Professional walk through metal detector - Garrett PD 6500i Movie
Professional walk through metal detector - Garrett PD 6500i

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Professional walk through metal detector - Garrett PD 6500i

  • As many as 33 detection zones!
  • Professional Walk through metal detector
  • It requires no advanced skills to use
  • Efficiently protects against threats
  • Conforms with safety norms

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Professional walk through metal detector Garrett PD 6500i

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We offer discounts in case of wholesale order (prices inc. VAT):
  • £3990 for 1 unit in case of 2 units
  • £3750 for 1 unit in case of 3-4 units
  • £3500 for 1 unit in case of 5 and more units

We also offer installation, calibration and service of the Garrett PD 6500i as well as 2 years of warranty. If you have questions, or you want to buy more units, please contact

The Garrett PD 6500i professional walk through metal detector not only has a modern and durable design, but it also meets the stringent equipment safety requirements for all US airports.

Professional walk through Garrett PD 6500i is famous for not only its modern and reliable design but also for complying with rigorous safety norms applicable to all American airports.The hermetic housing which for GPS tracker Guardian II and necessary accessories as batteries (extending the operation of up to 30 days!).

The professional walk-through metal detector was designed for precise threat pinpointing (as many as 33 detection zones), discerning between dangerous and neutral objects (e.g. keys, coins, etc.), and scanning large number of people in a short time in compliance with all the safety standards.


  • airports, seaports, railway stations
  • courthouses, penal institutions
  • factories
  • regular and nuclear power stations
  • military facilities
  • schools and universities
  • stadia and sport facilities
  • a variety of private and public spaces
  • mass events
  • EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) systems

Main advantages of PD6500i

  • Detects only dangerous objects

    Professional walk-through metal detector detects only dangerous objects

    Modern design of multi-directional coil system provides precise threat detection. Very sensitive detector is able to pinpoint pistols, knives, and other sharp or dangerous objects without being triggered by the presence of other harmless objects.

  • Detects only dangerous objects

    Precise object location

    33 detection zones makes it possible to precisely pinpoint any dangerous object. The exact location is calculated on the basis of 18 main and 15 auxiliary zones on the left, the right, and in the middle part of the device.

  • Detects only dangerous objects

    Detects even small objects

    The design was based on an advanced DSP processor, which enables location of even very small or very fast-moving objects.

  • Detects only dangerous objects

    Adjustable sensitivity

    The sensitivity of each zone can be adjusted independently, which makes the device independent from external conditions.

  • Digital signal processing

    Digital signal processing

    Provides uninterfered uniform detection sensitivity and eliminates false signals.

  • Digital signal processing

    Scanning programmes of the professional walk through metal detector

    Designed to provide comfort and maximum scanning efficiency without sacrificing full safety.

  • Digital signal processing

    Clear light signals

    Clearly visible pacing lights for „stop” and „go”.

  • Easy operation

    Easy operation

    Sound signals, LED diodes and clear LCD display make the device very comfortable to use and enable synchronization between observing passing people and controlling the device.

  • Automatic control

    Automatic control

    The metal detector has an auto-calibration function and is able to automatically adjust its parameters.

  • Automatic control

    Integrated panel of the professional walk through metal detector

    All cables, electronic components and controls are integrated with the device and can be easily accessed. No external cabling is needed.

  • Automatic control

    Password protection

    The access to the walk-through's controls is granted only if the password has been entered correctly. Any attempt to access the controls made by an unauthorized person is automatically registered.

  • Automatic control

    Durable design of the professional metal detector

    Solid and durable design.

  • Easy assemblage

    Easy assemblage

    Modular design enables easy assemblage and mounting to the floor. Four main modules are interconnected in a stable way.

Complies with the following safety standards:

  • Meets the TSA's (Transportation Security Administration) standards for EMD (Enhanced Metal Detector) devices.
  • Complies with the NIJ 0601.02 standard for walk-through metal detectors used for weapon and contraband detection.
  • Meets the requirements of 3-Gun FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) test.
  • Complies with the Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards.
  • The device was granted a CE certificate.
  • Complies with environmental norms as well as international directives: CSA, TEC, CB and ICNIRP (International Commission for Non Ionizing Radiation Protection) „Reference levels for general public exposure”.
  • The device is safe for people with pacemaker and pregnant women.
  • The device causes no harm to magnetic data carriers.

Product video



The American company Garrett was founded in 1964 by fiends oriented at creating equipment for metal detecting which would be very universal as far as clients' expectations are concerned. The main idea which was always very important for the company was clients' satisfaction ....


