Effective detector of mobile phones, weapons and illegal contraband for prisons - Cellsense Plus

Cellsense Plus is a modern, fully portable and safe-in-use scanner intended for quick detection of mobile phones, miniature knives and illegal contraband hidden in mattresses, clothes or in body cavities.

Portable detector of mobile phones and weapons Cellsense Plus has been designed first of all to increase safety in prisons and its main purpose is to detect mobile phones and small blades, which in may be used as a dangerous tool in prison.

The advantage of Cellsense Plus scanner of mobile phones and illegal weapons over competing devices is fast assembly and readiness to work. It normally takes about 15 seconds to set the device and start measuring.

Owing to the cooperation between Metrasens engineers and representatives of prisons authorities it was possible to create this device, which is sensitive and intelligent at the same time and is capable of detecting small pieces of metal ignoring all kinds of prostheses, implants and jewellery.

Key features of the Cellsense Plus portable contraband and cell phones detector

  • High efficiency

    Highly effective

    The scanner is able to detect all mobile phones available on the market, small blades and object hidden e.g. in body cavities. The ignoring technology prevents the external interference of the device operation, decreasing the number of false alarms by half comparing to the competing devices.

  • Detectable objects

    Detected objects

    The Cellsense plus can perfectly detect mobile phones regardless of whether they are on or off. It will also detect all kinds of mini blades and other things that may serve as dangerous tools, which may not be noticed by the previous version of the device.

  • Full mobility

    Fully portable

    The mobile phones and weapon detector is fully portable and ready to operate in just 15 seconds. It has been made of robust materials which guarantee its total water resistance. The device comes with mounting brackets which can be used to hang the device on the wall. The unique structure of the Cellsense Plus base makes it possible to set it vertically, horizontally or at a desired angle, so fast scanning of e.g. mattresses, clothes sent to laundry or packages for prisoners is neither time-consuming nor does it require much work.

  • Power supply

    Power supply

    The built-in rechargeable battery provides power for up to 16 hours of work in field. The charging takes about 4 hours, while the scanner can easily be operated at the same time. Additionally Cellsense Plus system offers Eco mode for longer battery life and a stealth mode for searching without the lights on.

  • Fully safe

    Fully safe

    Cellsense Plus does not emit any radiation so it is fully safe for pregnant women and people with pacemakers. Moreover, the Cellsense Plus model is ruggadized and resistant to physical damage.

  • Operation

    Instant operation

    Cellsense Plus does not use any complicated indicators, controls or displays, as well as it needs no calibration or any additional action by the operator. It is ready to operate is as much as 15 seconds. Readings are shown by indicators: red/green lights making them straight yes/no devices. Green light indicates no danger and red light informs about a danger. One sensitivity switch makes the operation simple and intuitive. The system can be also integrated into a customer’s security system via the alarm output box (sold separately).

  • Scanning in a building

    Scanning indoors

    The contraband scanner Cellsense Plus is able to scan up to 40 people per minute in a closed room, as well as it can discreetly scan from the room next door.

­Tests performed to show the difference between Cellsense basic and Cellsense PLUS

More sensitive(detected all hidden things in a jacket) The sysem has not detected all hidden things
No false alarms Sometimes the device reacted with no reason


We have tested the main differences between 2 devices such as CELLSENSE PLUS as well as CELLSENSE. During the tests sensitivity and false alarms rate were paid attention to. We have used 4 small metal objects hidden in a jacket such as : zipper, razor blade, screw and a screwdriver. The test were performed in a room. The CELLSENSE contraband detectors were located close to other big metal objects in the room in order to inspect the rate of false alarms in both devices.


All of the used objects hidden in a jacket such as zipper, razor blade, screw and a screwdriver were easily detected by CELLSENSE PLUS. We used small objects typically used in the prisons in order to investigate the sensitivity accurately. In case of the basic version of CELLSENSE only the screwdriver was easily detected. In case of the razor the signal was very weak. The sysem has not detected a hidden zipper and a scrub.


There were no false alarms during the tests with CELLSENSE PLUS. In spite of many other metal objects around, the device reacted only in the right time, while a person with a metal object was passing next to it. It means that the device is resistant to other objects, which can interfere with the field. In case of the basic version of CELLSENSE we have reported some anomalities during the tests. Sometimes the device reacted with no reason as soon as any motion was detected.


Summing up CELLSENSE PLUS really seems to be more sensitive and reliable. The sensitivity is twice as high as the basic version and our tests have proven it. We have reported some false alarms, during the movement in case ob basic version of CELLSENSE. The false alarms were not registered in case of CELLSENSE PLUS. The Cellsense Plus version is ruggadized and more resistant to physical damage. Eco mode of the device prolongs the operation time in comparison to the previous version.


Comprehensive support
Metrasens offers a number of trainings, technical support and extended warranty of the detector and rechargeable battery.

Specification of the Cellsense Plus portable detector of contraband, cell phones, weapons
1 indoor
Detection speed of the Cellsense Plus up to 40 persons / minute 1
  • sound
  • light indicators
  • outdoor
  • indoor
  • through walls - the nearest room
Security does not emit radiation
  • sensitivity
  • alarm volume
  • turning on/off
Resistant to
  • snow
  • rain
  • low temperature
Operation time
  • 16 h - fully charged
  • 4 h charging time - operates while charging
Power supply accumulator 12VDC, 4.5Ah
Operation temperature -20°C up to +70°C (on demand from -37°C up to +70°C)
Storage temperature -37°C up to +70°C
Qualified humidity 0 up to 95% (without condensation)
Dimensions (height × width × depth)
  • sensor: 182×10×6 cm
  • basis: 36×34×34 cm
  • Deinstalled: 187×34×34 cm
  • sensor: 9 kg
  • basis: 9 kg
  • Deinstalled: 18 kg
The main premise of the British company Metrasens is the slogan We enhance the safety of people and places. The company has been in existence since 2005, and its team consists of a group of specialized scientists. Metrasens is distinguished from its competitors by more than a century of experience gained from its work on military submarines and mine detection devices. Today, the brand is primarily engaged in the production of equipment that enhances security in public places, prisons and courts. Its products are distributed to more than 40 countries.
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In box
In box
  • Contraband and cell phones Cellsense Plus
  • Demountable base
  • Set of installation bearers
  • User manual
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