Orion 900 HX – NLJD – detector of hidden surveillance devices in hard-to-reach places

Professional non-linear junction detector hidden in concrete, bricks or ground - Orion 900 HX

A new model in the series of non-linear junction detectors by REI Orion 900 HX features compact design, leight-weight of 1.6 kg and ergonomics, so the long-lasting operation does not cause discomfort.

Orion 900 HX is a professional detector of non-linear junctions such as wiretaps, cameras, microphones and all kinds of surveillance devices. Using the 900 MHz wave , the detector is able to detect and locate electronic devices hidden in high-density materials such as bricks, concrete or ground.

Professional detector emits the radio signal that is digitally modulated in 900 MHz band, so it is possible to penetrate high-density materials such as concrete, bricks or ground. Orion 900 Hx measures and processes digitally modulated signals of the frequency twice or three times higher than the call signal. This solution guarantees effects for any type of devices, regardless of their design, and additionally, it enables detection of inactive devices as it involves immutable physical phenomenon.

Oriona 900 HX design has been optimised in terms of ergonomics and functionality. The device is easy and intuitive to operate as all changes are introduced using the touchscreen that is at the operator’s hand reach.

Functions of detector of surveillance devices Orion 900 HX

  • Detection of surveillance devices

    Detecting all kinds of electronic devices

    Orion 900 HX has been designed to detect all kinds of electronic devices hidden in walls, in ground and etc.

    • radio transmitters,
    • dictaphones,
    • wiretaps,
    • hidden camera,
    • cell phones,
    • chip cards.

    900 MHz waves enable detection of inactive devices.

  • Localizes SIM cards!

    Clear screen

    Orion 900 Hz detector has been equipped with a touchscreen that is located at the handle which enables device functions management.


    Digital modulation of call signal

    Digitally modulated call signal correlated with 2 and 3 harmonics ensures high efficiency of detecting.

  • Sensitivity modulation

    Automatic frequency adjustment

    Transmitter works in the frequency of 905 - 925 MHz. The band is selected automatically or manually by the operator.

  • Polarization change during of the antenna


    Cyclic change of antenna polarity ensures effectiveness regardless of the antenna position in relation to located electronic devices.



    Thanks to a wide 1.25 MHz band Orion 900 detector features high detection sensitivity.



    An important function is possibility of adjusting signal power which can be up to 3.3W. Additionally, high power enables detection at greater distances.



    Antennas of high sensitivity of 130 dBm can receive signals of 2 and 3 harmonics at the same time. 900 HX model has an oval transceiver antenna with a display well-visible for the operator and showing the level of each signal.



    Detection of electronics is signalled by a variable sound tones which facilitate identification of the detected threat. Sound intensity can be adjusted or turned off completely



    The display integrated with the antenna within the operator’s sight while searching an object. Touchscreen presenting the results (as a bar chart or a histogram) and configuration menu of the device. This allows the user to easily analyze the results.



    The detector is equipped with a telescopic boom that allows you to search the surfaces at the distance of up to 147 cm.



    An important feature which ensures convenience of work is the light weight i.e. 1.6 kg and ergonomic design of the non-linear junctions detector.

  • Mobile construction


    The control panel has a USB port to enable updating the drivers. Additionally, the 900 HX model enables saving screenshots on the removable memory SD cards for further analysis.


    Power supply

    The electronics detector is powered by two rechargeable batteries which allow for 4 hours of operation. When the battery is discharged, the operator can immediately exchange it with a full one.

­Specification of the surveillance device detector Orion 900 HX
Frequency range 905 - 925 MHz
Digital frequency adjustment in band 1,25 MHz
Maximum power
  • 1,4 W
  • effective radiation power including anntenna gain and waste
Transmitter power control
  • automatic
  • manual
Selection of transmission channel
  • automatic
  • manual
Polarization change of the transmission antenna periodic
Reception 2 and 3 harmonic instant
Range of the 2nd harmonic 1810 MHz - 1850 MHz
Range of the 3rd harmonic 2715 MHz - 2775 MHz
Sensitivity -130 dBm - for both harmonics
Correlation digital
Antenna polarization change cyclic
Touchscreen mounted on the handle
  • configuration menu
  • post indicators mode
  • bar graph display
  • information about the device status (accumulator charge level, operation mode, gain)
Diode display integrated with antenna module
Post diagrams
  • present the level of 2nd and 3nd harmonic
  • w linii wzroku operatora
Power supply
Accumulators 2 × Li-Ion
Operation time on accumulators 4 h
Power supply AC 100-240 V, 56-60 Hz
Charging time of the accumulators 2,5 h
1 with accumulator
Dimensions of the detector 59 × 9 × 7,5 cm
Telescopic handle 40,6 – 129,5 cm
Maximum length 147 cm
Suitcase size 47 × 37,8 × 15,9 cm
Weight 1 1,6 kg
Weight of set 5,7 kg
Research Electronics International (REI)
Research Electronics International (REI) was founded in 1983 in Cookeville, Tennessee USA. REI's customers include government agencies, law enforcement agencies, security companies and professionals involved in surveillance security and protection of confidential information. REI engineers are focused on designing compact products with superior performance and usability. New products are based on the experience of professional teams. The wide range of devices includes equipment such as surveillance device detectors, jammers, high-end cameras and electromagnetic spectrum analyzers.
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In box
In box
  • Non-linear detector of surveillance devices Orion 900 Hx
  • Accumulators
  • User manual

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