SpyPhone 7in1 GPS – GSM surveillance of a Symbian phone
SpyPhone 7in1 GPS – GSM surveillance of a Symbian phone
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SpyPhone 7in1 GPS – GSM surveillance of a Symbian phone

  • Monitoring of Symbian phones
  • Recording or live eavesdropping on conversations
  • Copies of all SMS messages
  • BTS or GPS phone localisation
  • Remote control via SMS commands


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SpyPhone 7in1 GPS – GSM surveillance of a Symbian phone

SpyPhone 7in1 Pro software for protection and localisation of children and elderly people.

Mobile phone monitoring and tracking was never so easy! SpyPhone 7in1 Pro is a product created for discreet monitoring of Symbian phones. Nowadays, we are threatened by lack of anonymity and, at the same time, such absurdities as mobile network operators not being allowed to track and share the location of their customers' phones – even on their own request – without a police warrant. Therefore, it is reasonable to protect your phone. The presented software is also a perfect tool for remote monitoring of a child's safety. Its functioning enables very discreet supervision over the device without interfering into its operation and comfort of use. SpyPhone is a tool which allows you to communicate remotely with the phone and control its functioning in an intuitive way.

The SpyPhone 7in1 Pro software is dedicated to the newer Nokia models with Symbian 9 and ^3 Anna systems.

What are the purposes of using the SpyPhone software?

  • Child protection – safety and mail control,
  • Employees' monitoring – protection from leaks of important and confidential information,
  • Phone tracking – localising a lost or stolen phone,
  • Localizing a kidnapped person – allows to provide aid immediately.

What types of activities does the SpyPhone 7in1 Pro enable?

  • Phone calls

    Telephone conversations

    It allows a 'live' listening-in on conversations between the SpyPhone device and any other user. Establishing a connection from the supervising phone with the SpyPhone device allows to join the conversation and listen to it in real time.

  • Conversations on e-mail

    Conversation records to e-mail

    Enables recording and sending all the conversations from the phone to a user-defined e-mail address.

  • Communication


    Notices about incoming and outgoing connections, together with phone numbers.

  • Ambient sounds

    Ambient sounds

    Allows to listen to sounds in the phone’s surrounding within 5 meters range. The operation is performed by initiating a connection from the supervising phone, which switches on the built-in microphone. Functioning is completely undetectable on the target phone, no incoming connection is visible, which guarantees 100% of discretion and safety.

  • Ambient sounds to e-mail


    Allows to record and send all the sounds from the phone's surroundings to the user-defined e-mail address. On-demand command

  • SMS


    Sending copies all messages along with phone number of sender/receiver.

  • BTS


    Allows to track the phone using the transmitter the phone connects to. On the Internet there are databases which enable determining the approximate geographical location.



    Allows to locate the phone with 5 meters precision, reporting the location via SMS messages.



    SMS messages with information about turning the phone on or changing the SIM card.

  • Functioning correctness status


    Checks the correctness of functioning of the software and its individual functions.

  • Phone reset


    Allows to reset the target phone remotely.

Example of an e-mail message with attached ambient sounds recording file, and an SMS message informing about incoming phone call.


How to install the program?

The software is matched to every model to be fully compatible with the device. Cooperation with the system does not affect the functionality of the phone. A single program is assigned to an individual IMEI number specific for every phone (it is displayed after dialing *#06# on the keyboard).

Incorrect IMEI makes the installation of the software impossible!

The installation of the SpyPhone software is performed in a way standard for the Symbian system. The package contains the detailed user’s manual in English which will guide you through the installation process. Configuration of the phone is performed with SMS commands. The entire procedure takes about 15-20 minutes. In case of any problems concerning functioning and installation, our employees are there for you on the telephone support service.

On client’s demand the installation may be performed by our employees. To do this, you need to contact us via telephone and provide the telephone on which SpyPhone is to be installed. All the functions and correct functioning will be checked on site and the device will be ready to use immediately.

The software is constantly being improved to provide the highest comfort of using, to provide our customers with the highest comfort of using, safety and failure-free operation.

  • SIM card installed in the phone with SpyPhone software must support conference calls and allow for waiting calls function.
  • Independently of the software, after beginning to listen in on a conversation, the phone of the third party may display a notice about a conference call, or the call may be interrupted for a while. These problems occur on some models of phones and depend on the mobile network provider.
  • Sending recordings to the pre-determined e-mail address require active Internet connection. Data transfer is charged as in the price list of the mobile network provider.
  • SMS messages notifying about ongoing phone calls are charged according the price list of the network provider.
  • It is important that the access point in the telephone ('Internet') is properly configured, according to network provider’s guides. Otherwise, the connection will be inactive and e-mails will not reach our mailbox.
  • GSM phone surveillance – SpyPhone 7in1 Pro for Symbian
  • User manual


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  • GSM phone surveillance – SpyPhone 7in1 Pro for Symbian
  • User manual


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SpyPhone 7in1 GPS – GSM surveillance of a Symbian phone

Comment : I am thankfull that such software exists! Thats' what I like about 21st century .
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SpyPhone 7in1 GPS – GSM surveillance of a Symbian phone

Comment : All useful functions in 1 product
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SpyPhone 7in1 GPS – GSM surveillance of a Symbian phone

Comment : as im not a geek so I contacted the store and they installed it for me - high five!
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SpyPhone 7in1 GPS – GSM surveillance of a Symbian phone

Comment : it deserves four stars
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