Encrypted smartphone TAG T2 - secure calls and messages
Encrypted smartphone TAG T2 - secure calls and messages

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Encrypted smartphone TAG T2 - secure calls and messages

  • advanced data encryption
  • variable VPN
  • remote access to the device
  • automatic memory clearing when security is attempted to be broken
  • secure video, voice and text messaging connections


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TAG T2 encryption smartphone - secure calls and messages

The TAG T2 encryption phone is an easy-to-use device for making secure phone calls and sending text messages. The smartphone uses a strong cryptographic standard that guarantees superior, unbreakable protection. Practical features such as self-destructing messages and masking mode result in an effective tool for businessmen and all those who value their privacy.

T2 Communicator - next-generation encrypted mobile communications

  • comprehensive protection of privacy, mobile communications and stored data, against cyber attacks
  • 360° protection - dedicated hardware platform, secure operating system, software and system management, and secure SIM cards with global connectivity
  • Use of strong cryptographic algorithms, communication protocols and authentication methods
T.A.G encryption samartphone

Mobile solutions are the domain of current times. Standard work and communication tools are being displaced by smartphones, which are essential tools for functioning in the modern world, both privately, but also in business and the operation of public institutions. Critical data and communications can easily fall into the wrong hands. Institutions and organizations fall prey to such hacking techniques as zero-day exploits, malware attacks, phishing, eavesdropping, DDoS, MiTM, among others. These attacks have the potential to turn a mobile device into a spying tool to monitor communications and data.

Is it possible to easily ensure security in the realm of modern mobile communications? The number of potential attack vectors, the availability of technical means to carry them out in order to intercept messages, conversations and data determines the answer - NO. It is certainly a very difficult task, but with a comprehensive approach to security, the use of multi-layered security, proven strong cryptographic algorithms, with the support of engineers and developers with a wealth of knowledge and experience, it is possible.

T2 Communicator is a solution from Canadian company TAG Consultation Inc. part of the Secure Group, which provides turnkey cybersecurity solutions for organizations operating in critical sectors to protect mobile communications and data storage. For more than 10 years, T.A.G. Consultation Inc. has been a reliable partner for more than 100 clients - serving government institutions, the military, critical infrastructure-related organizations, financial institutions and high-tech companies.

The system is designed and optimized for use as a secure communications platform, on the software and hardware side. A personalized, modified operating system based on the Android platform, equipped with a set of security mechanisms and applications, using only encrypted storage and data transmission channels, is designed to ensure data confidentiality and prevent interception of communications, block malicious programs, prevent user tracking and ensure the safety of all data in the event of device loss. It comes with a SIM card for global and anonymous connectivity.

Hardware optimized for security

T2 is a purpose-built device, designed and built for data security and user privacy. The consistency of the hardware platform, allows for control and easy response to potentially emerging security vulnerabilities and optimization of supporting software. Attack vectors were further reduced by controlling sensors that could be potential threats.

Dedicated hardware has been designed to prevent data extraction from the device once a third party has gained physical access to it. All memory is hardware encrypted, reading the data is in practice impossible. Using the wrong password several times will automatically delete the data. In addition, data can be deleted remotely.

Basic specifications of the T2 smartphone:

  • Octa-core processor
  • RAM 4 GB
  • 6.5’’ FHD LCD display
  • 128 GB Encrypted Storage
  • 25 MP front camera
  • rear camera 48 MP + 8 MP + 5 MP
  • 4500 mAh battery

360° Secure OS Professional- secure operating system

The smartphone's operating system is the foundation for other applications, ensuring the secure operation of the device. The goal in designing Secure OS Professional was to make this system as tight and secure as possible. - It runs on a highly modified Android system, comprehensively reducing attack vectors and offering extensive security functionality:

  • blocked tracking and eavesdropping capabilities
  • protection against data extraction from the device
  • system integrity validation at startup
  • blocked software modification (locked bootloader, automatic deletion of encrypted data store when tampering is attempted)
  • remote memory cleaning
  • triple password protection (data store, system, applications)

The system has been cleaned of vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors:

