Security metal detector - Eastimage EI-V3000
Security metal detector - Eastimage EI-V3000
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Security metal detector - Eastimage EI-V3000

  • Efficient detection - reduction of numbers of false alarms
  • Detection zones - precise localisation of threats
  • Auto-diagnosis function
  • LED display - simple operation
  • Very durable construction

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Security metal detector - Eastimage EI-V3000

Security metal detector Eastimage EI-V3000 is a high quality walk-through metal detector designed for maintaining security of places such as airports, convention centres, or prisons. It will prove itself indispensable in situations calling for efficient detection of metal elements, determining their estimated location, and maintaining fluency of traffic going through the detector.

The EI-V3000 model was successfully utilised to secure events such as the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics, or Shanghai World Expo2010 (Eastimage was the exclusive provider of security systems).

Application of Eastimage EI-V3000 security metal detector:

  • airports, harbours, train stations
  • courts, penal institutions
  • industrial plan
  • nuclear and conventional power plants
  • military facilities
  • schools and universities
  • sports facilities, stadiums
  • other public accessible or private premises
  • mass event security
  • anit-theft systems

The operation of the security metal detector is quick and precise, due to utilised technology of digital signal processing and analysis. Eastimage EI-V3000 walk-through metal detector can operate in one of 3 modes, estimating the localisation of metal objects – the scanned area can be divided into 4 or 8 zones, or operate in fluent mode – detection are is not divided, while LED indicators light up at the height of a detected object. Detection of a metal element triggers LED indicators – respectively, 16 or 8 LEDs are lit in a specific zone, or at an adequate height in fluent mode. Moreover, once a metal element is dectected, the Eastimage EI-V3000 sounds an acoustic alerts of variable tones and sound volume. The security metal detector has 9 standard, pre-defined settings suited for a variety of applications. Due to the adjustable operation frequency, suitable parameters can be set once the device is installed, in order to minimize interference.

Main assets of Eastimage EI-V3000 - security metal detector

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      Advanced coil system

      ensures high effectiveness at detecting metals and operation efficiency, while minimizing the number of false alarms.

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      Variable detection zone patterns

      4 to 8 sectors, or operation in fluent mode ensure easy localisation of potentially dangerous objects (LED indicators on a side panel).

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      Digital signal processing algorithms

      Guarantee high detection sensitivity and resistance to interference.

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      Auto-diagnostic function

      Informs the operator about any detected malfunctions.

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      High resistance to interference

      Walk-through detectors can normally operate 30cm from each other, while appropriate settings allow to reduce the distance to 5 centimetres.

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      The security metal detector adapts to the conditions in the place of operation, eliminating the influence of metal construction elements in the vicinity, and automatically choosing operation frequency. It can also be set up manually (100 adjustable options).

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      Pre-defined default settings

      Optimised for a variety of applications.

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      Simplicity of operation

      LED indicators, LCD display, and acoustic alerts.

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      LCD display of the security metal destector

      Informs the operator about the device's status, and allows to easily configure and adjust the parameters.

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      Solid and durable construction of the security metal detector

      waterproof, stainless housing, resistant to mechanical damage.

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      Continuous operation of the security metal detector

      24h a day, 7 days a week.

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      Quick installation of the

      Modular construction of the detector.

    • warranty

      Manufacturer's warranty of the security metal detector

      Warranty 12 months.

Security metal detector detector for airport security screening, compliant with safety norms:

    • Security metal detector meets the EMC electromagnetic compatibility standards.
    • CE-certified.
    • Complies with environmental norms.
    • Compliant with international FCC directives.
    • Safe for people with artificial pacemakers and pregnant women.
    • Does not cause damage to magnetic data storage devices.


Specifications of Eastimage EI-V3000 walk-through metal detector
Power sourceAC 100V~240V/ 50~60Hz
Power consumption30W
Operation temperature-20°C to 45°C
Storage temperature-40°C to 60°C
Permissible humidity
  • up to 95%
  • non-condensed
  • inside: 2235 × 838 × 705 mm
  • outside: 2055 × 720 × 705 mm
Shipping dimensions0.17 × 0.9 × 2.3 m
Weight75 kg


  • Eastimage EI-V3000 security metal detector
  • User manual

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By Patrick B.

Comment : I invested in this secuirty metal detector to provide my workers with friendly working environment where they can feel safe and calm.
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