Professional thermal imaging clip-on system CTS-220 for short and medium distances
Professional thermal imaging clip-on system CTS-220 for short and medium distances

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Professional thermal imaging clip-on system CTS-220 for short and medium distances

  • Intuitive use - with 6 buttons
  • Precise high quality optics
  • Resistance to dust and water
  • OLED Screen
  • Operation time of the Professional thermal imaging clip-on system CTS-220 up to 7 hours

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CTS-220 professional thermal imaging clip-on system for short and medium distances

Thermal imaging clip-on system CTS-220 of well-known Canadian brand GSCI is a light and compact device designed for professional use at short as well as medium distances. Vehicles can be detected from a distance of 2922 m whereas a human from 917 m.

A Microbolometer sensor is responsible for capturing the profile of thermal energy and the environment and converts it to a visible, digital signal ,which is displayed on the LCD screen. Two image resolutions are available 640 × 480 or 384 × 288 , depending on the version.

Thermal imaging clip-on system CTS-220 is designed for detection of close and medium distant spaces. The possibility of installation on a standard rail Picatinny extends the range of circumstances in which the device may be used. The front installation ensures comfortable use without a need of constant dismantling of the the viewfinder.

  • Clear and sharp display

    Clear and sharp display

    Thermal imaging is based on the phenomenon of thermal radiation(every object of a temperature above absolute 0 emits electromagnetic radiation in infared range). Spectral analysis of radiation allows for very accurate measurement of the temperature from the further distance. The smallest temperature changes are distinguished and may be converted into image visible for a human.

  • Working in all conditions

    Performance independent of weather conditions

    The application of thermovision enables operation in any lightning (in contrast to night vision devices, additional, artificial lightning is not required) as well as atmpspheric conditions. The visual image is visible even in dusty and foggy environment.

  • Working in all conditions

    Available in different versions

    Thermal imaging clip-on system CTS-220 has two versions with different matrix resolutions 336×288 and 640×480 (refreshing 25 or 50 Hz). The user has a choice of choosing the optimal settings considering the angle of brightness as well as the smoothness of the visual image.

  • Long operation time

    Long operation time

    Efficient power supply with 2 AA batteries provides operation time up to 7 hours depending on the version of the device.

  • Convenient use

    Convenient use

    The device is operated with 6 handy buttons on the top panel.


Manufacturer issues a 7-year warranty.

The main features of infared overlay CTS-220

  • lightweight
  • intuitive and simple to use
  • clear and sharp display
  • Compatible with standard rail mounts
  • Made in Canada


GSCI (General Starlight Company International)

GSC (General Starlight Company International), it operates since 1992 a Canadian company dedicated to modern optoelectronics. It is one of the leading western manufacturers of night vision and thermal imaging devices as well as of military, civil and hunting equipment. GSCI offers...


Specification of the Professional thermal imaging clip-on system CTS-220 for short and medium distances
50 mm75 mm
50 Hz
2×, 4×
25 mm
from a distance of 1800 mfrom a distance of 2760 m
from a distance of 4350 mfrom a distance of 7000 m
~2-4 s
4 × AA battery
up to 12 h
-40°C up to +50°C
260×90×65 mm260×90×90 mm
790 g1050 g


+ in set, - inaccessible, o - optional

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