Breath alcohol tester - Alco-Sensor IV CM with electrochemical sensor for the police
Breath alcohol tester - Alco-Sensor IV CM with electrochemical sensor for the police

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Breath alcohol tester - Alco-Sensor IV CM with electrochemical sensor for the police

  • Breath alcohol tester for uniformed services
  • Approved by public authorities
  • Reliable and accurate results
  • Range from 0.00 to 2.00 mg/l
  • Reports printing - 1005 records

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Alco-Sensor IV CM - Breath alcohol tester for the police with electrochemical sensor

The Breath alcohol tester Alko-Sensor IV has been designed for professional use and earned itself a good reputation among the uniformed services and institutions, where only a credible result of a test is accepted as evidence.

The breath alcohol tester construction is based on a precise electrochemical sensor, which causes oxidation of the alcohol to acetic acid via a series of chemical compounds. It generates voltage that is proportional to the amount of ethanol in tested air sample. The test results are displayed in mg/l and BrAC. Additionally, the entire measuring process is protected by ambient temperature controllers. The breath alcohol tester - Alcosensor IV is highly selective for the primary and secondary alcohols and does not react to other chemicals. Therefore, this breathalyser is used by the police, military police and detoxification institutions.

  • The measuring range

    Measurement range of the breath alcohol tester

    0.00 to 2.00 mg/l ‰

  • Sensor Type

    Sensor Type


  • LCD display

    LCD display

  • Measuring time

    Measuring time

    5 s

This breath alcohol tester allows you to use it in one of two modes - automatic or manual. The first one requires to insufflate about 1.5 litres of air, providing results of evidential value. The manual mode is used when the suspected person refuses or is not able to properly take the test. The Alko-Sensor's functionality can be extended with additional options. The device's memory allows to store up to 1005 measurement reports that can be printed (in one, two or three copies) or transferred to your hard drive. It works with printers available in our shop - DP-1012 Impact Printer and AP 860 thermal printer. The breath alcohol tester can communicate with computers through specialized software.

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Intoximeters Inc.

Intoximeters Inc. Was founded in 1945 as a result of a few years research over methods concerning determining the alcohol concentration in human body. Rich tradition in production and distribution of breathalysers allowed to develop the interest towards constructing testers which...


Specification of the breath alcohol tester Alco-Sensor IV CM for the police
Measurement range of the breath alcohol tester0.00mg/l – 2.00 mg/l
Sensorelectrochemical fuel cell
Warm-up time5s
Measuring timeapprox. 5s
Power supply of the breath alcohol tester
  • 9V alkaline battery
  • 9V rechargeable battery
Work time
  • alkaline battery: up to 300 tests
  • rechargeable battery (170mAh): up to 150 tests
DisplayLCD - clearly visible at night without backlight
Operating temperature0°C ~ 40°C
Storage temperature of the breath alcohol tester-15°C - 65°C
Pressure600 - 1300 hPa
Humidity0 % to 100 %
Breathalyser protection
  • RFI - electromagnetic waves detector
  • BAT - power supply monitor
  • verification security
  • protection against the operator's interference in the operation of the device
  • mouthpiece exchange control


  • Breath alcohol tester - Alco-Sensor IV CM with electrochemical sensor for the police
  • Pelican Case 1100
  • 9V battery - 1 item
  • Soft cover
  • User manual

Additional, optional accessories:

  • Disposable mouthpieces
  • Impart or thermal printer with instrumentation (230V charger, cable, paper roll)
  • Pelican Case 1400
  • Cable or adapter to connect to a computer
  • Printer car charger (12V)
  • 230V AC charger for the 9V battery
  • Software


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