Ferrous metal detector SENTRYHOUND-PRO for weapons, cell phones and dangerous objects Movie
Ferrous metal detector SENTRYHOUND-PRO for weapons, cell phones and dangerous objects

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Ferrous metal detector SENTRYHOUND-PRO for weapons, cell phones and dangerous objects

  • Operation time on a single charge up to 24 h
  • Highly sensitivity - work in an adjacent room
  • 4 main detection zones
  • Totally safe for health
  • Possibility to place more than one device next to each other

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Ferrous metal detector SENTRYHOUND-PRO for weapons, cell phones and dangerous objects

SENTRYHOUND-PRO is a standalone ferrous metal detector, which does not emit harmful radiation, and this way allows for quick check of people for potential smuggling of weapons, metal elements and mobile phones, e.g. by prisoners and visitors, or participants of mass events.

SENTRYHOUND-PRO is a fully portable ferrous metal detector that was designed for work in places where quick and effective detection of mobile phones, weapons and other illegal or potential dangerous objects is required.

A great advantage of the ferrous metal detector that it can be placed both in a particular room or behind the room walls. Modular operation is an additional advantage of the device which can cooperate with another detector placed in close vicinity. The modular use of detectors allows you to create control points, for example at the entrance to mass events.

Key features of the SENTRYHOUND-PRO ferrous metal detector

  • 4 detection zone

    Detection zones

    Weapon detector has 4 independent detection zones which indicate the place of smuggled objects:

    • head/neck,
    • body,
    • thighs/shins,
    • ankles, feet
  • Detactable items

    Detected objects

    The ferrous metal detector will not omit any type of objects, including large objects such as knives, guns, knuckle dusters and smaller elements that may pose danger e.g. razor blades, thanks to the possibility of adjusting sensitivity (the detector is insensitive to e.g. aluminium and bronze).

  • Fully mobile

    Fully portable

    Standalone weapon and metal detector is lightweight, fully portable and has an energy-efficient power supply, which makes it easily to move the device around. The built-in rechargeable battery provides power sufficient for up to 24 hours of operation on single charge.

  • Detects ferromagnetic fields


    Ferrous metal detector does not emit any harmful radiation and is therefore totally safe for pregnant women, people with pacemakers and anyone else.

  • Quick operation

    Instant operation

    After charging and installation, the detector adjusts to the surrounding and is ready for work in just 30 sec.

  • User friendly


    Depending on the operating characteristics, the operator can also set silent alarms and light notifications when the device works in a room behind the wall.

  • Operation with module

    Modular operation

    Detection zones have been placed only on one side of the device, making it possible to create control systems that do not interact with each other and do not catch neighbouring alarms or objects.

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Berkeley Varitronics Systems (BVS)

Berkeley Varitronics Systems (BVS) - one of the world leaders in counter-surveillance


Specification of the Ferrous metal detector SENTRYHOUND-PRO for weapons, explosives and dangerous objects
1 indoor
Detection speedup to 20 - 30 people / minute 1
Motion sensorsyes - IR connection
Detection zones4 independent (head/shoulders, body, thighs/knees, ankles)
  • sound
  • light
  • indoor
  • through wall
  • outside
Horizontal range
  • with 2 devices: 81 - 165 cm
  • with 1 device: 46 - 81 cm
  • outside
Securitydoes not emit radiation
  • sensitivity
  • alarm volume
  • turning on/turning off
  • settings blockade
  • snow
  • rain
  • low temperature
Operation time
  • 24 h - when fully charged
  • 3 h charging time - operation while charging
Relative humidity0 up to 95% (without condensation)
Dimensions of the Ferrous metal detector (height × width × depth)sensor: 172×30×19 cm
Weightok. 8 kg


  • Ferrous metal detector SENTRYHOUND-PRO for weapons, explosives and other dangerous objects
  • Power supply

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