Ferromagnetic metal detector Proscreen 900 - Portable security system for detection of dangerous metals and weapons

Proscreen 900 is a portable ferromagnetic metal detector which can easily be integrated with requirements concerning safety in the area without a need to implement changes in the existing infrastructure. Energy-efficient management system guarantees work for 16 hours without the need of connecting continuous power supply

The major advantage of Proscreen 900 is its portability and low weight, so it can be easily and quickly transported to different places. The ferromagnetic metal detector first of all helps to detect large items such as pieces of weapon. The Proscreen 900 model has a maximum efficiency and it is able to scan 3600 people per hour with just one detection gate. It is a perfect tool to use for protecting mass events, matches and airports and etc.

Key features of the ferromagnetic metal detector Proscreen 900

  • High efficiency

    Highly effective

    The ferromagnetic metal detector does not require long calibration processes and therefore, the device is ready for work in just 10 seconds. The ignoring technology prevents the external interference of the device operation.

  • Full mobility

    Operation in all conditions

    The main unit of the weapon detector is placed on a stabilizing platform, creating an open detection gate together with the limit pole.

  • Power supply

    Power supply

    Proscreen 900 ferromagnetic metal detector has a rechargeable battery of high capacity and is energy-efficient, so it is able to work about 16 hours on one charge.

  • Fully safe

    Fully safe

    Ferromagnetic detection technology allowed to obtain high sensitivity; besides it also ensures high effectiveness and is safe for health, because it doesn’t emit any radiation.

  • Scanning indoor

    Scan Rate

    Detection system allows for scanning up to 60 people per minute, which gives 3600 people per hour using one gate.


Comprehensive support
Metrasens offers a number of trainings, technical support and extended warranty of the detector and rechargeable battery.

Specification of the ferromagnetic metal detector Proscreen 900
  • sound
  • Light
  • external
  • internal
Security does not emit radiation
  • sensitivity
  • alarm noise level
  • turning on/off
  • snow
  • rain
  • low temperature
Operation time
  • 16 h charging time - full charge
  • 4 h charging time - operation while charging
Power supply 12V DC, 4.5 Ah battery
Operation temperature -10°C up to +50°C
Relevant humidity 0 up to 95% (without condensation)
Dimensions (height × width × depth)
  • sensor: 182×10×8,5 cm
  • base: 34×17×33 cm
Weight of the ferromagnetic metal detector
  • 9 kg
  • base - 8,3 kg
The main premise of the British company Metrasens is the slogan We enhance the safety of people and places. The company has been in existence since 2005, and its team consists of a group of specialized scientists. Metrasens is distinguished from its competitors by more than a century of experience gained from its work on military submarines and mine detection devices. Today, the brand is primarily engaged in the production of equipment that enhances security in public places, prisons and courts. Its products are distributed to more than 40 countries.
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In box
In box
  • Proscreen 900 ferromagnetic metal detector
  • Stabilizing base
  • Power supply

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