Wall scanner ReTWis 5 - professional system for seeing through a wall Movie
Wall scanner ReTWis 5 - professional system for seeing through a wall
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Wall scanner ReTWis 5 - professional system for seeing through a wall

  • Extremely light-weight - only 3,25 kg
  • 7" touchscreen
  • Frequency range 1,9 - 3,6 GHz
  • Radar range of the Wall scanner ReTWis 5 - professional system up to 40 m
  • Remote control WiFi, LAN



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ReTWis 5 - a tactical wall scanner operating in 2D and 3D

ReTWis 5 is an advanced wall scanner that allows you to observe the area behind the wall. Scanning involves detection of micro-shocks, heartbeat and gestures of people behind the wall

ReTWis 5 (RETIA Through-Wall Imaging System) is a small portable radar that has been designed for detecting people through behind the walls and non-metal obstacles. Its unique technology allows the radar to detect and locate people in motion and standing still. People locating can be displayed in 2D or 3D system. Thanks to its small size, light weight, long operation time and full mobility, ReTWis 5 wall scanner can be used in various situations and scenarios be the police, the army and special services. Highly advanced signal processing algorithms applied in the radar have been optimized so as to detect even the smallest movements of people or animals (e.g. breath) in order to enable locating them.

Application of the through-the-wall imaging radar

ReTWis 5 wall scanner is a solution dedicated to tactical application by the police, the army and other special forces. It allows you to assess the situation by providing information on the number and placement of people in the room before taking further action. It provides tactical advantage with the minimal risk taken by the officers, at the same time ensuring safety to the civilians. It can also be used for long-term monitoring of objects thanks to the ability of remote view on an external screen. The wall scanner also allows you to check vehicles, e.g. trucks for the presence of hidden people, without having to open the hideaway and unload them. The ReTWis 5 radar can operate as a portable control point if mounted on a tripod.


ReTWis 5 wall scanner applies the location technology based on wide-bandwidth UWB (UltraWide-Band) signals. It is distinguished by high resolution, interference resistance and no interference with other radio systems. The signal from the wall scanner is virtually imperceptible thanks to the use of SFCW (Step Frequency Continuous Wave). A great advantage of the device is easy penetration of signals generated by the radar through walls and other non-metallic surfaces. The image of people on the other side of the wall is generated on the basis of reflected signals, analysed and processed by the system.

Key features

  • range up to 40 m
  • lightweight design
  • fully portable
  • intuitive simple operation
  • multilingual menu
  • 2D and 3D imaging
  • start-up time 20 s
  • efficient power supply by the battery
  • possibility to take 2-hours recording
  • resistance class IP67

Product video


Specification of Wall scanner ReTWis 5 - professional system for seeing through a wall
Cold Start10 s
Wireless managementLAN, WiFi
Touch screen of the Wall scanner7"
Imaging the objects positionsin 2D and 3D
Field of view
  • 120° horizontally
  • 90° in elevation
Range of the Wall scanner ReTWis 5up to 40 m
Waterproof and dustproofYes
Battery life5 h
Candled materials
  • wood
  • brick
  • gypsum
  • concrete
Dimensions of the Wall scanner ReTWis 5 - professional system for seeing through a wall345 x 280 x 112 mm
Weight3,25 kg


  • Wall scanner ReTWis 5 - professional system that allows to see through walls
  • Strap on neck
  • Charger
  • Cables
  • Additional batteries
  • Stand with rotary head

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