Specification of the professional walk through metal detector Garrett PD 6500i
Power supply of the professional walk through metal detector
  • automatic: 100-240V, 50 / 60Hz, 5W (US, CSA, TUV, VDE norms)
  • battery pack: optional
Power suppliercan be connected to the left, the right or to the top side of the device
  • against water and dust
  • IP55 and IEC529 standards
Unauthorized access protection2 password-protected access levels
Unauthorized access protection2 password-protected access levels
Mechanical lockprotects the module containing wiring and electronic components
Laminate casing
  • damage-resistant
  • scratch-resistant
Aluminium casing
  • durable
  • protects electronic components
Design of the walk through metal detectormodular
Electronic systemintegrated
Control outputs
  • solid state switches - low voltage AC or DC
  • operating external alarms and control devices
Directional counter of the professional metal detectoryes
Alarm counteryes
Dual-channel operation & DSP system
  • synchronized
  • enable to use up to 16 walk-throughs working simultaneously
Resistant to external interferences
  • DSP system with diagnostic functions
  • eliminates the interferences coming from other devices (e.g. X-ray scanners)
  • 15 independent programmes
  • designed to aid every listed application of the device
  • complies with TSA requirements for USA airports and transatlantic flights
Sensitivity level of the professional metal detectoradjustable for each of the programmes
Pinpoint zones
  • 33
  • signalling successful detection
  • two independent diode lines located near the walk-through's exit point
Sound alarm of the Garrett prfessional walk through
  • adjustable frequency
  • adjustable loudness
Universal pacing signs
  • highlighted 'STOP' and 'GO' signs
  • signs located near the entrance point
Working temperature-20°C to 70°C
Working humidityup to 95% (non-condensing)
Dimensions (depth × width × height)
  • internal: 0.58 × 0.76 × 2.0 m
  • external: 0.58 × 0.9 × 2.2 m
Transport dimensions0.17 × 0.9 × 2.3 m
Weight of the walk through metal detector64 kg


  • Professional walk through metal detector - Garrett PD 6500i
  • User manual

Optional accessories for the walk through metal detector Garrett PD 6500i

  • Garrett PD 6500i - additional power supply

    Battery backup module

    PD 6500i™ Battery Pack (2225400) - which lasts for 12 hours without any external power source. 179 GBP.

  • Garrett PD 6500i - remote control

    Remote control

    PD 6500i™ Remote Control (1169400) - allows for remote operation within range up to 15m. 59 GBP.

  • Garrett PD 6500i - FFA tester for weapons

    Operational test for weapons

    PD 6500i™ Operational Test Piece (1600600) - allows for testing the Garrett PD 6500i in weapons detection according to FAA-3 directives 59 GBP.

  • Garrett PD 6500i - transport trolley MagnaDolly

    Transport trolley

    Transport trolley - allows for quick transporting of the the walk through metal detecor. 269 GBP.

  • Garrett PD 6500i - Permanent MagnaDolly

    Stabilizing Adhesive Floor Mount Kit

    PD 6500i™ Adhesive Floor Mount Kit (1604100) - allows for stable installation. Four grips are included in the set. 89 GBP.

  • Garrett PD 6500i - stabilizer base

    Stabilizer Base

    PD 6500i™ Stabilizer Base (1603900) - allows for stable installation of the walk through metal detector with a floor. Two mounting rails are included in the set. 89 GBP.

  • Garrett PD 6500i - CMA module

    Remote control and analysis module

    PD 6500i™ Control Monitor Analyzer (1168310) - CMA™ module ensures connection of the walk through metal detector with a computer through the Ethernet 10/100 network. It allows for control in real time, diagnostics and remote configuration. Built-in memory ensures for collecting the history of changes, number of walk-throughs for further analysis. 269 GBP.

  • Garrett PD 6500i - charging cord

    Connection cord

    PD 6500i™ 3 mt. Cord Jumper (9431900) - allows for parallel connection of the gates in a short distance and connecting them to one power supply. 29 GBP.

  • Garrett PD 6500i - remote control desktop

    Remote controller with detection zones indicator

    PD 6500i™ Desktop Remote Control with Zone Indication (2266400)- remote desktop allowing for control within a range up to 15m. The detection indicator shows the location of the dangerous object. 449 GBP.

  • Garrett PD 6500i - desktop for remote control

    Test element - knife

    PD 6500i™ Flat Test Piece (1620570) - testing element, imitating a realknife 19 GBP.

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By Rhys W.

Comment : it is super expensive, true. But there is no value higher than human life! Especially nowadays, when we are having a war with terrorists… :(
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