Laser listening device GMD2200NEO

The GMD2200NEO laser microphone - thanks to its interferometric laser technology - is ideal for field work. It enables surveillance from a very long distance - even up to 300 metres.

  • Range


    up to 300 m

  • Screen


    TFT 8 ich

  • Memory


    64 GB

  • Water resistance

    Protection class


Perfect in all conditions

The device has an infrared laser together with advanced DSP technologies. This allows perfect speech detection and ensures excellent quality of the collected sound, even in noisy environments. It allows operation from different angles and on many surfaces. In addition, the microphone has a wide operating range with minimal laser power. It is simple and easy to use.

Effective on any surface

The sensor can pick up vibrations from almost any type of surface. However, it performs best on soft, thin and lightweight objects. Simply aim the laser at a painting on a wall, a cushion or window pane, or even clothing, for the laser beam to convert the vibration into an electrical signal, which is amplified to be heard. Manual focus adjustment allows operation at distances from 15 m to 300 m.

Sound quality protection is achieved with the headset. The device offers up to three sensitivity levels to achieve optimum signal quality. To facilitate accurate laser targeting and quick set-up, the kit includes all the necessary accessories for this.


The GMD2200NEO laser microphone consists of an infrared laser sensor and a monitoring unit. The unit also features a high-precision interferometer that superimposes two coherent waves, which amplifies sound vibrations, and a built-in parallax-free colour camera. The image in the lens is therefore consistent with the indicated image. The camera provides an image of the target zone with a central scale grid.

The image focus can be adjusted using the focus ring on the lens. In cases where light levels are low, it is possible to use the mechanical sensor interface to adapt it to the night vision scope.

Fully safe device

The laser is invisible to normal cameras and the human eye, making it safe for vision. The laser source in the sensor meets Class 1 requirements to prevent eye injuries.

Main features:

  • Effective working range of up to 300 metres
  • Quick and easy start-up and targeting
  • Safe for eyes
  • Requires only 12VDC for operation
  • Collects voice from materials such as metal, fabric, paper or plastic
  • Allows operation from any angle
  • Highest level of speech intelligibility
  • No interference from surrounding noise
  • Requires minimal surface vibration to collect sound through windows
Specification of the Laser Microphone GMD2200NEO
Laser 10 Laser 18 Laser 35
Erbium fiber
> 10mW > 18mW > 35mW
+5 up to +40°C
-10 up to +65°C
max. 80%, non-condensing
60 x 54,3 x 16,7 cm
about 10 kg
AC adapter: 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz connection: 12-4 V DC
50 W
2,0 A
22,5 x 36 x 13,5 cm
6 kg
+10 up to +65°C
max. 80%, non-condensing
300 m
15 m
manual / automatic
150mm / 300mm
  • colour camera 1/ 4CCD, PAL
  • ? 460 TV lines
  • 765 x 582 pixels
  • automatic shutter
  • minimum lighting: > 1 lux
IEC/EN 60 825-1:2 008-05
IEC/EN 61 010-1:2 002-08
in accordance with US 21 CFR 1 040.10 and 1 040.11
IEC/EN 61 326-1:2 006-10
IEC/ EN 61 000-4-2 to 61 000-4-6 and IEC/EN 61 000-4-11
once every two years
limit class B IEC/ EN 61 000-3-2 and 61 000-3-3
according to EN 60 068-2-6 (IEC 68-2-6)
electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use
64GB built-in
300 Mhz/800 Mhz/1,2 Ghz or 2,4 GHz
up to 19 MBit/s
up to 6,7 MHz
1W or 2W
6-32VDC/7,5 W
11,3 x 9,1 x 2,1 cm
300 g
USB hard disk recording + PC interface
RS232 / Ethernet / IP
TFT 8 inch screen
300 Mhz / 800 Mhz / 1,2 Ghz or 2,4 GHz
up to 19 MBits
up to 6,7 MHz
64 GB (max. 48 hours)
21,5x16,5x 2,9 cm
1,38 kg
9 to 18 VDC / 8.5 W
In box
In box
  • Laser microphone
  • Remote control (pilot)
  • Microphone receiver
  • Microphone transmitter

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