  • no Google services (removed built-in tracking mechanisms via Google API)
  • modified access to the data warehouse - isolated environment for each application, data is not shared between applications, preventing other applications from using data mining mechanisms
  • privacy and security policy with control of hardware resources – the MDM system allows modules such as GPS, USB, NFC or Bluetooth to be disabled at the kernel level limiting attack possibilities)
  • security of libraries (all libraries used by applications have been prepared for increased security, including mechanisms such as SQLCipher encrypting application databases with AES256 algorithm or IP firewall)
  • system integrity validation at startup (the system startup process is particularly vulnerable to attacks, so the integrity of individual partitions and data is analyzed at each startup for malware infection)

Secure OS Professional also provides secure updates managed by Secure Administration System (SAS), encrypted data backup and access to a trusted application repository.

Encrypted messaging

All communications are end-to-end encrypted at the end-device level, transmitted via non-despherable channels to the target device, and can only be read by the authorized recipient. Encrypted chat, voice and video calls use proven cryptographic methods that guarantee their security:

P2P chat (serverless):

  • OTR cryptographic protocol
  • messages encrypted with 256-bit AES algorithm
  • 4096-bit Diffie-Hellman key exchange protocol
  • SHA-2 hash functions are used for authentication
  • individual keys for each chat session

Group chat:

  • OMEMO cryptographic protocol
  • Double Ratchet multi-end to multi-end key management algorithm
  • elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) Curve25519/Ed25519
  • Diffie-Hellman(ECDH) elliptic curve key reconciliation protocol
  • SHA-256 hash functions

P2P voice and video calls:

  • ZRTP cryptographic protocol
  • Diffie-Hellman key exchange protocol
  • SRTP (Secure Real-time Transport Protocol) protocol
  • short authentication string (SAS) against MiTM
  • keys are invalidated after each connection

PGP chat characteristics:

  • 4096-bit RSA key pair used for encryption and decryption

In addition, additional mechanisms are used to increase the security and functionality of communication:

  • messages with automatic deletion - the user can set the time for which the sent message is visible, after which it is deleted without a trace on both sides - on the sender and the recipient
  • remote deletion of data - in the event of loss of the device, the memory can be deleted remotely using a predefined message sent to the device
  • caller verification and authentication with a predefined question and answers known only to callers
  • high-speed encrypted PTT voice memos
  • secure file and multimedia exchange
  • the server only mediates the establishment of a secure data transmission channel
  • in the case of communication via chat or conversations between 2 users, the data is not processed on the server - it goes directly to the recipient, if the recipient is offline the message is not sent from the sender's device at all
  • great emphasis has been placed on ensuring end-to-end group communication, data in encrypted form is stored on the server handling the communication only until the message is delivered to the users, but no longer than the time specified by the system manager

Secure data storage and calendar

Secure Vault provides fully secure storage for file management - creating, storing and sharing video recordings, photos, text documents and voice memos, and encrypted backups, among others. The storage is protected by a separate password. Secure Calendar allows you to create and share events in a secured form. XTS encryption with SHA-512 hashing is used, with full SQLCipher 256-bit AES database encryption.

Communication independence

Privacy is the elimination of a third party from the communication process and ensuring it between users. One solution to facilitate this is to provide SIM cards with the phone that provide global, fully anonymous and secure communications under a single tariff plan:

  • multi-IMSI card
  • built-in SS7 firewall - reliable protection against unauthorized
  • access, malware propagation, physical tracking and DoS attacks
  • integrated VPN - a virtual private network that ensures the security of your Internet connection and protects your network privacy when connecting over 3G and 4G
  • no additional roaming charges - SIM card with 1GB/month data package for 2 years included in the price of the device
  • SIM card provides connectivity in more than 120 countries with no roaming fees and works with all local carriers to ensure maximum best coverage in your location
  • no tracking - no contracts or registration with the local operator means the user is not tied to the phone and SIM card in any way

the use of a secure SIM card is strongly recommended to ensure the highest standard of security, however, a standard SIM card from the local operator can be used.

Dedicated editions of the T2 Communicator system are available for corporate and institutional customers:


Dedicated to medium and large enterprises that need secure mobile devices for their employees managed through the Secure Administration System (SAS) platform by the system administrator with the possibility of their own hosting.

