Metal detecting kit - Garrett Pro-Pointer II with shovel and treasure bag
Metal detecting kit - Garrett Pro-Pointer II with shovel and treasure bag

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Metal detecting kit - Garrett Pro-Pointer II with shovel and treasure bag

  • Sound and vibration alarm
  • Efficient power supply - 9V battery
  • Detector operating frequency 12kHz
  • Durable Garrett bag
  • Shovel with a build-in compass

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Metal detecting kit - Garrett Pro-Pointer II with shovel and treasure bag

Metal detecting kit - Garrett Pro-Pointer II with shovel and treasure bag comes with an excellent quality metal detector, folded shovel with a built-in compass and a durable bag for the artifacts found.

A hand-held metal detector Garrett PRO-POINTER II pinpointer class is an improved version of PRO-POINTER model that can be certainly deemed as the most popular pinpointer all over the world. PRO-POINTER® II designed on the basis of its famous predecessor offers enhanced sensitivity, what results in remarkably better performance of the device in detecting objects made of metals, e.g. those of "stainless" kind. There are also subtle modifications of casing, which is now more robust, handier and equipped with a mounting handle, thus enabling more secure grip. Treasure Hunter Kit includes a durable bag for the found artifacts and a shovel with a built-in compass.

Most popular GARRETT PRO-POINTER II applications

  • Check-ins at the airports, railway stations
  • Courts' facilities, correction and prison units
  • Places of work, factories
  • Mass events security
  • Hobbyists' activities

The main features of Metal detecting kit - Garrett Pro-Pointer II with shovel and treasure bag

  • Wykrywa niebezpieczne przedmioty

    Enhanced sensitivity

    Sensitivity level of hand-held metal detector PRO-POINTER has been increased. The unit allows for detection of objects made of iron, "stainless" steel and any other tiny metal objects.

  • Przeszukiwanie ziemi

    Searching soil

    The present handier construction with the better water resistance parameters and battery isolation allows for searching through wet sand. Its compact dimensions makes it an ideal complementary tool to the typical big metal detectors.

  • Detection

    Omnidirectional detection

    Feature of omnidirectional detection on the whole surface of device works out ideally during mass events security, when the precision and speed are needed.

  • Adjustment

    Immediate retuning

    Functionality of PRO-POINTER II was enriched with a quick retuning. This is specially useful during searching through a highly mineralized soil or salty sand, which quite often producing distorted signals. To tune a detector is enough to quickly switch a device off and on. The device will tune itself to the ambient conditions.

  • LED

    LED flashlight

    On the upper surface of a detector a small LED flashlight is mounted. This enables searching out the hidings, holes in the ground, crannies and voids.

  • Detection alarms

    Alarms upon detection

    In case an object is found a pinpointer informs a user about it via a sound signal or vibration.

  • Simple operation

    Simple operation

    Special advantage of a device is its simple operation. The whole activity was maximally reduced to operation of a large single button located in a central part of device, just under user's thumb.

  • Alarms

    Lost device alarm

    Another useful functionality is a lost device alarm, which enables a user quickly locate his detector. The device automatically triggers alarm in case no activity has been detected within 5 minutes since the button was pressed for the last time. This alarm is activated every 60 minutes.

  • Solid and waterproof construction

    Robust design

    Robust and watertight construction of Garrett PRO-POINTER® II is resistant to water in compliance to IP 66 standard.

  • Functional energy source

    Battery power supply

    The hand-held metal detector is supplied by exchangeable 9V alkaline battery or rechargeable battery, thus enabling easy and quick exchange of source of power in any time.

  • Treasure bag

    Bag for artifacts

    Garret's bag made of durable plastic textile offers properties of easy cleaning, camo colours pattern and a long regulated belt (39"). The dimensions of a bag and its capacity allows a user to store the items found safely and conveniently (12.4" x 10.8" x 1.25" (31.5×27.5×8 cm).

  • Shovel with compass


    A shovel made of durable hard metal is powder-coated in black. There is a compass in a twistable shovel handle, which can help a user find his way in case he gets lost.

The electromagnetic and health safety standards compatibility:

  • National Institute of Justice Standard-0602.02
  • US Department of Commerce, NBS SP 500-101
  • CE EN 55011, EN 50082-1,I-ETS 300 330
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE C95.1-1991, section 4.12



The American company Garrett was founded in 1964 by fiends oriented at creating equipment for metal detecting which would be very universal as far as clients' expectations are concerned. The main idea which was always very important for the company was clients' satisfaction ....


Specification of best metal detector - Garrett Pro-Pointer II
1 optionally
Operation frequency of the best metal detector12 kHz
Vibration mechanismyes
Sound alarmyes
Power supply of the Garrett Pro-Pointer II
  • alcaline battery 9V
  • akumulator NiMH 1
Operation time of the best metal detector
  • battery 9V - up to 30 h
  • NiMH accumulator - up to 8 h
Protection classification
  • IP66
  • Mil-Std-810F
Operation temperature of the Garrett Pro-Pointer II-35ºC up to 70ºC
Maximum humidityup to 100%
Sizeφ(2,2-3,8) × 22,9 cm
Weight200 g
Country of originUSA
Warranty of the best metal detector24 months


  • Hand-held metal pinpointer type detector Garrett Pro-Pointer II
  • Holsters for detector
  • 9V battery
  • Shovel with compass
  • Robust bag finds Garrett
  • User manual


  • 9V battery
    • Alkaline battery
    • Voltage: 9V
    • Long-lasting
    • For devices with low power consumption
    • Perfect for alarm clocks, microphones, etc.
    £3.30tax inc. Add to cart
  • Standard battery 9V
    • Battery standard
    • Voltage 9V
    • Long-lasting power supply
    • For devices with low power consumption
    • Ideal for alarms, microphones , ect.
    £4.40tax inc. Add to cart

Reviews (7)

By Nathaniel W.

Comment : the detector itself is only a few pounds cheaper than this kit so it's definitely a good bargain
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By Layton C.

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By Joel L.

The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review, or the review is pending moderation

By Edward G.

Comment : just greaat
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By Eleanor H.

Comment : Ideal kit for treasure hunters! Metal detector, holsters, battey, shovel that has a compass and a bag ..
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By Emily H.

Comment : great for a gift - my father was happy as a little kid
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By Jacob K.

Comment : Shovel is folded and the gear does not take much space so my wife stopped nagging, when I take it on our trips
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