Professional radio scanner for counter surveillance DigiScan Delta 4G12G

A new counter-surveillance system, DigiScan Delta 4G12G allows to detect radio and infrared listening device transmitters in the frequency band of 4.4 / 12.4GHz. It utilises a digital receiver and a spectrum analyser, which allows to sweep bands at 50MHz per second. The radio scanner analyses signals from 2 antennas simultaneously, allowing to detect all transmissions in the vicinity, regardless of the modulation type.

Spectrum analysis technology utilised by DigiScan Delta 4G12G represents the highest professional level, which guarantees obtaining a complete set of information about any and all radio transmissions occurring in the examined area, without the necessity to relocate the device. Compared to conventional RF scanners commonly used for detection and localisation of listening devices, the digital receiver utilised by DigiScan Delta offers a much broader range of signal detection. Scanning and detection procedure is fast and discreet, allowing to conduct room-by-room sweeps unobtrusively by placing the system in a room adjacent to the examined one.

Analysing the data collected by two antennas allows to detect RF listening devices regardless of utilised modulation method and transmission encoding. The basic principle of operation of counter-surveillance systems is the interdependence between the electromagnetic wave strength and the distance to its source – the former decreases proportionally to the increase in the latter. A signal received by an antenna located closer to the source will be much stronger than the one picked by an antenna situated farther away. This allows the DigiScan Delta 4G12G software to determine whether the source of the signal lies within or without the examined room. After scanning the entire band, the operator can initiate the suspicious transmission source localisation procedure.

Apart from RF spectrum analysis, the professional video scanner to analyse the IR band and cable communications in search of intrusive signals – indicators of possible threat to privacy and danger of data leakage. The Delta system and DigiScan EX software offer a user-friendly interface, easy to operate and requiring no specialist knowledge to use. Meanwhile, it provides comprehensive data and allows experienced professionals to analyse the signal in order to obtain detailed information and statistics useful for further analysis of the collected data.

  • Quick surveillance device detection


    Reliable detection of transmitters utilising RF waves, IR beams and power cables to transmit data from the surveilled room.

  • Detects different types of surveillance deviceS


    • analogue VHF / UHF transmitters
    • GSM/3G wiretappings
    • RF transmitters with encoded sound transmission
    • telephone transmitters
    • transmitters on telephone, power or Ethernet cables
    • concealed wireless video cameras
    • IR beam transmitters
  • Dual antenna


    Using two antennas provides the ability to quickly distinguish the signals originating in the examined room from external signals, regardless of the modulation type..

  • Quick red spectrum analysis


    Measurements conducted with the use of the new digital receiver allow to analyse the spectrum at 50MHz with 12,5kHz steps.

  • Songram feature


    The sonogram feature facilitates the detection of short-timed pulse signals of the professional video scanner for anti surveillance.

  • Broad scanning range


    Broad range of scanned frequencies, 5kHz – 4400MHz / 12400 MHz for 12G version.

  • Cable installations examination


    Integrated low frequency converter allows to examine cable installations and the infrared band.

  • Diverse operation modes


    • RF sweeping
    • microwave band analysis
    • power cables testing
    • telephone and low voltage cables testing
    • infrared band testing
    • electromagnetic field analysis (allows to detect electronic devices, e.g. video cameras)
    • “Detector-Locate” mode allowing to locate a transmitter
    • “Digital Communications Sources” mode allows to detect and locate digital transmitters, e.g. utilising GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, LTE, Wi-Max
  • Automatic data recording


    Allows to record the data for later analysis.

  • Graphic result presentation


    Wide choice of graphic result presentation methods:

    • broad-band spectrogram
    • sonogram
    • I/Q constellation diagram (complex plane)
    • oscilloscope
    • FFT
  • High quality rf antennas and vlf probes


    The device comes with two ODA-4 omnidirectional antennas, one MWA-6 microwave antenna, one MWA-12 microwave antenna, one IR probe, one MLP electromagnetic probe, an 110/220V AC power cable probe, and a telephone and low voltage cable probe.

  • Additional features


    • selectable band FM/AM signal demodulation
    • recording of demodulated audio signal
    • modulation analysis in constellation diagram window
    • saving data to an MS Access database
Specification of the professional radio scanner for counter surveillance DigiScan Delta 4G/12G
* 12G version 1 manual mode 2 adjustable span, 1.5 to 3000MHz
RF frequency range of the professional radio scanner for counter surveillance 5kHz – 4400MHz / 12400MHz *
Scanning rate 75MHz/s / 50MHz/s *
FOV / min. focus range 21° × 21° / 0.6m
Scan resolution 12.5 kHz
Dynamic range of the device for counter surveillance -90dBm to -10dBm
Demodulation FM/AM
Demodulation bandwidth of the precise radio scanner 240/120/60/30/15 kHz
Audio bandwidth 1kHz – 22kHz
Attenuator PRE-AMP 0dB, 5dB, 10dB, 15dB
Selectable analysed signal span 1 50 MHz, 25 MHz, 10 MHz, 5 MHz, 2 MHz
Pulse transmission detection yes
Frequency and time domains analysis mode spectrum and demodulation
Graphic signal presentation
  • broad-band spectrogram 2
  • sonogram
  • constellation diagram
  • oscilloscope
  • FFT
Real-time streaming of the professioanl radio scanner 240kHz bandwidth
Automatic reflected temperature correction based on input temperature
  • colour palette
  • units
  • language
  • time and date format
  • automatic switch-off
  • display brightness
I/Q data streaming real-time
  • 2 × antenna input
  • 1 × probe input
Software DigiScan EX 3.x
Supported operating systems of the professional radio scanner
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • 3×: 323 × 115 × 94 mm
  • 4×: 323 × 115 × 98 mm
  • 5×: 323 × 118 × 104 mm
Power source of the professional radio scanner for counter surevillance 110/220V AC
DigiScan Labs
Digiscan Labs is a brand specializing in anti-spyware systems, privacy protection and securing critical information from surveillance. The experience of many specialists accumulated during the Cold War has been transformed into modern systems.
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In box
In box
    • USB stick containing Digiscan EX software
    • SignalHound 4.4GHz / 12,4GHz digital receiver
    • SignalHound receiver USB cable
    • DSC-003 controller
    • DSC-003 controller USB cable
    • DSC-003 controller power adapter
    • DS-Line 2 Pro, VLF-convertor – low frequencies converter
    • DS-Libe2 Pro – DSC-003 interconnection cable
    • BNC-BNC cable
    • BNC-SMA cable
    • 2 × RF ODA-4 omnidirectional antenna of the professional radio scanner dor counter surveillance
    • 2 × RF antenna connection cable (20m)
    • MWA-6 microwave antenna
    • MWA-12* microwave antenna
    • AC power cable probe
    • IR probe
    • MLP electromagnetic probe
    • Telephone and low voltage cable probe
    • Probe extension cable (10m)
    • *12G version

Additional accessories of the precise radio scanner

    • DS-L-AR8200 to AR8200 cable
    • DS-L-SND to IC-R1500/2500 cable

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