  • granular control over devices
  • deployment of applications and installation packages
  • configuration of device settings and permissions
  • managing user access to applications
  • backing up and restoring devices
  • location tracking


A customized solution available exclusively to institutions and government services. It offers, among other things, a dedicated Secure Box server, custom encryption and certification management, additional security mechanisms, and full source code auditing and complete control of each system component by the organization. In addition, Secure SIM Plus cards are available with additional security-enhancing functionalities implemented. The solution is scalable, flexible and customizable.

Key features of T2 encryption communicator

  • Precise PinPoint localization

    Communication independence

    T2 phone guarantees secure communication in more than 180 countries. Using it abroad does not involve roaming charges. With no contracts or registration with a local operator, the user is not tied to the phone and SIM card in any way.

  • Modified operating system

    Modified operating system

    The T2 secure smartphone runs on a highly modified Android 8.1 system comprehensively reducing attack vectors and offering extensive security functionalities.

    • blocked tracking and eavesdropping capabilities
    • protections against data extraction from the device
    • system integrity validation at startup
    • remote memory cleanup
    • triple password protection (data storage, system, applications)
    • blocking of software modifications
    • locked bootloader, automatic deletion of encrypted data storage when tampering is attempted
  • No Google services

    No Google services

    In order to avoid the risk of tracking the device through dangerous applications, the encryption phone is deprived of access to Google services. As a result, data is not shared between applications, preventing other programs from using data mining mechanisms.

  • Three different modes of operation

    Three different modes of operation

    To ensure all the necessary functionality, secure communication and data protection, as well as discretion, T2 offers 3 modes of operation to be used depending on current needs:

    • Secure Mode: provides the establishment of fully secured communication between users and protection of sensitive data, gives access to encrypted chat, voice calls, email and secure data storage. All transmitted data are end-to-end encrypted using very strong encryption algorithms impossible to break in a reasonable amount of time even by modern supercomputers; a built-in password manager ensures safe storage of passwords and a convenient prompting system
    • Emergency mode (Emergency center): provides instant access to data protection functions - instant deletion of the entire storage or entering incognito mode
    • Incognito mode: in some circumstances it is important to hide the fact of using an encryption device, so in incognito mode the device masquerades as a standard Android with standard apps like WhatAapp or Instagram - without arousing the interest of outsiders.
  • Encrypted chat and voice calls

    Encrypted chat and voice calls

    All communication is end-to-end encrypted at the end-device level, transmitted over non-despherable channels to the target device and can only be read by the authorized recipient. Encrypted chat and calls use Off-the-Record Messaging (OTR) and OMEMO cryptographic protocols to support face-to-face communications and group chats using the AES256 algorithm. ZRTP key reconciliation protocol is used to encrypt voice calls and video chats (including group chats).

  • Encrypted email messages

    Encrypted email messages

    The T2 phone also offers a fully secure encrypted email client. It uses an improved implementation of the PGP protocol using 4096 bit keys - unbreakable by modern computers.

  • Protection against data extraction

    Protection against data extraction

    T2 offers several layers of protection against file extraction from the device. First of all, all memory is encrypted with very strong algorithms, making it practically impossible to read them. Next, all databases are encrypted with a different password. Using the wrong password several times results in automatic deletion of the data. In addition, data can be deleted remotely.

  • Self-destructing messages

    Self-destructing messages

    With a T2 phone, you can send messages that will automatically delete themselves after a certain period of time from both devices - the sender and the recipient. A great way to communicate quickly and securely with a business partner.

TAG T2 encryption phone specifications
Internal memory128 GB
  • Rear - 48 MP + 8 MP + 5 MP
  • Front - 25 MP
Battery4500 mAh
  • TAG T2 encryption phone
  • Charger
  • User manual



Canadian company T.A.G CONSULTATION specializes in providing the market with the most modern technological solutions in the field of communication security.


TAG T2 encryption phone specifications
Internal memory128 GB
  • Rear - 48 MP + 8 MP + 5 MP
  • Front - 25 MP
Battery4500 mAh


  • TAG T2 encryption phone
  • Charger
  • User manual

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