread walk-through - 223,5 × 110,5 × 60 cm
  • security gate prepared to transport - 90 × 66 × 58 cm
Weight of the multi-zone security gate42 kg


  • Security gate - Multi-zone metal detector Fischer M-Scope
  • User manual

Optional accessories which may be ordered

    • Portable case

      Transport protective case

    • Prtable case

      External, waterproof, protective tent

    • Protective mat

      Mat which protect from dirt and from wet ground

    • Tester

      Tester of the Security gate Fischer M-Scope which meets with FAA standards

    • Handheld detector

      Handheld metal detector Fisher CW-10

    • Removable accumulator 12V

      Additional set with removable accumulators 12V compatible with Security gate

    • Handheld detector

      Stand for setting on an uneven surface (physical mounting)


    Optional accessories
    While ordering optional accessories please inform us before making an order!

    Reviews (1)

    By Nicholas W.

    Comment : Highest quality security gate which is easy to use and intuitive. I contacted the Store and they installed it for me , also you can purchase additional accesssories to expand this device. I bought the external and waterproof protective tent to keep it from rain.
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