Metal detection gate for mass events - CEIA PMD2 Plus/EZHD
Metal detection gate for mass events - CEIA PMD2 Plus/EZHD
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Metal detection gate for mass events - CEIA PMD2 Plus/EZHD

  • 60 zones of location
  • Resistance to weather conditions - IP65
  • Access protection with a password
  • Low power supply of the reliable metal detection gate DC voltage
  • Security of mass events



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Metal detection gate for mass events - CEIA PMD2 Plus/EZHD

CEIA PMD2 Plus/EZHD multi-zone reliable metal detector in a gate. Thanks to advanced technology and compliance with norm IP65 is an ideal tool ideal for the protection of mass events in open space.

Metal detection gate - CEIA PMD2 Plus/EZHD is an innovative solution ideal for the protection of mass events in open space. The installation does not require any tools. Therefore, it is mobile and simple in installation. 60 detection zones allow not only to detect but also to locate the position of the dangerous object.

Application of metal detection gate CEIA PMD2 Plus/EZHD

  • mass events: concerts, matches, events, itp.
  • airports, railway stations
  • courts, penal institutions
  • industrial factories
  • workplaces
  • sport facilities
  • shools and universities
  • sport facilities and stadiums
  • other public or private spaces

The main advantages of metal detection gate for mass events

  • 4 multi-zone display stripes

    4 multi-zone display stripes

    Light strips show the vertical and horizontal position of the metal objects . They can also serve as a light traffic control.

  • highly accurate go-through counter

    Highly precise metal detection gate for mass events

    Two photocells allow to count the number of walk-throughs, alarms as well as fake alarms.

  • Global safety standards

    60 detection zones

    They are equipped with indicators an the left, on the right and in the middle. There are 30 indicators in the upright part and 3 crosswise.

  • Simple and intuitive use

    Technology MET-IDENTITY

    Technology Met-Identity allows for metal detection , amounts and metal type of the marked object.

  • Simple and intuitive use

    Module APSiM2 Plus

    Module APSiM2 Plus is equipped with safe Web server, supporting the newest security protocols SSL i WPA2.

  • Simple and intuitive use

    Quick installation of the metal detection gate for mass events

    Installation of the safety gate is very simple and does not require any tools. Additional features such as Automatic adjustment for windy environments allows for installation in any environment.

  • Simple and intuitive use

    New coasers construction/h4>

    With the new construction of the base, the detection gateway has a much greater stability.

  • Simple and intuitive use

    Excellent throughput of the reliable metal detector

    Cutting-edge technology for detection, allows you to identify and avoid personal items , increasing the rate of passage through the checkpoint without the intervention of inspection staff.

  • Simple and intuitive use

    High protection of the metal detection gate

    50 built-in security programs. There are 30 internacional and 20 programmable standards. Support for chip cards provides a quick, simple and safe to change of the parameters without a need of manual programminig of the device.


Installation and service of the reliable metal detector
SpyShop company offers istalation and service. The prices are set individually in case all of the orders.

Configuration modes of CEIA PMD2 Plus/EZHD

FeaturesPMD2 Plus/EZHD (standard variant)PMD2 Plus/EZHD-N (variant with reduced height)
Reduced height, for use in low rooms-­
4 light stripes­­
60 detection zones­­
Chip card reader­­
Bluetooth and IR beam­­
Configurable random alarm option­­
Access protection­­
Technology Met-Identity­­
One-touch automatic installation (OTS)­­
Automatic verification of operational efficiency (OFV)­­
Automatic vibration compensation (AVS, EVA)­­
Automatic channels searching (CS)­­
Automatic gain control (FGA)­­
Automatic verification of technical performance (TFV)­­
Automatic compensation of ambient noise(ENA)­­
Power supply safety with extra-low DC voltage­­
Resistance to atmospheric conditions­­
Protection against vandalism and unauthorized access­­
Protection class IP65 (water resistance and protection against vandalism)­­
Integrated Web server and recorderOptional-
Transport suitcaseOptionalOptional

Comprehensive support
CEIA provides extensive support in terms of operational and technical training, in the center CEIA or at the customer site.



Ceia manufacturer of metal detectors and control devices to protect every public space, factories, etc.


Specification of Metal detection gate for mass events - CEIA PMD2 Plus/EZHD
Time to return to standby0,2 sec
Detection speed of the metal detection gateup to 15m/ sec
Functional verification systembuilt-in
Security programs of the reliable metal detector for mass events
  • built-in
  • up to 50
  • international standard commands(IS)
  • chip cards
Detection speedup to 15m/ sec
Norm IP65Resistance to atmospheric factors
Walk-through counter
  • entry counter
  • exit counter
  • alarms indicator
  • automatic compensation of multiple pass of the same person
  • visual - visible from a distance up to 6 m considering 4000 lux lightning
  • 60 widzialnych obustronnie stref
Alarm signal visualization
  • multi-zone strip indicating the height of the object
  • 4 light bars programmable as input / output or pace indicator
  • green and red signals
  • 10 selectable signals, 34 special signals
  • 10 levels of sound intensity, from 0 to 90 dbA in range up to 1 m
Power supply of the metal detection gate
  • 47-63Hz, max. 40 VA
  • network 100-240V, ~ -10/+15%
Operation temperature-20°C up to +70°C (on demand from -37°C up to +70°C)
Storage temperature of the gate for metal detection-37°C up to +70°C
Relative humidity0 up tp 95% (without condensation)
Size (width × height × depth)
  • EZHD - 1,12 × 2,25 × 0,40 m
  • EZHD-N - 1,12 × 2,06 × 0,40 m


  • Metal detection gate for mass events - CEIA PMD2 Plus/EZHD
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Optional accessories of the metal detection gate - on order

  • APSiM2 Plus server Web supporting serurity protocols SSL and WPA2
  • go through counter
  • Protection against external interference

Additional accessories available on order for the reliable metal detector for mass events

  • Chip cards - they are used for making the changes in security levels
  • MBSU-2-HD - additional stand-alone power source which allows for continuous work up to 13 hours
  • MD-Scope2 - service software with oscilloscope. Bluetooth (standard) or wired connection
  • RCU2 - control unit for remote access to the device
  • IRC-1 IR pilot for wireless steering
  • Ceiling power adapter
  • Transport suitcase
  • Protective cover
  • Stabilizing coasters
  • Installation points

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