CEIA column detector gate

CEIA 02PN8 - detection gate for automatic entry systems

The modern CEIA 02PN8 gate controls users for smuggling weapons. It detects all types of metals while discriminating against personal items such as phones and keys.

Application of the column gate

The CEIA 02PN8 is designed mainly for automatic door locking systems in buffer zones. The columns of the device are placed in the transition rooms. Upon entering the chamber, the user is scanned for the presence of potentially dangerous metal objects. When no object posing a threat is detected, the system opens another door and allows passage. On the other hand, if there is an attempt to smuggle weapons, an alarm will sound and the system will block the passage preventing the user from entering the guarded area.

CEIA detection gate operation

High market position

CEIA metal detectors are the most widely used professional metal detection devices in the world. The 02PN8 model consists of transmitting and receiving antennas in the form of circular columns. Unlike the other detectors in the range, it does not have a connecting panel between them, which makes it easier to integrate the device into the site.

Instant, effective operation

The CEIA 02PN8 detector features high resistance to mechanical and electrical interference. It was designed specifically for detecting firearms made of magnetic, non-magnetic and mixed metals. It is sensitive even to objects of small size and weight, but at the same time discriminates against personal items, such as glasses, keys, buttons. Reduces the number of false alarms.

Innovative technology

The detector automatically calibrates itself and requires no periodic maintenance. It is managed remotely via an external control unit. Against unauthorized access, the CEIA 02PN8 detector is protected by a mechanical key and a two-level password system. Convenience of use is also enhanced by automatic synchronization between two or more metal detectors at a distance of up to 5 cm without the use of cables.

Detection security

CEIA uses electromagnetic waves to detect the presence of dangerous objects. It reports a positive result with a light and sound signal, the intensity of which depends on the object's weight. The detection process is completely safe for children, pregnant women, people with pacemakers or defibrillators, as well as for data carriers.

Examples of practical applications

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Ceia is an Italian manufacturer of specialized metal detection equipment and electromagnetic inspection instruments. All of the brand's equipment is designed from the ground up by experienced Italian engineers. They also supervise the entire production process, so that Ceia equipment is distinguished by exceptional manufacturing precision. All products are subjected to detailed tests and inspections. The company's mission is to adapt their parameters to the requirements and needs of professionals who use this type of equipment in their daily work.
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