Multi-Channel Bug Detector Protect 1207i
Multi-Channel Bug Detector Protect 1207i

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Multi-Channel Bug Detector Protect 1207i

  • Detects a wide variety of RF signals!
  • Multi-Channel Bug Detector Protect 1207i
  • 6 independent channels - very good sensitivity
  • 10-level indicator for each channel
  • Efficient rechargeable battery with up to 15h run-time

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Multi-Channel Bug Detector Protect 1207i

The Protect 1207i is accurate and reliable multi-channel detector and locator of potential listening devices and phones that communicate wirelessly using GSM, WiFi, WiMax, or Bluetooth technology. The biggest advantage of the bug detector is the use of 6 completely independent channels, each of which supports a different range of frequencies.

The signal in each channel is SAW filtered to suppress all frequencies outside of a specific range. This significantly improves sensitivity, allowing the Protect 1207i to detect signals from a distance of up to 10m. Each channel operates independently, so you can detect up to six types of devices at the same time.

This makes it possible to detect devices such as:

  • GSM bugs / GSM based electronic surveillance / GSM alarms
  • video cameras using GSM, GPRS, EDGE, or 3G
  • GSM phones
  • GPS locators
  • Bluetooth wiretaps
  • Spy phones with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi eavesdropping
  • Wi-Max eavesdropping

This type of Multi-Channel Bug Detector design is completely different from most detectors where the focus is on obtaining the widest possible bandwidth. However, the sensitivity and thus the reliability and precision of wide-band devices is lower, and are very limited in their ability to detect weak digital transmissions such as Bluetooth or Wifi. This is because wide-band devices tend to lose sensitivity with increasing frequency. The way the 1207i solves that issue is by using separate modules that are tuned to operate in multiple, narrow bands.

The Protect bug multi-channel detector is very easy and intuitive to use. Each channel has its own 10-level LED scale to display the signal strength. There are 4 modes:

  • Quiet: LED-only indication to display the signal strength
  • Vibrating alert: when the signal strength crosses a certain threshold, haptic feedback alerts the user of a potential hazard
  • Visualisation: an external display informs the user about the detected signal type
  • Sound: the built-in speaker generates a demodulated signal
  • Microphone

    Frequency range of the Multi-Channel Bug Detector

    CDMA: 824-849 MHz

    WCDMA, 3G, GSM (PCS), DECT: 1920-2000 MHz

    Bluetooth, Wi-Fi: 2400-2480 MHz

  • Work time

    Operation time of the multi-channel detector

    10 to 15 h

  • Power supply

    Power supply

    2x AAA battery

  • Power supply

    Detection distance

    1 to 10 m

In comparison to other detectors, the Protect 1207i stands out with its high precision, speed of operation, as well as its very good parameters and build quality. Multi-Channel Bug Detector is powered by standard AAA cells, which last for up to 15 hours.


DigiScan Labs

Digiscan Labs is a brand specializing in anit-spy systems , privacy protection and protecting key information . The experience of many specialists gained during Cold War was forged into modern systems protecting from any kind of wiretapping. They constantly introduce improvements,...


Specification of Multi-Channel Bug detector Protect 1207i
Frequency range (for each channel)
  • CDMA: 824-849 MHz
  • GSM: 880-920 MHz
  • GSM (DCS): 1710-1790 MHz
  • WCDMA, 3G, GSM (PCS), DECT: 1920-2000 MHz
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi: 2400-2480 MHz
  • Wi-Max: 3000-7000 MHz
Out-of-band frequency attenuation20-45 dB
Antenna system2 omni-directional wide-band antennas
Detection distance1 to 10 m
Power supply of the Bug Detector2 x AAA battery
Operation time of Protect 1207i10-15 hours
Dimensions (without antenna)120 × 70 × 16 mm
Weight of the bug detector217 g


  • Multi-Channel Bug Detector Protect 1207i
  • Two antennas
  • 2 x AAA battery
  • Screwdriver
  • Case
  • Cloth
  • User manual

Reviews (2)

By Gethin P.

Comment : I was suprised hoe senstive this bug detector is. Also battery life is long and it is rechergable. No complaints.
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By Dominic H.

Comment : uses six channels independently what allows for supporintg different frequency ranges from up to ten meters - that made my click the Add to Cart button,
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