Video sender for wireless transmission IP - CT-IP Mesh SDR 100 mW / 2W – image transmission from CCTV cameras

Digital video sender CT-IP MESH SDR 100 mW , thanks to CPFDM transmission, enables to transfer high resolution Full HD image while being small and consuming little energy - 7,5 - 10 mW. The embedded memory will enable to store recordings lasting many hours.

  • Wireless image transmission

    Wireless image transmission

  • Power supply

    Power supply of the video sender


  • Range of sensors

    Quality of the recordings

    Full HD

  • Day and night operation

    Day and night operation

CT-IP MESH SDR 100 mW is a digital video sender e.g. for cylindrical cameras CCTV CT-CC which uses reliable COFDM transmitting and H.264 coding technologies, thanks to which it ensures high resolution Full HD image transmission. Small size (only 56 mm in diameter) and low power consumption (7,5-10W) make it easy to hide the device and ensure long operation of the rechargeable batteries. Motion detection function allows for transmission and registration triggered by an incident within the reach of the camera connected to the device, which optimizes the use of the rechargeable batteries and memory.

CT-IP Mesh SDR video sender can be used as an independent image transmitter from HD-SDI cameras and / or as a connector in a net built of max. 16 transmitters, ensuring a very steady and secure connection. Optionally, the data can be coded with the help of the AES128/256 algorithm.

The data is saved in the embedded flash memory with the storage capacity of 128 GB, tagged with date and time. A modem working on the ISM band transmits and receives commands that allow to turn on / turn off the transmission and control the recording. What is more, VISCA and PELCO protocols that enable to control the cameras and PTZ heads are supported.

The potential and effective reach of the video sender can be improved by using the CT-PA MESH SDR 2W amplifier module. It enables to connect and charge the cameras with the help of PoE and DC out connector. It is possible to deliver the systems operating within the structure MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) and full transmission coding with the help of AER128/256 algorithms on demand.

Specification of the wireless video senders for IP cameras
 CT-IP Mesh SDR 100 mWCT-IP Mesh Power Amplifier 2WCT-IP Mesh SDR 2W
2 streams Full HD 1920×1080 p30
1920×1080i 60/ 59,94/ 50 Hz ... 720×576, 50 Hz
kodek H.264 AVC, H.264, MPEG-4 part 10, high profile level 4.0
1 s to 10 ms (depending on operation mode)
0,25 Mbps up to 32 Mbps
Analogue audio input
SD/ HD-SDI 2 stereo
SD/ HD-SDI 2 stereo
protocols Visca and Pelco-D
1k2 to 115k2, RS232 or RS485
ABS32/ DES/ DES+/ optionally AES 128/256
UDP Multicast / Unicast, RTSP Multicast / Uni-cast, ONVIF profile S
built-in memory 128 GB
100 mW / 2W
2,3475 GHz up to 2,5 GHz
co 125 kHz
IP 67
-20°C up to +60°C
-10°C up to +50°C
9 V - 18 V DC + polarity protection
7,5 W (SD), 8,5 W (HD), 9,5 W (dual)
138 mm Ø 56 mm 300×110×140 mm
550 g 3600 g
 CT-IP Mesh SDR 100 mWCT-IP Mesh Power Amplifier 2WCT-IP Mesh SDR 2W
1261101 1261102 1261100
8 MHz, 7 MHz, 6 MHz
1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8
1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32
1,555 Mbps - 31,668 Mbps


 CT-IP Mesh SDR 100 mWCT-IP Mesh Power Amplifier 2WCT-IP Mesh SDR 2W
2,5 MHz, 1,25 MHz (opt), 0,625 MHz (opt)
8 MHz, 7 MHz, 6 MHz
1/3, 2/3
1/8, 1/16 NB
144 kbps to 4,879 Mbps
1,317 kbps to 14,869 Mbps


 CT-IP Mesh SDR 100 mWCT-IP Mesh Power Amplifier 2WCT-IP Mesh SDR 2W
10 MHz, 8 MHz, 7 MHz, 6 MHz, 5 MHz, 3,5 MHz, 3,0 MHz, 2,5 MHz
adjustable 1/2, 2/3
adaptacyjne BPSK, QPSK, 16QAM
14,6 Mbps (TX/RX)
max. 25,0 Mbps (TX), 12,4 Mbps (RX)
In box
In box
  • CT-IP Mesh SDR 100 mW - 1261101
  • CT-IP Mesh Power Amplifier 2W - 1261102
  • CT-IP Mesh SDR 2W - 1261100 (set 100 mW Mesh Node z CT-IP Mesh Power Amplifier 2W)

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