SpyPoint Force-12 hunting camera with a free configuration
SpyPoint Force-12 hunting camera with a free configuration

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SpyPoint Force-12 hunting camera with a free configuration

  • Records material in 1280×720 resolution
  • Very short activation time - 0.6s
  • High resistance to adverse weather conditions
  • 5-zone PIR motion sensor
  • IR illuminator - 42 diodes

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Short activation time and sturdy construction - SpyPoint Force-12 hunting camera

SpyPoint Force-12 hunting camera, a product by a Canadian brand SpyPoint, features a compact and durable construction, very short activation time, and the ability to record audio-video material in HD quality.

Strap-based or holder mounting system, paired with camouflaged housing, allow to install the SpyPoint Force-12 easily and discreetly, e.g. on a tree trunk. The Force-12 hunting camera will perform at wildlife observation, is a useful instrument for hunters, to monitor game population, as well as to secure and supervise industrial facilities, private properties, car parks, etc. This compact hunting camera is an effective tool for conducting observations 24 hours a day in any weather conditions.

A sturdy construction, short arming time, and HD quality truly make the SpyPoint Force-12 hunting camera stand out among similar devices.

  • For our clients we offer a free configuration service and full service and technical support during the life of the device. To get a fully configured phototrap enter in order comment password „CONFIGURATION” or contact with our Service:

    Detective Store - Service
    Phone: (44) 020 3290 1199
    E-mail: contact@detective-store.com

Key features of SpyPoint Force-12 hunting camera

  • takes pictures and record audio-video material in HD quality, during the day and at night,
  • sturdy construction and waterproof housing enable operation in adverse weather conditions,
  • wide-angle PIR sensor ensures swift and effective operation,
  • triggering initates taking a series of 1-6 snapshots, or recording a video of user-defined length,
  • individually adjusted schedules for every day of the week,
  • timelapse mode – pictures taken at specified intervals,
  • IR illuminator enables operation in complete darkness; invisible to human eye,
  • long battery life (6 AA batteries, or an optional rechargeable battery pack),
  • optional external 12V power supply (power adapter or solar battery),
  • configuration menu and viewing of recorded material on a colour LCD display,
  • mySPYPOINT.com platform – convenient management of videos and pictures.

Advantages of SpyPoint Force-12 hunting camera

  • Full discretion


    The hunting camera utilises a high quality 12 megapixel CMOS image sensor, which allows to take clear and detailed pictures, and to record videos in HD 720p.

  • Remote control


    mySPYPOINT.com Internet platform facilitates the management of recorded data (free user account allows to operate 1 camera and download 100 pictures per month; paid subscriptions grant access to extended functionalities), allowing to catalogue and organise pictures by dates, locations, or user-defined tags.

  • Built-in microphone


    SpyPoint Force-12 hunting camera comes with an integrated microphone, used to supply recorded videos with sounds picked up in the device's vicinity.

  • Ir illuminator


    The Force-12 hunting camera is able to operate in nocturnal conditions (black-and-white mode) due to an integrated IR illuminator, utilising 42 infrared diodes emitting light invisible to human eye – it is especially important while using the camera for monitoring purposes. It is unnoticeable for third parties, since it lacks the red glow known to appear in inferior devices. Built-in light sensor automatically adjusts the IR radiated power, guaranteeing effective illumination of scenes in a range up to 14 meters.

  • HD quality


    Force-12 compact hunting camera is capable of recording videos in 1280×720 HD resolution, or lower resolutions: 640×480 and 320×240, if high quality image is not required.

  • PIR motion sensor


    The hunting camera is equipped with a 5-zone PIR motion sensor with increased angle of view - up to 55°. It provides high effectiveness and energy-efficiency – PIR sensors detects changes of temperature (caused by e.g. a human being or an animal entering the device's field of vision). Such solutions are often incorporated into alarm systems or automatic lighting control..

  • Very quick triggering


    The SpyPoint Force-12 features minimised reaction time – just 0.6 second from motion detection to arming the camera.

  • Diverse operation modes


    The hunting camera offers several modes of operation. Each activation initiates taking a picture, a sequence of up to 6 photographs, or recording a video sequence of pre-determined length. It is also possible to set a delay between subsequent activations, temporarily switching the PIR sensor off to avoid taking identical snapshots. Hourly schedule of operation can be adjusted individually for every day of the week, making sure the device is active only when needed. Another interesting feature, especially useful for wildlife observation, is the timelapse mode – the camera takes pictures at pre-defined intervals; motion sensor is inactive in this mode.

  • LCD display


    Using Force-12 is simple and intuitive. All settings can be adjusted via a menu projected on a colour 2.4” display, which can also be used to view previously recorded material.

