System Otosphere v2 system to protect the GPS signal in the car


  • Please Note! There are 2 versions of Anti Jammer available:
  • OtoSphere – dedicated to almost all types customers
  • OtoSphere PPS (PhantomPower Supply, which gets power from the GPS receiver)
  • OtoSphere EPS (External Power Supply, which gets powerfrom an external battery 3-32VDC)

Otosphere is a state-of-the-art system that provides protection for the signal emitted by the GPS locator. Null Steering technology protects against any external jamming devices. It is an ideal solution to protect the GPS transmitter in a car, boat or motorcycle.

Otosphere - protection of GPS signal in car, bicycle and boat

GPS makes life much easier for owners of any vehicle - cars, motorcycles, boats - by protecting them from theft. However, the satellite signal reaching the receivers is so weak that it is very easy to interfere with it. A clever and determined thief can therefore take advantage of the GPS locator jammer solution, which interferes with the transmitters receiving that signal. Effective protection of a car against theft is guaranteed by the Otosphere system, which will also work well to protect a GPS transmitter for a bicycle and other vehicles and objects.

Otosphere is a system that protects the GPS locator from interference from external devices. Using state-of-the-art Null Steering technology, the equipment provides protection against electromagnetic interference emitted by, for example, GPS jammers. Depending on the situation, the device will amplify or reduce the signal so as to prevent the interference attempt. An LED indicator will inform the user of an attempted signal interference, so that quick action can be taken.


NOTE! Otosphere can be mounted on various vehicles (except drones)!

Rugged construction, easy installation

A major advantage of the Otosphere system is the ease of installation and operation, which do not require expert knowledge. The device is easily mounted to the GPS receiver and antenna. The second antenna must be connected to the power supply from the signal receiver. The small size of the device ensures discreet operation that will not draw anyone's attention. The equipment's casing is made of durable materials that ensure shock and moisture resistance, as well as readiness for operation at temperatures from 40°C to +85°C.

Two variants to choose from

Otosphere is available in PPS and EPS variants. The PPS (Phantom Power Supply) version draws power directly from the GPS transmitter, while the EPS (External Power Supply) uses an additional 3-32VDC battery. This allows you to choose the equipment that suits your expectations.

Specifications of GPS signal protection device - GPS OtoSphere
yes (GPS L1 C/A Code)
0,75 W
PhantomPower adapter, draws power from GPS receiver external power supply, draws power from external battery 3-32VDC
-40°C - +85°C
50 × 70 × 25 mm
175 g

GPS Dome model for authorized institutions, police, military, etc. is available here.

In box
In box
  • OtoSphere v2 GPS device
  • Mounting screws
  • Wiring
  • User manual
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