  • Data storage


    Pictures and recordings are stored on replaceable SD cards, with capacity up to 32GB. Once the memory is full, oldest recordings will be deleted and replaced with more recent ones.



    Energy-efficient technology and power management ensure long time of operation. By default, the device is powered with 6 AA batteries. It is also compatible with optional Li-Ion power packs, 12V power adapter, or a solar panel (accessories sold separately).

  • Recording stamping


    Video files can include additional information, such as:

    • date and time
    • temperature
    • moon phase
  • Waterproof


    Durable protection of the module against mechanical damage and weather conditions (rain, fog, humidity).



SpyPoint is a Canadian company that specializes in design and production of innovative devices for hunters. Complete Spypoint monitoring systems and accessories allow all users to match products to their expectations and needs. The company offers professional camera traps...


Specification of SpyPoint Force-12 hunting camera
1 file size 2 video recording with sound 3 file size 4 6x AA battery * depending on the use of IR illuminator
Image sensorCMOS 12 Mpix
Angle of view40°
Focus distancefrom 1.5 m to infinity
Exposure timeauto
White balance
IR filterautomatic
Image resolution 1
  • 3MP - (~0.9MB)
  • 4MP - (~1MB)
  • 5MP - (~1.2MB)
  • 6MP - (~1.25MB)
  • 7MP - (~1.5MB)
  • 8MP - (~1.7MB)
  • 9MP - (~1.8MB)
  • 10MP - (~2.1MB)
  • 11MP - (~2.3MB)
  • 12MP - (~2.5MB)
Image formatJPG
Microphone 2built-in
Video resolution 3
  • 320×240 (~ 1GB/h)
  • 640×480 (~ 1.85GB/h)
  • 1280×720 (~ 6GB/h)
Video formatAVI
Operating modes
  • photo - after activation initiates taking a series of 1-6 pictures
  • video - sequence recording after PIR sensor activation (10s/30s/60s/90s)
  • photo + video – takes 1 picture and records a video sequence of specific length upon motion detection
  • time-lapse – takes pictures at specific intervals (30s/1m/3m/5m/15m/30m/1h)
  • test mode – used for proper setting of the camera's location and determination of the sensor's field of view; every activation triggers a LED indicator
  • schedule - allows to define hours of camera operation individually for each day of the week
  • colour
  • 2.4"LCD
IR illuminator
  • yes
  • 42 diodes
  • infrared invisible to human eye
Lamp range
  • up to 14m
  • automatic power control
PIR motion
  • 5 zones
  • adjustable sensitivity
  • 3 levels
Sensors range1.5- 20 m
Sleep time sensors10s/1/3/5/10/15/30 minutes
Activation time after motion detectionup to 0.6s
Data storageSD cards up to 32 GB
Power supply
  • 6 AA batteries (phototrap/ Blackbox)
  • LIT-09 lithium battery pack (phototrap/ Blackbox)
  • 12V AC adapter
  • SP-12 V solar panel
Power consumptionstandby mode: < 100μA
  • during night operation: < 750mA
Operation time 4
  • standby: up to 4-5 months
  • taking and sending up to 2000 photos *
  • video recording 200-300 minutes *
Recording stamping
  • date and time
  • temperature
  • moon phase
Installed on a tripod¼-20"
Operation temperature-30°C ~ +50°C
Storage temperature-40°C ~ +60°C
Admissible humidity5% - 95%
Dimension12.7 × 9.6 × 8.1 cm


  • SpyPoint Force-12 compact scouting camera
  • Strap
  • Mounting bracket
  • User manual

Additional accessories

  • LT-C-8 Lithium battery pack
  • KIT-6V external battery
  • KIT-6V-12V external battery
  • MA-360 camera mount
  • SB-Force steel security box


Reviews (7)

By Omar B.

Comment : Made our hunting excursions much more enjoyable and fruitful ;) rather pricey so me and my mates bought it together and find it very useful indeed.
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By Josiah W.

Comment : initially I was tempted to buy this one but after using it for some time I came to a conclusion that I do not need such fancy gear. But had no problems returning it to the Store
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By Marcus G.

Comment : the myspoint.com web platform is easy to use and makes managing gathered footage easier. I paid additionally to get access to advanced functionalities and it was worth it , sincerely recommend
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By R. S.

Comment : we were shocked how quick it is, had some fun with my mates while testing how much time it actually needs to react :D :D
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By Elizabeth C.

Comment : High price = high quality, definitely say YES to this one
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By Lewis C.

Comment : everything looks great even in very low light
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By William M.

Comment : videos inHD, great image quality, can be operated online, sensitive mic – it has got the full package. I’m utterly happy with this particular model.
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